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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Jul 28, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 75


 3:05 We’re Live!


John is coming to us from Belgium.

Chuck sporting a pretty cool Mic Flag. 



Josh shares that he is having a little bit of a tough time with his client. Josh shares his challenges with his marketing strategies, cost of clicks and conversion rate issues. “Eat’n Crow” 

Josh is going to scratch his July invoice and pretend in never happened. Also, Josh is going to try to take control of the SumoMe stuff for his client.  John and the team tell Josh can’t not be responsible failed marketing attempts of his clients business if things are not going well.  



Derick gives examples of his own marketing efforts that are not guaranteed. So Josh should not scratch his invoice for the month. The EntreProgrammers tell Josh there is not way for him to know the market ahead of time, so the risk is in the hands of his employer. 



Josh may drop this current client, but still want a referral for this client. Derick suggests to do the minimum and exist this job with this client. Chuck says to reevaluate his situation and maybe reorganize. 



Josh relayed information that AdWords was not going to work after sometime. But, Josh continued with this project, until he knew it was not going to work. John tells Josh to ask himself if he is willing to invest in this project, if so it is worth working on the project. Josh is looking into another client who is not willing to pay Josh’s fees. 



Josh is talking about testimonials he has received from big names, and wondering if he should use those testimonials for future business.   Josh share more about a new client, who is not delivering needed material to get the project rolling. 



John and Josh agree that this is a great learning experience. The Josh will have a better idea on the kinds of projects he could take on. Josh mentions he may want to find someone who experienced what he is going through to get some coaching. 



John suggests that Josh should picking one or the other jobs, as far as doing copywriting.   



Josh maybe thinking about leaving or doing copywriting along with starting another entrepreneurial project. Josh wants to build authority in his industry and wants to fill his time with things he can do until things pickup. 



Josh is talking about writing copy for an amazon seller for 500 dollars, 3 paragraphs. Even in all the tough circumstances, Josh is optimistic and has the right attitude.



Chuck shares a visual of “Essentialism.”



EntreProgrammers Retreat! We’re dead serious now! We will take your money! 



The EntreProgrammers share their plans for the retreat. 



John sold the crap out of his sale! Without trying…



Josh talks about the new tracking links in Drip.  Chuck ask a question about Drip features. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss that features of Drip. 



John asks how things are going with the Libsyn features. Derick talks about how some people want to buy SignalLeaf. But he says it is not willing to sell, because he thinks it is junk. 



Derick is still trying to figure out how to sell his RabbitMQ package. Derick shares some stats and marketing information on RabbitMQ ads.  Derick is running out of avenues to advertise the RabbitMQ package. 



Derick is think about using AdWords for RabbitMQ marketing. Josh gives some feedback about the conversion rates, click rates, etc. 



John asks if anyone know someone who is making money off of AdWords selling a digital product?



Chuck confirms that signup for Rails is hard to find.   Chuck explains the madness of the signup issues of Rails Clips. But, he is getting great feedback about the videos. Chuck is talking to some sponsorship prospects. Chuck share in little bit about the Web Security podcast. Chuck is working on the recommendations the team gave him.



Meet with Chuck, 6pm at Coopers BBQ, Fort Worth TX  

Jul 22, 2015

EntreProgrammers 74


Ponds, Fish and Social Media 



And We’re Live!

Derick is back from California with a little beach tan. Derrick shares his family Disneyland experience, had a great vacation. 



John has found the catch to the T-Mobile unlimited data, only 256k in Europe. Traveling tip:  John suggest buying a Sim Card  for unlimited data and usage.  John finds  the biggest wireless network in Europe, called Three. 



The EntreProgrammers talk about the fascinating accents of cultures and people around the world. John talks about the first impressions and people who have heavy accents. Derrick shares his thoughts of stereo types of those who have accents. 



The EntreProgrammers discuss the natural reactions and responses people have been programmed with, when we encounter different cultures. We often make judgements  base on dress, accents and loud opinions. 



Derick call his team for advice on the RabbitMQ patterns email course. Derick needs help on the marketing strategy side of things with the email sequences. Derick is seeing customers opting in, but no real sales yet. Derrick is hoping this maybe because it is still a little to soon for sales. Josh thinks he maybe a bit early still. 



Josh thinks that Derick should talk to the 10 or 15 people who have opened all the emails that  Derick has sent out. Johns thinks that 250 dollars is very cheap for the benefit this package provides, so sales should look better. 



Josh is shares suggestion to Derick. To sell as the package as business training material. 

Derick has a 10.5% click thought rate and a small sample. The team decides that Derick may really have to ask his customers a few questions and get some feedback to help his sales. Derick talks about creating a funnel in a few more places beside Twitter. 



John is going to help Derick get some leverage by having Derick do a guest post on Simple Programmer. 



John and Josh have different views on the Twitter traffic. John suggests the book Google ads over Twitter.  Josh thinks what could help is the targeting with in the channels Derick chooses to use. Josh mentions that advertising on social media like Facebook, is that you have to constantly watch and change the ads up to make an impact.



John makes the analogy of ponds and fishing to social media. John suggests that different lures are equal to the different kinds of Ads. The ponds themselves are the different social media  behaviors.  



John finally gets to share a quote he found. 



Chuck shares that he launched Rail Clips, and has one pay subscriber. Chuck also, has put in place some advertising plans. Chuck mentions a small issue with the subscription signup.  Chuck has plans with an episode in the bag for the project.  Derick finds it difficult to signup on Chuck’s page for Rails Clips. Derick suggests some tweaks that Chuck should do to his Rail Clip page.   



Josh asks if Chuck made any moves on the consulting project. It is still very early and Chuck has not gotten any responses. The EntreProgrammers talk about what Chuck has to do with his consulting project. Chuck is thinking about doing  an on site training, 500 bucks a seat. 



John mentions that Chuck’s podcasting experience is possibly the biggest by any developer.  Chuck mentioned he has a new podcast that he is apart of, that is going to make a debut soon. Chuck bringing in sponsorship is probably the biggest source for income.  Chuck is talking about adding more podcast shows to get sponsorship income. 



John takes notice of the different niches that each member is growing into. 



John got his royalty statement for SoftSkills. John thinks it will be a 5K a quarter income. John did a meet-up with 11 people in Dublin, and signed a few copies of SoftSkills.  John mentions the heavy drinking he encountered at the meet-up.



EntreProgrammers Retreat 12-16th of October!  Josh will send out email. Chuck is looking into finding a venue or resort. 



Chuck is going to the Podcast Movement. 


Thoughts of the Week


John - Be a gentlemen of lady


Derick  -  That moment between action and response, choose a good one


Chuck  - Rather you think you can or can’t, you’re right


Josh - Nothing! 


Jul 14, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 73

“You Get What You Are…”



All right we’re live!


Derick is out soaking up some sun in Cali.



Josh is trying to figure out how make time and do something with the family, twice a month. The rest of the mastermind talk about similar issues trying to make time for family. 



Chuck makes a good point that his hobby is his job. So it seems like he is working all the time.



John says that as an entrepreneur, work and life are the same thing. “Once you take the blue pill you never go back.”



Chuck says “just being present and being there is enough” It does not take to much time to be with the family and make an impression. 



As entrepreneurs, Chuck and John agree that their work and business schedules allow them to make time for their families.



John recommends reading “As a Man Thinketh by James Allen,” similar to Think and Grow Rich and law of attraction.  The EntreProgrammers discuss the principles found in books of the 1930s, and some of the great thought leaders of the time.  Also how we have to rediscover these principles to become successful as an entrepreneur, marketer, developer, etc.



Josh mention that just because you’re doing the hardest thing, doesn’t necessarily means it is the most efficient way to get to where you want to go. 



John is working with Elisa from Craft Your Content, who is publishing John’s blogs. John made some connections to get with Glenn Allsopp from, to help John to get on the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas.  John Is scheduled to record a podcast on October 27, 2015. John mentions he still has to move his podcast from SignalLeaf soon… John mentions that the Simple Programmers Podcast is getting 4000 downloads per week, at 3 episodes per week. 



John learns to drive on the wrong side of the road, and learns to read a European gas gauge.



Josh says he may ignore his email because he is getting way to many. John like to use SaneMail, thanks to Chuck. John got 3,121 to his personal account and sent 334 email to 221 people.



Josh takes on a new client, who sells on Amazon. Josh finds out about the dark world of selling on Amazon. Josh is trying to spend time writing after this week of being unproductive. Josh is trying to figure out what to do with his Ad Words project, but has not gotten any conversions yet. 



Josh shares details about his project with marketing for a client who operates a Explainer Video company. Josh talks about creating free reports, getting opt-ins, and conversions.  



John got Josh thinking about real estate investing. Josh shares his interest in possibly doing investing in the future and how to go about it.  John suggests real estate over investing in stocks or 401K. John shares what Josh should do if he wants to get started in real estate today. 



Josh ask John what he pays they real estate managers. Johns mentions paying 8-10 percent of the rent. John gives some steps of what to do before offers and acquires real estate manager personnel 



John says that in the long term a bad investment has slowly turned, and he is glad he had invested. Short term investments unless your lucky, are not going to get you a good return on investment. 

Josh is thinking about switching the CPA or tax guy. 



Chuck is asking about landing pages for his testing project. John ask what is the main pain that he is fixing for customer.   



Josh suggest that Chuck needs to be specific to what his project is about, in order to set up an offer.  John suggests a complete guide to test in Rails. Chuck covers different kinds of testing scenarios that he is thinking about doing. Josh thinks that Chuck may need more time to get this project done.


Thoughts for the Week


John - You get what you are


Josh - Being productive is better than procrastinating 


Chuck - Simplify


Resources Mentioned in this episode



Book - “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen


Glen Allsopp












Jul 7, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 72

“F Chiggers”


And We’re Live!

Derick shares his wealth of lego trivia.



Derick completed his 9 plus day email course on RabbitMQ patterns. Plus a landing page for signups.



Derick is also getting ready to format the RabbitMQ content into an ebook, with the cover finished! He mentioned a charge of 5 bucks. Derick is hoping this leads to further traffic and attention for the bigger RabbitMQ bundle. Derrick talks about the mailing list discount, 25% off



Josh is curious about the conversion rates and the cost of the engagement of Derick’s bundle. Josh is also curious about the tracking on Twitter. 



Derick mentions spending a lot of his time setting up the marketing automation for RabbitMQ. 



Chuck is going to be creating a course on testing. Chuck ask if he should do a more special target market. The EntreProgrammers vote, yes. Chuck is possibly thinking about doing  something in Rails or JS, in a live event.  



Derick suggests doing a bundle, and thinks that creating the content would take longer than 2 months. So an on-site training gig would be the best option with the time Chuck has left. 



Josh asks Chuck what does he have now that he could sale at the moment? Josh suggest a door buster on everything on what he has to offer. 



Josh ask if Chuck has the time to sale block of his time for consulting for podcast coaching or developing. Derick thinks that on-site consulting, and pre-selling. 



Josh suggest to Chuck that he record or take good notes, to possibly create an ebook, or for more content. 



Derick suggests that Chuck put all his focus on this new project if his decide to create something. Chuck shares that he has a lot of things in place to where he could begin this project.  Chuck talks about doing more conferences this coming fall. Along with releasing the videos of talks from prior remote conferences. 



Join joins the podcast for Dublin.    



Chuck shares that his sponsorship stuff is looking good in the future, and will be able to make over ten thousand dollars a month.   



John offers to help Chuck with a quit fix.  



The EntreProgrammers talk about refinancing a mortgage. John mentions taking a longer financing with a lower payment. But paying back the loan as fast a you can to save on interest.



Josh meet a tax guy who is consulting him on self employment taxes. Taxman says to pay 50%, Derick says he pays 30%. John explains his tax preparations and cautions. 



Josh says he needs a book keeper for his taxes. John talks about well documented tax practice and how he pays all his estimated taxes in the  4th quarter. Yikes.



Josh  is still trying to find his “break even point” of what he needs to bring in from his business. The EntreProgrammers talk about creating a financial buffers, used for whenever the need money. But John say that it is money already spent, and one should be careful with the size on their buffer. Josh talking about a HELOC, as a secondary buffer. 



Josh, Derick talk about taking 401K out. John explains taking out now verses taking 401K later at a higher tax penalty. 



Derick ask if he has all this money he is making what should he do with it or where should he put his money. John say explains that real estate investments are a great place to invest in.



Josh talks about starting to invest.  John start to sounds like Robert Kiyosaki, while debating with Josh about real estate verses stocks.  



Josh makes a great point that there is more hands-on with owning real estate. John says only if you do not have management in place.


 Thoughts for the Week


John -  Do not sit on benches in wooded areas, because of Chiggers.

Derick - Words mean things…Choose your words carefully

Josh - Say what you mean..

Chuck  - Keep track of stuff…