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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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May 25, 2015

Episode 66

"Stop Buying Those Gucci Purses"

Alright We're Live!

Josh is officially unemployed and all the EntreProgrammers are officially unemployed by the man. 

8:00 - Josh makes a good point that writing code is a 100 dollar per hour business skill, and solving business problems is a 1000 dollar per hour skill. 


9:24 - John share his efforts to hire an editor. John interviews a few professional editors, but discovers the difficulties of communication verbally

12:23 - John talked to Elisa Doucette a freelance writer and editor. Elisa will be working with John to help with publishing content for Simple Programmer. John talks about his vision for his blog post, and how would like to add more artistry in blogging. 

17:40 - John announces that he launched the Simple Programmer podcast

19:12 – John finishes the audio recording of his book in one week, “Softskills.” Josh talks about recording process of the audio book. Johns book will be going to soon. He added some bonus content for the listener/reader. Along with the 16-hour audio book reading, he managed to shoot 29 videos for his YouTube channel.  John mentions his contract consulting work that is coming up. 


28:01 – Chuck is very happy with his Virtual Assistant.  Chuck talks about his income numbers, and still feels like he is struggling. Chuck shares information about debt and expenses. John gives advice about how to go about budgeting money in separate accounts. Josh talks about his family budgets money. Chuck talks about paying off debt this month. John believes that is where the huge amounts of money is going, to paying off debt.

47:42 - Chuck talks using the Financial Peace University at home package. John shares some mindset about how to look at the expenses Chuck has to pay during the month. 

51:55 – John talks about getting the Apple Watch, for running and playing back audio books. John does the math and time saved not having to pull your iPhone for your pocket.  

57:55 – Chuck is going to be doing RailsClips, and possibly switching to WordPress. Chuck talks about struggle to get things done. John talks about a technique he used to get his audio book done.

1:04:20 - Josh talks about his strategy to get things done, by turning off all notifications like Skype.  Josh says it is difficult to get started writing, no matter how many times he has done it.    


1:08:20 - Josh talks about the transitions out of his job, and getting equipment returned and deleting software and such from his work computer. Josh shares how his client work is going well, and writing emails for a launch.

1:15:15 - Josh talks about diagram funnels his client is creating, he says it is a clever and not like anything his has ever seen. Josh is still getting contacted about copyrighting jobs. 

1:20:00 – Josh talks about getting an email from business prospect that is selling products similar to carports. He is wondering how to promote this product?

1:22:15 – John talks about getting a new client for life coaching. John talks about the pricing for coaching, hourly, blocks of calls, or month packages.  

Josh talks about the pricing models his mentor uses for copyright coaching.

1:27:38 – Josh mention is really digs Omnifocus, to get notifications and staying organized. 

1:32:29 – Chuck uses Sanebox to manage emails and sort the insanity of email 

The mastermind talks about how they sometimes have a lack of motivation to recording video and audio content or writing. John elaborates how doing tasks, such as posting content has become apart of his weekly routine, and something he doesn’t need to think about anymore. 

1:50:09 – John says that it takes him about 4 pomodoros write a 3000 word blog post. 1 pomodoro is a 25 minute work period, each with 5 minutes of rest

1:58:00 – John talks about developing skills under constraint like a Hibachi chef.

2:06:06 – EntreProgrammers Retreat information and dates 

  • October12-15th, 2015
  • 1200 dollars per person
  • 10 slots available
  • Register at

Thoughts for the Week

Josh – Time boxing 

Chuck  - Don’t short change yourself, by only listening to people you agree with. 

John – Wait for the Hell Yes!

People and things mentioned in this episode

Elisa Doucette at:  

Simple Programmer podcast. -

Dave Ramsey


SaneBox at:


May 19, 2015

Episode 65 "Not Girls, Not Dudes, Just RabbitMQ"

3:29 – Alright we're Live!

EntreProgrammers are broadcasting live!

4:24 - Mac Talk

Josh talks about the notorious Mac labeled the "Job Killer," apparently this Mac has the power to turn one into an entrepreneur.

John overnights a docking station for his new MacBook Pro. But it does not come with the Thunderbolt cable, dang it!

Derick is proud of his thousand dollar docking station and thunderbolt monitor.

John mentions he never waits for tech, he just sells it, he is proud to be an exclusively Mac user. 

11:36 - John has a great idea for a product gear toward understanding how to use OSX. He is thinking about creating videos of a professional Mac user, who teaches all the ins-and-outs of OSX. Preferably, someone who is a developer writes code and is very prescriptive about how things are executed on OSX.

The mastermind gives some information about some great tools for OSX. Check out what these techies use on a daily basis for work.  Links Below for TotalFinder, Size Up, and Alfred.  

20:02 – John wants to create courses about how to use Gmail. Especially, learning to use the key-commands that maximize your time and productivity.  Wanted: A Gmail Kung Fu Master!

24:18 – John uses his calendar app to send him reminder emails. Derick use Omni Focus for his calendaring. 

30:00 – Johns signs up for Traveling Mailbox,  to scan mail, deposit checks, and manage mail while he is traveling. 

36:35 – Derick ask how does one manage the home utility bills and stuff while traveling for months. John and Josh talk about automation for their banks. And paying bills online. 

The EntreProgrammers talk about being able to travel without being tied down to one spot, since their work allows them to office anywhere.

45:05 – Derick is a bit setup with the launch of his product, not one taker. He did notification by Email, Tweets and Google Plus. Derick is about to pull the product. The teams discuss the click thru rates and data received to make sense of the issues. Also, John and Josh talk about how different payment option could attract sales. Including that fact that theses are classes and how there are limits to what corporation will pay to get seat for their employees.  

56:35 – Derick is worried that his launch of the RabbitMQ for Developers bundle will not go well.

1:08:00  - John and the team trying to find the specific market for Derick’s RabbitMQ consultation package. 

1:11:54 - Derick mentions the Authority Vs. Expert Blog.

1:14:50 - John suggest that Derick’s market maybe the Node.JS users.  

1:17:24 - Josh is about to leave his job, so he jumps on the finding health insurance independently. The team shares information about the coverage they get based on being entrepreneur.

1:29:19 – Josh shares his story about turning in his two-week notice. The boss took it well and was kind of expecting the day Josh leaves.  Since Josh was leaving, TrackAbout ask Josh to do a review about the company on the Glassdoor. John and Derick talk about the interview process when they were first hired at TrackAbout. 

1:42:00 - Josh is learning to gauge how much he could work or set work limits. Josh’s gauges his pay based on emails he creates for clients. 

1:58:30 - Josh is having some tech issues with splitting MOV. Files in to mp3.

Thoughts for the Week 

Josh – Do not stop after the prices.

Chuck  - It’s been a long week.

Derick – Do Not jump off too many steps all at once.

John – Start moving, and then adjust. 

People and Think mentioned in the episode!


The Missing Manual for OSX

Getting Things Done



Size Up:



Traveling Mailbox:


Ryan Deiss Blog

May 13, 2015

Episode 64.5

"Josh Pulls The Plug"

Josh's mentor pressures Josh to take on a new client, Craig. This client has a product/service, a fitness niche that targets runners. Josh is excited about taking on this client because the new client is willing to pay Josh’s fees. Excitingly Josh gives his two-week notice and has jump completely into entrepreneurship. 

Josh mentions that he feels like he betrayed his current employer, as he was the only iOS develop in the business.  John says that Josh being the only "iOS guy" is enough notice that he is most likely to leave that job. 

Josh talks about his plans for his new work lifestyle.  He plans to help is wife more, as he is going to be home full-time. Josh notices the small tasks that take up a lot of time, before he gets to the real work. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss Content Marketing. Josh explains that SEO is not content marketing.  John talks about how these new changes with Josh, could lead to live episodes.

In other news, John finally does a podcast with Brenan Dunn.

Josh’s new referral client is apart of a mastermind group with his mentor, which means he is pretty serious about his work. 

John congratulates Josh, but he mentions how Derick’s still tops all.  I wonder what Derick did?

Finally, we get to the real impending matters about health, dental and vision insurance. John and Derick give some great information about what to watch for as far as insurance goes. This is great information from those who are experienced entrepreneurs, apart form a regular job that provides health care.

John suggests that Josh practice the 70 20 10 model considering the nature of his work.   Josh still questions the soundness of his area of business, and how he doesn’t quiet have the official status to write, blog or publish content about his field. The team reassures his significances in his area of work and affirms that Josh is a key contributor to this area of marketing.  John has an excellent rant about how subjecting yourself and doing your business with conviction. The EntreProgrammers have tons of advice for Josh as he makes his next step into totally freedom from actually employment. 

Josh talks about how he could possibly start his own podcast soon, because of the circumstances. John reminds Josh of the conference he had attended and how he was light years beyond those who are formally trained.  Josh in total has sent 3.4 million emails for the purpose of marketing. 

May 11, 2015

Episode 64 Test Monkey

All right we're live!


3:43 - Derick makes a pitch to 3 people! Mastermind Bundle of RabbitMQ for Developers goes on sale May 12th for $1200 (per person)


7:28 – John returns from a strange QA/Tester conference. John is persuaded that there are good Testers/QA people, but the majority is pretty lazy. John is concerned that there is not enough innovation.


14:36 – John has come full circle with automated testing and writing iOS code using a Xamarim. Derick talks about unit testing and building tools. Josh talks about a certain magazine for DEVs that focus on testing in production.


22:03 - John mentions that he believed in the continuous deployment, until Chrome! Broken flash…  Derick talks about how he uses Privacy Badger and Ad Blocker apps, and how they refuse to service Flash. John talks about the keynote of QA, and how QAs are passionate about testing. In short, the Doctor probably can do what the nurse does – and maybe better - but the nurses may to be able to do the doc’s job.


28:35 - John runs into Michael Bolton the famous tester, and turns the sour relationship to a friendly connection.  Also, John meets Dan North that the conference and made some respectable connections.


30:49 – Derick shares how the interviews for RabbitMQ will have far more value for him, as well as his customers. Josh suggests that Derick’s own testimonial would be a great marketing strategy. In other news, Derick is also 22lbs down on the one meal a day.    


39:20 - Derick mentions the 10 seats for the consulting packing will go live, but the rest of the package will be for sale later on.


41:38 – Josh is running on 4 hours of sleep, he had two clients and diving into the projects. He has plenty of excitement that he cannot sleep.  Josh is working websites and backend marketing/data stuff.  Josh says thank you to Brian Harris for the referrals.

The EntreProgrammers talk about ways to support Josh’s project, things to do and ways to approach the project, especially with the given circumstances. John talks about changing the work relationship between Josh and his client, which is to use him a referral channel. In turn this will make Josh more money and take the load off his client.


1:05:35 – John mentions how Josh is one degree away from Tim Ferris. Because of that, Derick is now thinking about not befriending Josh any longer.  John wants software built to make automatic contacts with people in LinkedIn. The rest of the team doesn’t think it is worth the time to do so.  This is John’s vision for another marketing strategy, he mentions how some small businesses use LinkedIn for a small portion of their marketing. 

1:17:35 – Johns has over 20,000 followers on Twitter. Here is some talk about Twitter and following rules and limits. 

1:21:39 - John is finally going to record an audio version of his book! John is also doing consulting, a test automation gig for Verizon. The EntreProgrammers talk about hourly rates, values base pricing, weekly, or daily rates for doing a consulting job like this particular one. John now decides to update his hourly rate after consulting with the Mastermind.  

1:33:32 – John mentions a highlight of the QA conference, the 70-20-10 model, a productively model for where your focus should be. 


1:35:00 – Chuck is trying to decide or figure the value of Dev Chat TV. Chuck is trying to refine the efforts of his podcast, content and platform of Dev Chat. Chuck has also hired a VA to support his YouTube channel, email, and some podcast content. Johns gives some feedback on how to divide the work, and how provide access to sensitive information to VAs.

1:43:00 - The EntreProgrammers share information about how and why assistants are to document their task list or work. 

1:51:25 - John shares information about LastPass, a folder you could share with your assistants.  John talks about how divide weekly and quarterly time sensitive work. 

1:59:21The EntreProgrammers Retreat Info: June 1st there will be a page for payment to reserve you spot with the EntreProgrammers.  Link is below for the email list. 

2:01:52 Thoughts for the Day

John – Make sure that you have the poker into more than one fire.

Josh – Rise to the challenge, and define the work.

Chuck - You can’t improve things unless you continually measure it. 

People and things mentioned in this episode!

Master Mind Bundle of RabbitMQ for Developers


Michael Bolton

Dan North

70 20 10


The EntreProgrammers Retreat

Book : Anti Fagile  by Nassim Nicoleas Taleb

Book: Traction by Gino Wickman

May 4, 2015

Episode 63 Work'n For The Man!

We're Live!

EntreProgrammers talk about doing arm curls with smart phones and experiencing intense fatigue.

John is at an undisclosed location…with his new MacBook Pro. 

6:30 - What Johns is up to this week

-       Badge launch for Simple Programmer

-       Recording tons of Get Up and Code Podcasts

-       Selling old hardware, thanks to Twitter followers

-       Waiting on Double Your Money project with Kai

-       Getting ready for Europe

-       Things going well with new VA

8:18:10 - Tech Talk

This is a conversation about using the Boot-camp feature or VM ware - the pro and cons of using Windows on Mac.

19:05 - Derick – Trying to find a people to do the intro rabbitmq in different languages (code).

20:00 - John buys special traveler clothing – Merino Wool clothing- clothing you could wear for up to 100 days straight, minimum maintenance apparel.  Johns is getting prepared to spend some time in Europe (Berlin, Iceland, Dublin) – so he is packing light.  Also, trying to figure out the time zone difference, to keep up with the EntreProgrammers podcast recording schedule. 

27:25 - John is thinking about using - Perfect Audience  - a retargeting across Facebook and Twitter.


30:00 – Josh has some issue with migrating to a new Mac, and hit with the bluetooth issue some OSX systems have as well. Also, some talk about maintaining your Macbook.

39: 25 – Josh is going through the Theater of the Mind program to clear is thought patterns

Josh talks about his explainer video project, and how the coordinator has “gone dark.”  Josh is working closely with is mentor and trying to keep up with business and all other projects.   

40:39 – John signs off for at least an hour. 


48:52 - Chuck is finalizing stuff for the Ruby Remote Conf., and talking to companies to for sponsorship. Chuck is talking about getting some sponsorship for Ruby Rogues and JavaScript Jabber podcast.  He is also thinking about raising prices on the sponsorship spots, which could lead to him quitting consulting. Chuck shares his thoughts on the strengths of the podcasts community between JavaScript and Ruby Rogues. 

50:48 - Josh is attempting to expand the advertising on the Sublime Text New Letter project, and is asking to Chuck to go in with him to help advertise and possibly split revenue.

1:06:15 - Chuck is working on funnels for Ruby Rogues and creating several videos for Rail Clips to publish through-out the week. Dev. Box Club- what should Chuck throw into the box? Books, T-shirts, Ardunio, Videos, etc.

1:11:16 – Derick ask if we ever seen his "Slide Chop." I don’t think so…? Do we want to? I'll pass…  Derick shares information about a pass Ardunio base project that Chuck should use as a fun box project. 

1:13:21 - Chuck is speaking a couple of developer groups, about “How To Be More Hirable.” And he gave his second talk a Toast Masters club, on podcasting. Chuck has started a small interest for those among the Toast Masters club who want to learn more about podcasting and creating a show.  Chuck informs us more about what Toast Masters is about.

1:20:12 - Chuck took the Pod-Track sponsorship.  He is also trying to workout how to be best efficient with his time and money, as he is picking where and who should take on sensitive projects and menial projects. 


1:23:00 – Derick is working on the rabbitmq project, as he is deciding small things like the sign-up page and redesigning for marketing purposes. Every small detail like transcriptions of interviews will be apart of the e-book.   Derick is also working on a mastermind group bundle with a sign-up limit of 10 people. Chuck gives feedback on the value and cost Derick should think about.

1:37:35 – Derick has done 4 interviews and a high profile name in the business. Derick recaps for Josh.  Josh suggests a selling beta version – early access to a few buyers that could give feedback.  Josh is concern about the number of emails and signups that Derick has as of now. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss way to help Derick’s launch of his package. Main concerns the number of interested people and price. Derick is impatient and wanting to launch and fix issues later. 

Update on the EntreProgrammer Retreat

2:00 - Josh has a conflict with the date for the EntreProgrammers Retreat. The date could possibly be moved again.  Next week will have an absolute date for the retreat.

Thoughts for the week

Josh - You will not allow yourself to have the things that you don’t think you deserve.

Derick – Rather or not you think you can, your right.

John – Simplify, and  "F-U to fate"

Chuck – Focus on solution, instead of problems