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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Dec 29, 2014

The EntreProgrammers Episode 45 Happy New Year

In your Happy New Year, look for The EntreProgrammers Podcast to broadcast each episode in 2 parts – same show, of course – and you can still be the fly on the wall.

The EntreProgrammers hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the Happiest of New Years in 2015 with the greatest of successes in all of your entrepreneurial efforts – unsolicited pears at an all-time high in 2015.

Little persons are the focus in opening discussion with Josh and Charles; Christmas, the global time of year when parents buy their kids sophisticated computers, lots of software and to maximize their email marketing strategies – kids rule.

So, what happens when you have an in home studio where you become totally focused in creativity always found while possessed by Artistic Process and your Monster Houdini Child escapes from those new Christmas Shackles?

Well, now, isn’t this splendid; Houdini Child has taken total control of your Creative Artistic Moment (the one that feeds the entire family) and nonchalantly decides to feed your creative moment to the family puppy dog.

Oh, yes, you still need to stay creative, but now it’s for a different purpose and a completely changed focus – to patiently deal with the little person that you love more than life, itself.

Kids rule and you’ll find it listed in The EntreProgrammers handbook, under, “How Do I Get That Creative Moment Back?” This question and answer is discussed deeply by Josh and Charles in this episode.

Ever been there? It’s the emotional paradox so commonly found in the entrepreneurial arena of creative productivity which could lead to stress, depression and lack of sleep – if you don’t handle it appropriately.

Yes, you might even jump off the 8th Street Bridge. So, please listen quite closely as The EntreProgrammers bring you back to that same moment of Creativity in the spender of the Artistic Process.

Incidentally, physical and mental exhaustion often ends up in depression. The EntreProgrammers talk of experiencing lack of sleep, work exhaustion and depression.

We must know our limitations or we will pay the price for our lack of appreciation and self-awareness.

Sometimes getting to know yourself can be a little frightening and emotionally painful; embrace the fear, embrace the reality of who you painfully are; the fear and emotional pain decease; and you can live in the now.

It is to be expected that when you go to the entrepreneurial lifestyle that there will be some extreme changes in your behavior – deal with it because you can.

Josh asks the question of change and Charles tells all about his experiences and how people close to him reacted. You won’t believe how many podcasts that Charles appears on and/or produces.

The discussion also includes adrenaline driven projects because of deadlines, a need to create urgency with your own projects and the hold yourself accountable philosophy to keep you focused and motivated with vision, not to mean that you should live in the future.

Lots of emotion exists in a project. The EntreProgrammers analyze this behavior and Josh says that he likes to engage “that powerful emotional side.”

Their EntrePsychology is reflected in their discussions in this episode.

John joins the team from Washington D.C. and points out that now a productive day is based on the use of pomodoro. Click this link to find out if this techniques is for you.

The talk of the EntreGenius pivots to the importance of an “About Page” and debate on the value of a blog and value of social media. Josh, who favors Twitter, says that Facebook is a good place to run an ad, but membership conversions are not plentiful.

John clarifies his statement:  “You need grand recognition on your personal brand.” He makes the argument that an entrepreneur’s marketing strategies need to be focused on the use of video, audio and the written word.

Happy New Year from The EntreProgrammers Fab Four. Have a great 2015.

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Dec 22, 2014

The EntreProgrammers Episode 44 Size Matters Not

The appropriate use of email is now one of the most powerful marketing strategies on the globe. Normally, these insider marketing tactics are unknown to man-womankind, but you are the unnoticed fly on the wall stealing ideas from The EntreProgrammers Mastermind Session.

Flash Moment:John has a book and he’s the author. He shows a copy on-the-air.

The EntreProgrammers have out-done themselves, this time; they brought in the drip. And for you marketing freaks who dwell in the email arena of entrepreneurial promotions, well, this is your lucky podcast because the drip is here and The EntreProgrammers force him to show you how – how to send thousands of emails without looking like a scammer spammer, that is. Oh, yes, the drip…

You know the drip; why sure, he’s The Drip Captain – Rob Walling, special guest of The EntreProgrammers, in this episode. He is the email of genius. And you’ll never guess how many businesses this guy has/had.

Rob’s lifestyle mostly sees him as product launcher, especially during a Kodak moment when Captain Drip figured out that “nearly everyone has used email to accelerate growth.”

This moment is known as Captain Drip’s Epiphany which led to – you got it - Drip. The question quickly arises: Did Captain Drip figure this out all by himself?

He’s one of the Drip founders, also an “angel investor and mentor.” And he speaks. You’ve probably heard him, throughout the entire year – that’s right, startup conferences. And if you read, you’ve also seen him in “national publications.”

Apparently size does not matter to Captain Drip, author of “Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup.” It’s a guide to bootstrapping a startup, but don’t plan on making it big – become a small, but mighty, entrepreneur. In the programmer’s arena, small is bigger.

Later in the Show: Captain Drip mentions udemy; and John speaks highly of udemy instructor, Dan Wahlin - Architect and Software Engineer at Wahlin Consulting.

Discussion goes quickly to the disposition of a December market right after John announces that he has switched over to Drip from MailChimp. “And why was that, John?” many have asked. Drip is now providing resolution for all of you MailChimp “bashers.”

Well, then, should we all do what John did? Plus, later in the show, you’ll find out why you don’t actually get “unsubscribed” from a mailing list when you click on “unsubscribe,” the dark-side, captured, held without bail with nothing left to loose.

Must make a purchase to gain your freedom - is that even legal?

You’ll hear the latent complex reasoning, in this episode, as to why it is damn near impossible to free yourself from the capitalistic driven talons of a merciless email marketing campaign that is actually designed specifically for you.

Rob is a founder of Drip and wants to know John’s experience with it in email marketing.

You get extremely valuable – “no, seriously” – insider information regarding management of an exceptionally strong rather complex promotional element known as email marketing. John gives Rob the details of his experience with Drip.

Captain Drip quietly listens…after which, the entire focus zooms-in on Rob Walling when John asks, “What are all your businesses, now?” Rob explains his entrepreneurial obsession with business operations.

A genius at what he does, Rob takes it extremely serious when contemplating business change. Stay tuned, keep it here for the insightful business philosophy on behavioral change, quite detailed, from the thoughts of this GeniusPreneur – Rob Walling.

OMG! Derick is, once again, in entrepreneurial behavior “panic mode.” Your analysis is needed, here; please, oh please, leave your resolution to Derick’s nightmare of panic. Fear not though, for Derick is in the confident consulting hands of Rob Walling.

The EntreProgrammers are teaching you by their example – on stage, transparent and vulnerable – quite simply put, you now have an exceptional opportunity to gain a great deal of deep professional insider insight regarding the complexity of the influential strength which is now found to be characteristic in the arena of email marketing. “Oh no, not more unsolicited pears!” And so it goes…held captive in email.

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Dec 15, 2014

The EntreProgrammers Episode 43 Care Bears Care

There is no mercy in this court as The EntreProgrammers rip Derick a new one – a new landing page that is. Before that, this.

(And about John’s book; keep it here for the details. See end of this article.)

You are the fly on the wall and can’t help hearing Derick talking about his new screencast package – soon to be launched. What’s that you say? It’s already been launched?

Ninety-nine Dollars!!!?? Scammer Spammer!!

…but wait, let’s work this out scientifically. Click on your calculator.

Enter: Is information that pays for itself ten-times, actually worth it? Oh ya, that’s a tough one, alright; and that ain’t no unsolicited pear, neither.

Time now to be swift in your actions. Yes, we know that you outdo everyone; got to have it now!

Well, then, go to Derick’s MongooseJS Fundamentals Screencast Package. Nice! Nice! Hint: Do it soon. (But, not if passing on insider trading info is illegal in your country.) It has a 30 day money back guarantee attached to it. Imagine that!

Listen quite closely. These four GeniusPreneurs actually construct a landing page right before your unsolicited pears. What-it-up?

But waves and more waves of relentless criticism seem to have no shattering effect on the “bullet-proof” ego of Derick. True character of a person shines – or not – under this type of intense analysis.

Derick lends a prime opportunity to learn importance of gratitude – all year around.

The people who look inward fill their Spirits with gratitude. The people who look outward fill their Spirits with envy. Which do you think would sell better?

Many are seen expressing their gratitude on Thanksgiving then back to their selfish ways the very next day – not The EntreProgrammers. Perhaps this is why they are so popular. Say what?

Is there a deep latent message here? Is it possible for people to market their services without even mentioning the service that they offer? Get your waders on; it’s getting pretty deep in here.

Charles, John, Josh and Derick are extremely grateful all of the time for you writing comments, so jump on-in to this discussion by voicing your opinions, observations and constructive critical analysis.

After all, it just happens to be all about you – so they would have you think.

So, clue into this episode for the powerful structuring of your landing pages – how to show your gratitude to people who have just landed on your page. Be it done.

Josh has developed a rather “standard Internet marketing funnel.” He simply wants to track it and offer a couple of easy options, but is having trouble locating an app that will do it. John steps in with a solution…

Listen to Josh’s marketing dilemma to see if you, too, share this problem. If you do have a similar trouble, do this: Listen to John’s response, then go to Infusionsoft.     

Do it. Be it done.

Also, you can contact Jeremy Reeves at:  “…a direct response copywriterspecialize in building strategic, automated sales funnels.”

Another success story for The EntreProgrammers is John’s book. Details are in this episode and on his blog:

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Dec 8, 2014

The EntreProgrammers Episode 42 Unsolicited Pears

Derick quickly begins with a rather unbelievable announcement that The EntreProgrammers have a new “official” sponsor: Baremetrics. Details next…but first…

How would you like to take a retreat – somewhere – with all 4 of The EntreProgrammers? Yes, this could be another scam to make your business better – face to face, though.

Contact them on the “About” page at to let them know about your/their retreat, together. And while you are at it, tell them to break this 90 minute Podcast up into 3 sections – or not.

The EntreProgrammers Podcast will be recorded the same as always, in a 90 minute master of the minds, unrehearsed, transparent show; and you are the fly on the wall.

However, if you would like this 90 minute show to be presented in a 2 or 3 part series throughout the week – or on the same day - to give yourself some time to digest the heavy information presented in the shows, please contact The EntreProgrammers and let them know.

They do love hearing from you. (Catch this discussion at 32 min. and 5 sec. into the show.) In other words, do you fall asleep listening to The EntreProgrammers? Of course you do.

Perhaps a series of three (30 min.) shows published on the same day, or on Monday, Wednesday and Friday would help you learn more and sleep less. Write your thoughts to The EntreProgrammers.

Well, now, just hold the phone, here. Were you asked whether or not Baremetrics would be of any help to you, in any way, shape or form? No sir!!

Is this a scam that will end-up making Ramen noodles The EntreProgrammers’ only meal of each day? (Was that racist?) Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish, you know.

Or, could it be a conspiracy wherein Baremetrics wants to help you develop your business?

So, let’s get a close look at Baremetrics; just exactly who they are and what they do. Oh no, don’t even think of going to:– not just yet; first, go to the blog that is mentioned by Derick in this episode.

To get what’s-up on Baremetrics, fill your mind with an article, titled, How to have an overnight success in 10 short years, by Josh Pigford – it will get you started and thinking about how fast ten years can fly by.

Time, now, to click: in mind, you can actually call the people at Baremetrics on the phone.

Please send your comments to The EntreProgrammers – after thoroughly surfing– to let Charles, Josh, John and Derick know if they have done the right thing. We hope so! In other words: What is Baremetrics to you - anything?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Be looking for interviews of The EntreProgrammers conducted by … Steve Young…subjects like how to market yourself course by John and tips from Josh and Derick.

John is getting huge results. Again? He gives you the details on email clicks towards his book. The publisher is not expecting such high results in testimonials and is planning to ship John’s book by Christmas.

Would you like to write a testimonial about his book? Leave your wishes in comments for John to read. Oh, yes…and send a note to Santa!

Trivia Question: What software developer “mostly guided” John in his career? You just might want to latch-on to this guy. (Robert Martin)

What’s that? John’s Cyber Monday sale grossed over $10,000 – get the details in this episode on how he did it.

Charles is organizing and booking a conference that…well, you just might be interested in attending to grow yourself – a lot. Get it here as Charles reveals in-depth.

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Dec 1, 2014

The EntreProgrammers Episode 41 Lost in Cyberspace

This episode of the Entreprogrammers is brought to you by Baremetrics – SaaS Analytics for Stripe. Ever wonder what your LTV is? What about churn? Are you calculating that junk manually now? Let’s hope not…because you’ve probably gouged your eyes out! Use Baremetrics and get SaaS analytics for your Stripe account is a single click. Seriously. It’s that easy. Check it out now, at

There is no end in sight for the ongoing work of a programmer – especially an EntreProgrammer. It’s time, now, to surf John’s web site where he’s making significant operational an aesthetic changes.

So, what think you?

Please write your valued comments; The EntreProgrammers love to hear from you, after all, it’s all about you and your struggles in a fast moving informational marketing arena and The EntreProgrammers do share your pain, but for you – remedies to the cause.

So, let these 4 EntreProgrammers go before you to endure the breach and help make your entrepreneurial growth pain free. The struggles continue…

John discusses the changes that he is making on his web site and the importance of having a backup system in place and remarks, “What is the worst thing that could happen.” Josh takes this as his queue to tell the worst thing that could happen - lost in cyberspace.

Josh’s sacred family treasure was completely consumed by the cloud. Dropbox dropped and Josh freaked. Sure, hide all of your bounty in the cloud, but remember one thing, you could lose it all in one little click.

Hear Josh describe his reaction to extremely high value lost in cyberspace. That’s not all; a podcast was also digested by the cloud. Derick tells another story of being lost in cyberspace.

All of this disappearance begs the question: “What is the best backup system to use.” Hear what The EntreProgrammers have to offer on this subject. Dropbox or no dropbox?

Cyber Monday Sales are a hot ticket with The EntreProgrammers. Derick is contemplating what he should sell. What’s your take on this? Listen to Derick, then tell him what you would like to buy during this sale.

Chuck brings light to the importance of knowing the value of a lifetime customer because Derick is considering selling a lifetime subscription. The EntreProgrammers can tell you how to calculate the value of a lifetime customer – worth knowing.

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