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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Aug 25, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 79



Derick shares some Star Wars info. Watch out spoiler alert! Derick share some family matters with his mastermind group. Derick is trying to stay busy while taking care of his family’s needs. 



John reports from London! Good transportation system and very expensive living. 1 and 1/2 times to the dollar in pounds. John shares he gym experience and their automated system. 



Chuck mentions that the Official Angular JS Twitter account Tweets about Chuck’s conference. Tweeted to 70,000 followers.  The Unfollowers strategy is working for Chuck’s conference and audience building. Chuck is very excited about the positive feedback. 



Chuck ask his if his coupon form on his site. Should he move the form as to the sales page? 



Derick shares some information of PCI compliance with the sales form in Stripe and other sites. 



Chuck is talking about early bird ticket sales prices for 100 bucks and 200 bucks for regular sales times. Chuck shares his plans to get traction for the conference through LinkedIn and Reddit. Chuck mention that Rails Clip is picking up stream.



John has the guest posting stuff going, and feels his editor is good and doing things without asking. John is not to happy with his course being put in the retired bunch on Plural Sight. Considering that John has done a lot of work helping build up Plural Sight,  John has been ready for this to happen. John realizes he is playing in someone else’s sandbox. 



John mention the website. 



Josh has 33,512 new signups, maybe 2,000 for the old list for the giveaway. Josh is using Kinh Sumo and MailChimp for the giveaway contest. Josh shares information about him email giveaway tactic.   



Josh has a request for Rob at Drip. Josh talks about his email plan.



John share his meet up information and email issues. 



Josh does a trial run with a CRM. To do direct mail for his copywriting business. But Josh is still  happy with Drip. 


Josh talks about sales funnels according to Dan Kennedy.  Josh is trying to land Whales and not minnows.  Josh is doing guest blogging for the automated minnow side.  Whale side is base on networking, going to conferences, and manually  reaching out to them. 



John mentions the book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” by Chet Holmes. 



Josh is trying to find the stage he is in as a freelancer according to John Carlton. Josh says he is going to specialize in email marketing. In his research he found there are not to many email copywriter.  



Josh is working on working with the “whales” such as Dave Ramsey or Tony Robbins. At leash to niches that he could write copy for in his sleep, because he knows the market.  



Josh mention that finance and health are difficult niches to working for email marketing. 



Josh ask Chuck about and what it does. This helps the visibility for your LinkedIn profile. Chuck says to install the extension and going to LinkedIn and do a search by location and keywords. It keep track of who you visited and helps your presences on LinkedIn and connections.  



Chuck was able to make 30-40 connections on LinkedIn, and see everything else that he is doing. 



Josh ask if AutoPilot  breaks the service rules of LinkedIn. 



Josh mentions that LinkedIn is a good proxy for email. 



John’s profile has grown by a snowball effect, but he is not active on LinkedIn.



Thoughts for the week


John -  Don’t do low value things.


Josh - Get a USP for you business.  


Chuck - Get Balanced, make sure your bvdeliberate with things. 


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Aug 18, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 78  

Sideways Periscope…



We’re Live!


EntreProgrammers have a discussion about Periscope. Chuck seems to a have a pretty understand of Periscope features, considering he attended a session about it, during the Podcast Movement. Chuck is planning to use Periscope as a 

strategy to market Angular Remote Conf. 



Derick says he would use Periscope if there is a desktop version. John thinks it is like a live sex show, Kinda.  John complaint is that it only shoots vertical video. Maybe to avoid sharing with youtube?



Josh does not like the 24 hour life of the video content.



Derick thinks this is a great way to get feedback using this feature. Derick sys he is going to literally broadcast Watch Me Code. 



Chuck says to 24 hour life of the video, urges people to go and watch your video right away.  John says he is going to create an Inappropriate Periscope channel. The EntreProgrammers talk about how people prefer the anonymity when using these types of tools. 



Chuck mentions of Periscope has it own following beside the Twitter crowd. 



Derick mentions that there may be some possible uses for him when he is coding live. John says we do not know the norm of this product yet. 



Chuck talks about using 



Derick does a live Periscope of the EntreProgrammers recording.



Josh mentions his furnace started smoking.  Josh is trying to figure out what to do with this Explainer video client. Josh is looking at all aspects of marketing to help his client. But seems like there are somethings this client it choosing not to try. 



Derick talks about the bidding and contract jobs. The difference between the cheap penny pinchers and those who see the value in the product or service with high end prices. John talks about how people sometimes gravitate to the high end perceived value. 



Josh is officially speaking at the USP coaching program. Josh mention he is little uncomfortable speaking and being in the spotlight. This is a course for those who have a business and don’t really have a good idea of what they are about. 



John talks about how Josh is possibly the top 1 percent in his niche, and has all the knowledge to teach this class.  




Josh turn in his copy for a  client, who said “I thought I would be longer.” Johns gives a Michelangelo reference to Josh’s trying times.  Chuck says to vent on Periscope.



Chuck send an 18 point marketing plan. Josh thinks it maybe a little to long. Josh talks about his email contest signups. The EntreProgrammers talk about their giveaways, and the types of thing they used in their giveaways. 



Johns was approached by Udacity  to headup the Java  courses.  John is interested with cool stuff that are doing. 




Josh ask Chuck to do a run down of his list, and go through the points that have the highest value.  Chuck shares the promotional tactics and strategies he is thinking about using. John talks about interviewing Chuck to put on Simple Programmer and give information about Angular Conf. 



EntreProgrammers are pulling the plug on the Retreat, due to no signups. The EntreProgrammers talk about their own meet up plans.  John talks about the idea of possibly moving to San Diego…? The EntreProgrammers talk about possible doing something for their followers in the future. 



John talks about doing the Day of Challenges, to spend a day to focus to one member challenges. John talks about the hate email he got on Simple Programmers after the wide amount of guess post. 



John mentions the traffic he is getting is from google. John is is still working on getting a million page views in a month. John is working on freeing himself from the controls of his projects, except checking emails. John is interested in the amount of time each member does with email and work. 



Josh talks about answering an email in 3 sentences. 


Thoughts of the Day


Chuck -  Control your destiny or someone else will… 


John -  There are always more people coming in



Resources mentioned in this episode







Aug 11, 2015

 EntreProgrammers Episode 77

“Wash My Door Knob”



The EntreProgrammers discuss the how the world’s violence has diminished since the dark ages.



Chuck talks about his merchant account issues during the week. Chuck is now working on making a switch with these accounts. The EntreProgrammers talk about the beauty of Stripe accounts. 



John talks about how some vendors do not take credit cards in Europe. 



Josh talks about, that renewed his account without warning. At they do not give refunds. Derick is shutting down his account with LeadPages because of their poor customers service. 



Josh talks about his aunt who works at a hospital. She oversees the ignorant  staff who treat patience horribly and are unaware that the patiences could easy Tweet their bad experience. The hospital administration retaliates by attempting to turn off the internet on the floor of the patience. 



John talks about how companies need to think about their customer service, and research the people they service before they decide to follow through with bad service. Because, tweeting about bad service is imminent, and can ruin your leverage.



Chuck talks about his Podcast Movement experience. Chuck did a whole lot of eating and networking in Fort Worth TX. Derick talks about his dinner experience with Chuck. 



Chuck is working up setting up some training courses. Possibly a beta course then sell for regular price. This is Chuck plan to raise at least 10 thousand bucks.  John suggest sell the material before you create it. 


Take a look at, Chuck updated his site with all the suggestion from the EntreProgrammers. 



Derick ask Josh about some of the SumoMe features. Chuck ask is SumoMe Works with Drip. 



Chuck has tickets available for Angular Remote Comf. 



John talks about a course with and interesting upgrade approach by Amy Hoy



Derick figures out his SumoMe issue. 



John publish a guess post on Simple Programmer. The EntreProgrammers talks about how to embed code from Gist.  John mentions he should have a least 5 post per week on Simple Programmer. John talks about his new Get Up and Code panel podcast discussion plans. Chuck gives pointers about the process. 



Chuck talks about the guidelines for his panel podcasts. John ask if he could use Chuck’s guidelines. Derick talks about a fan who run Suggest a Guess.  John gives run down of his plan to free himself from have to watch some of his project. 



John talks about start a new project. Josh suggest moving a forum to Facebook. 



Josh mentions how he uses Copy Chief. This is his suggestion to John. This is John next project for recurring revenue. 



Derick talks about Lead Page getting backing to him about his recent Tweet. Derick mentions the Sumo Me integration with Drip. John gives a lot of hype to Thrive. Derick mentions the monthly subscription SumoMe is offering of more advance features.



Josh has 21,000 signups for his giveaway contest.  Josh is really not sure how he was able to get a huge number of signups. Josh shares information about his email strategy for his contest. 




Josh talks about some of his workflow issues with Edgar. Derick thinks John is no using Edgar to his advantage using the RSS feed instead of a blog. John may be have some traction issuse with the way he is using Edgar.



John explains where his traffic is coming from for the podcast. But still puzzled about how he is getting so many subscribers. Derick is shock that John has as many subscribers as he does, with how his setup is working. 


Thoughts of the Day


John - Think about where you were. 


Derick - Re-Focus…


Josh -  Take the time to research, or your homework


Chuck - Life is like riding a bike, in order to keep your balance, is to keep going forward


Resources mention in this episode



Sumo Me


Copy Chief

Aug 5, 2015

“EntreProgrammers Path of Destruction”




All right we’re live!


John joins us from Amsterdam. 


The EntreProgrammers talk about their path of destruction, wherever they go. 



The EntreProgrammers talk about the signups of the retreat. No takers, yet?



Some talk about Drip’s prepayment for the entire year. Here is some interesting talk about the subscription strategy.



The EntreProgrammers talk about the relevance of A&B testing in their industry, and A&B testing within Drip. 



Josh talks about his client who is running advertisement from Facebook to a landing page. Josh think this is something worth testing. 




The EntreProgrammers talk about the marketing stats and A&B testing with Drip. Josh talks about the different feature he likes to use. John mentions some of his testing strategy. 



Josh talks about the difference A&B testing does with different or variant copy. 



Josh talks about Ryan Dice’s strategy for marketing and funnel building. Josh talks about keeping marketing strategies simple. 



Josh talks about building an audience with webinars.



John talks about a ripening period of an audience before they buy. John talk about the world’s best car salesman story.   



John suggests that it may a year before Derick get more traffic. 



Josh says to start simple. Josh explains his frustrations with some of his client’s marketing strategy. 



John talk about what he would do in starting up an online  teaching business. John would come up with a 3 year plan, and eat ramen noodles, live in Thailand.  Build a couple of products to sell. Josh cautions against freeloaders who subscribe to free content.  Josh think that it may be difficult to build a huge number of dedicated audience.



John thinks that having a 3 year program and building an audience of 1000 true fans, will equal success. 



Derick said he needs 1000 true fans. Derick has done most of this for 3 years and building an audience, and done tons of work. Derick thinks that John is dead wrong with the 3 year plan idea.  Derick finds it difficult to follow John’s 3 years plan and seriously cut expenses. He thinks it may be unrealistic for the majority of people out there. 




John thinks that Youtube content could beneficial for business as apart of your regular business. 

Derick ask if it was a mistake to have Watch Me Code as a separate website. Derick talks about his blogging days when he was working at Los Techies. 



Josh think there may be a problem with those who are condition to expect free content. Selling to them may cause a revolt.



John thinks that you can be successful if your consistent producing content for 3 years. Derick says you have to be actively fighting  on the road on success, because people will active try to put you down. 



John makes a good point that these things are achievable if you are willing to make a serious commitment. The EntreProgrammers talk about their experience in the early days with live efficiently. 



Derick says he only want to talk about the reality that he lives under and not the theoretical circumstances. 



Johns mentions that sometimes be dealt the bad hand in life maybe the best thing. Because it will be your driving factor to success. Meanwhile, Josh suggests somethings that Derick needs to do to up the audience numbers, and possible guess blogging. 



John suggests that Derick should be the niche - RabbitMQ guy. Derick is going to appear on .NetRocks!



EntreProgrammers Podcast has been running for nearly 2 years.  Derick is trying to find something to help him grow. Derick feels burnt out. 



Derick has issues with the Watch Me Code account for the subscribers. John think that Derick needs to build more content marketing. 



Josh suggest that Derick go to ReddIt, Sumo, and find out what people are talking about. 



Derick wants to fill a specific gap, with RabbitMQ and JS. Derick says he would fill the messaging and  architecture. Derick thinks he could get traffic for the area. 



Josh suggest Derick do a pilot. 



Josh think that different markets respond to differently to personalities. Derrick shares his plan for RabbitMQ. Derick says he does not know how acquire information and research what people are talking about. Josh again suggest to go to Hacker New and Reddit. 


3:04 - The team gives advice to Derick


Thoughts for the Week


John -  The only thing that is guaranteed is failure


Derick  - Find your focus.  Remember success is built upon a massive amount of failure


Josh - Start simple and only add complexity when you see simplicity


Resources mentioned 






Hacker News


Buzz Sumo