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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Apr 28, 2015

Episode 62

"Ham Is Made From Hamsters"

3:31 - We"re Live!

John is getting a Pulp Fiction vibe from Chuck!

Chuck is back in black, at Rails Comp! Chuck, slicing and dice with others developers and making a scene, enjoying the meetings, but starting to dislike being away at conferences. Lots of networking and marketing about Rails Clips and much more. Chuck says the take-way of the conference would be sponsorship and Rail Clips. 

The Entreprogrammers discuss the next step with marketing by email and sharing one others network to expand their marketing tactics, and a discussion about not stepping on toes when doing and receiving favors.

13:43 – Chuck's meet-up goes great in Atlanta, after the conference, dinner with a few true fans. 

16:54 – Derick, working on rabbitmq package, interviews, transcriptions and tons of valuable material for consumers. Josh asks for further explanation about the content of the interviews with the rabbitmq users.  Derick is writing a e-book of this new material - he mentions that there will be some discounts involved– and more interviews lined up to complete the package.  

22:57 – Derick is pondering on a pre-sale to generate interest and support for transcriptions and production.  John suggest pre launch content – leak out a few clips of material – and build up excitement about the launch. Derick plans a full launch sequence, first emails and them launch. 

29:46 – Josh suggest to Derick, doing a limited pre-launch sale – to about ten people at a discount price - this will be a beta product for the early buyers.

This is excellent advice from the mastermind – putting all their heads together to help one member’s success – which will eventually will great learning for the entire mastermind and followers.

 34:31 - Chuck suggest to Derick to setup two parallel sales funnels, to convert the JS community.   The Entreprogrammers talk about how to reach out the other language (code) communities with this product. Although a great deal of work it could be worth the time for those who want to learn a new language. 

41:15 – Josh suggest that Derick bottle up the energy he has for this project, and let it translate into his screencast that he wasn't keen on in earlier times. 

46:57 – Josh is still in parenting mode for another week.

48:18  - Chuck signs off…

50:00 – Josh is working on copyright stuff in the morning and take the rest of the day off. He is updating his website, and sorting through old information.  Josh is not having an easy time with AdWords, and redoing his LinkedIn profile. 

1:05:00 - Josh is helping build a specialized funnel for is mentor. Ton of editing and “leg work.” The team talks about when and where ads are most affective, also the revenue made from all the efforts.  

 1:06:00 - Ad space on websites, newsletters for passive income – John and Josh talk about providing Ad space on the webpages for various clients. 

1:08:00 - Busy times take John away from healthy eating on the one-meal-a-day diet. 

John is trying to get schedule for a podcast with Brennan Dunn.

1:10:00 - John is talking Kai Davis at: This is an interesting service that helps promote your content to grow your audience. Listen to the interesting approach to his marketing strategy. John is thinking about getting Keith Perhac to do some marketing work for Simple Programmer. 

1:16:00 - John creates a badge system. Also here is some info about, Pretty Link John talks about the use of this program for redirecting. 

1:19:00 - Josh suggest to John, about hiring and editor to manage writers. This will help to create a blog post per day. 

1:24:00 - John shares his Pages Views: Jan 127,000, Feb 163,000, Mar, 188,000 April 131,000, and Daily Average 5500-6000 page views. 

1:29:00 - Josh mention James Clear blog post, about, “The 2 type of Growth” and web about web traffic vs. production.

1:31:00 - John is thinking about implementing the "Tim Ferris job application thing."  Then some talk about a text-editor shoot-outs and some training of verbal programming.

1:37:00 - John is starting to do transcriptions for his YouTube videos, thanks to VAs. Derick suggest to John to hire an editor familiar to, or from the journalism field. 

1:40:24 - John gets his Site Point article published, "How to Creating a Chrome Extension is Ten Minutes Flat," at:

1:46:00 - John enjoys use FollowLiker, He’s growing! John has 18.7k follower of Twitter… These EntreProgrammers are trying to understand the proper way TweetAdder was supposed to be used?

Tech Talk

1:49:40 - Josh is migrating to a new macbook, he question is if the migration utility was worth using? Of Course…

1:51:00 - John is due for a monitor upgrade – he no longer using to 4k monitors- John is think about moving to a curve 5k monitor.  Also, John ask the group if maybe the New Macbook and the 5k iMac are sufficient for his workflow. Derick suggest to wait for the next generation Macbook. Read the review of the New Macbook.  

Thoughts of the Day!

Josh ­­– The physical stuff always beat virtual

Derick  - Sometimes doing it your self is worth it, just to learn something new…

John – Dream Big. 

Apr 20, 2015

Episode 61 "I Want Cupcakes!"

We're Live!

Derick gives and introduction to our new sponsor,, an error tracking service, release tracking.

Derick reveals his newfound vision, with his new spectacles. Here’s good detail info on some eye care, especially with working in-front of computer screens all day. 

The group chats about age, and what they were doing when… 30 plus is old? Age verses experience…

8:08 – Chuck shares his, New Media Expo and MicroComp experience. Most exciting events were the quad-copters.  John agrees that Micro Comp was worth it! Just by the networking and the people you get to meet. 

12:48 – Chuck talks about email marketing. Also some advise from Brennan Dunn, to create A Guide of How to Deploy Apps.  Yes, so Chuck has some great ideas to begin work on. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss how each of them deploys apps, and different strategies to funnel to products they’ve created.

24:48  – John talks about work with a new full-time VA, and being able to gain back time (20 hours), and able to do more projects. John details the type of projects he has his VA working on, and how outsourcing theses tasks have better results as far as presentation, SEO, etc. 

30:41 - Chuck asks what John's production schedule looks like, as far as timing of blog post. John weekly work schedule for blogging:

New blog post Monday (2000-3000 word blog post)

-       Another blog post on Thursday of the YouTube video with the highest views

-       Once a month shooting 26 videos for SP

32:56 - Derick is impressed with John's production of videos. Derick says he recently created several screencast and is drained with all tasks involved. EntreProgrammers talk about the tiny mistakes in the content the produce, and how in certain circumstances the small missteps end up benefiting followers. 

John talks about the magic of editing video and audio,  "Its like you got this god power!" over editing.

43:24 – While John was at MicroComp, he was surprise with how many people listen to EntreProgrammers podcast.

47:55 – Chuck talk about his talk with Rob Walling.

51:17 - John talks about his biggest takeaway of MicroComp talks.  John realizes a fresh approach to reinvesting into Simple Programmer.  

55:36 – Josh join the group for some undisclosed location.  Josh gets a new computer and new baby boy. Josh gives the run down of hospital stays, baby births, and being unplugged from the world. 

1:04:45 – Derick is taken some action items from John’s book, and make contact with some individuals.  The third degree of separation and the kind of connections you can achieve is amazing.       

1:10:55 - Josh shares a tip he found about how to follow-up with someone by email without being pushy. Johns shares his god power of the censor beep. 

Derick talks about creating hype about new material he is working on.

1:18:43 – Chuck asks questions on how to Derick has thought out his marketing strategy of rabbitmq. Derick is trying something new. He has been influenced by Keith Perhac and his mastermind group to try this new venture.  Derick has continue his search for new ideas and materials, and has realize that every production does not to be an epic home run. 

1:26: 33 – John mention how popular Josh's email has been among those who attended MicroComp.  Josh is in the workings with others in the copyright business, and making contacts. Josh is striving to work with people at Microsoft, Adobe, etc. Josh continues to praise the access to professions using LinkedIn

1:35:00 - Josh and John talk about the features of Tweet Adder, and Followliker. Also, some info on how to avoid getting blacklisted from a few of these social media tools. The entreprogrammers discuss the practice of marketing using spamming? Spamming gracefully. 

1:45:12 - Josh talks about using Contactually, a CRM tool, to syncing all his contact and calendaring events.

1:52:08 - John mentions the features of SendOwl

1:57:55EntreProgrammers Retreat: Confirmation for October 16-19th 2015

Tentative price 1200 bucks.

Tuesday, April 21

Meet Chuck in Altanta, GA at conference center for Railcomp. Tweet to find Chuck for a meetup!  

 Thoughts of the week

Josh – Go for the bigger Wins

Derick – Remember why you are doing all this.

John - Don't be a miser

Chuck – Sometime you have to make big steps.

Apr 14, 2015

Episode 60 A Lesson in Marketing

Today's Group – John, Josh, Derick, Chuck, and Keith Perhac

0:17 – All right, We're Live!

Exciting news! Derick introduces Digital Ocean as a new sponsor for the next (Episode 61). Learn more here at:

2:22 – John gives an introduction to Keith Perhac, co-host of the Kalzumeus Podcast. Keith is a digital marketing guru of DelfiNet., and check out this podcast at

Professional Counsel

5:54 – Derick asked Keith a few questions about how to package his screencast products for marketing, should he sell his product by category levels or tiers to get the best returns.

13:09 – Keith shares his insight on package bundles that have Work Sheets attached. Reason being is that some people have tons of time or money, and worksheets are a quick checklist to success. It creates value by way of getting your customer on the fast track to their goals. It is a time saver, because every developer/entrepreneurs needs to beat the learning curve.

14:29 – Chuck asked Keith of about how he could monetize a weekly or monthly video series subscription. What could Chuck do, Tiers, Videos, Webinars, E-Books, and various kinds of Tier subscriptions.

These EntreProgrammers discuss the various ways to package and monetize their products. These are subscriptions tiers and access to the communities that they have created for networking, and general access to viewing instructional material.

17:06 – Chuck explains his trials with his products subscriptions, podcast, and videos.


20:02 – Keith talks about how valuable coaching is to customers, and should not be discounted. However, discount coaching might be possible if this was a continuous service, to keep it appealing for the client.

24:41 – John suggest presenting a formal landing page for coaching services and advertising. This concept provides a final and transparent documentation of coaching service cost, and a final set price.

28:00 – John has a question about the pricing of his material, How to Market Yourself package. John’s idea is to make more revenue over time, rather than converting customers with discounted versions of his product.

31:19 – Here is a discussion about the extreme price of the Apple Watch special edition. Keith makes an interesting point about the price gimmick of theses watches. Keith explains that they are set high, and perhaps, not expected to sell huge. However, this creates the illusion that consumer tier Apple watches appear cheaper and affordable at 550 dollars. Nice marketing trick!

Keith shares information on funneling your customers to your products. He also talks about the trials and errors on how to make your marketing efforts worth your time.

41:41 – Keith asks what the team uses for their CRM (customer relationship management) or email system. John responds that Drip is their main system. The group discusses the hundreds of features Drip offers and which ones they enjoy the most.

This section is great for understanding how CRMs could give you feedback stats, and data that could help you manage your sales. Understanding analytical feedback can provide information on the demographic your sales, and whom you need to target in the forthcoming sales.

53:28 – John shares his impromptu sale of How To Market Yourself. John tries a generic type of sales approach, with no particular link to holidays or special events. Josh suggests that even a random reason like a “snow day” could be a great sales motive. Keith talks about the emotional connection that people often make with such random topics or events, which then ultimately generates a frenzy of customers.

1:06:42 Keith adds that marketing is applied psychology.

1:19:53 – Chuck is staying Las Vegas for an extra day at the New Media Expo.

1:21:33 – Johns test the Thrive Leads plugin at:

1:25:54 – Derick subscribers are climbing by 10 a month, 370 to 326 from 6 months ago. Go Derick!

1:27:37 – John shares more about his new HD YouTube video. The first video of this revamp series is out!

1:28:48 – Josh brings up new info on the Tweet Adder update. The new feature rate limits...? Josh talks about the backend work of a client’s websites.

1:40:33 – John is often asked why he gives a lot of product away for free, like the blog post, etc. John explains that if they are consuming free material, they are probably willing to pay for well-organized and packaged products.

1:40:09 – Keith explains the practice of retargeting. Retargeting, the secret sauce on Internet marketing. The group continues to examine the marketing strategy of huge companies verses the small companies. Small businesses need to know the Return on Investment (ROI) and figure what area of marketing need more funds.

1:57:11 - EntreProgrammer Retreat: tentative dates are October 16-19, 2015. Cost is about $1200. For more information email or visit:

You can find more information on Keith Perhac; or

Thoughts of the Day  

Derick - Face your fears head-on

Chuck - Read: The Richest Man In Babylon

John - Don’t try to get caught up, focus on opportunity

Josh – Sleep get it while you can…

Keith - How do we make people feel special…

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Apr 7, 2015

Episode 59 "The Universe will bend…"

0:18 - Ok, We're Live!

Check out this sponser!

Build Better Software –

4:34 - Derick shares some customers feedback on website navigation issues. Derick explains how to make a life-long friend of rabbitmq and

This section teaches on how to handle issues, and provide customers service at a profound level.

Personal development, books, audiobooks and more…

9:17Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Action items! Derick is practicing visualization and belief in achieving goals. 

Josh is leaning toward the Psycho-Cybernetics practices, and explains the mystics of the thought process and events or needs revealing its self, like the actions items in Think and Grow Rich. The EntreProgrammers discuss the visualization realities, beliefs, and the law of attraction.

23:33 - As apart of this discussion John recommend The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles, the pre cursor of Think and Grow Rich. 

27:33 – Josh explains a mental failure script that he fears every time he begins a project. This was a past experience that carried over in to his current work approach. Chuck give feedback on how to counter this fear with the help of books.

32:29 – Derick ask John how he has time to absorb book content. John does audio book 3X speed, plus reading during workout times. 

Talk about 2015 Retreat

39:02 - EntreProgrammers Retreat information – The dates move up to October.  Check it for more developments at

Chuck, the businessman

43:52 – Chuck has the episode campaign for all his products. There are plenty of excited subscribers. Chuck implements the mastermind advice and shows some success.

49:05 - Chuck was approach by an online magazine company called The GG or The Gentlemen Genius, to promote Rails Clips. Also, Chuck was interviewed by The Debossified podcast about a bad boss experience and how to help other entrepreneurs.   

John Talks about books and concepts of running a business. 

52:15 – John gives information about EMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber, as a basis or structure for running a business. John describes this a how McDonald runs, or the management of it’s people.

1:04:17 - Chuck talks about cutting expenses. The programmers discuss the pros and cons of how expenses are dealt with. The cost and return on items. This is excellent planning and review of what you could save on, or save on time.

1:09:33 - John shares his video project and streamlining the process. The excitement of reinventing these videos will definitely pay off. 

1:17:14 – Derick does his first keynote at SpaceCityJS. Derick expresses his enjoyment of public speaking, but loathes the preparation and waiting. Derick spoke about the Five Stages of Developer Grief. 

1:23:57 – Josh suggest the possibility of monetizing on the emotional connection Derick has achieved with his keynote at SpaceCityJS

1:29:45 - UDemy has tried to connect with John about his courses. Possibly more content production for John including some marketing perks. This is similar to a repacking deal of his content, to a wider market that he may not have reached yet. Derick suggest that John should have the authority to pull his content from UDemy, and or also be able to pair the UDemy content with SP site products.

Thought of the Day!

Chuck – The antidote of fear is action

Derick – Build relationship first and foremost

John – Adjust the sales….

Josh – Break it to pieces and work on the small pieces        

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