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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Sep 29, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 84

"I Could Stick My Head Up a Cow's..."


We’re Live!


Derick is sad to see go as a sponsor. Thanks to RayGun.IO for sponsoring the EntreProgrammers Podcast. 


John’s T-Pain vocal effects are not working. Technical Issues with his mic. 


Derick is also having a happy week. Derick gain 86 new subscribers to Watch Me Code, which is an overall 25% increase. Awesome!


Derick has been working on updating his website, redoing the subscription section. Derick is planning to work on a new Drip sequence for his email list. 


John suggest implementing a new offer to upgrade the new subscribers to a full year, to keep them of dropping off over time. Derick mentions he has a better hold on the marketing strategies and tools.


Derick gives an update on his son’s tests. Derick so far is getting back on track and is happy with this past week’s success. 


Josh ask if Derick is able to do a webinar to build up more clients. Josh shares his vision on the webinar idea. 


Derick may possibly pitch to John’s audience for a webinar idea. John thinks that creating a joint product with be more affective, then pitching as an affiliate.  


John share a pitch he did to is email list for Steve Young, and it was not a success for the mobile app marketing. 


Josh mentions “White Labeling,” idea. Which may be an interesting way to market digital products. John talks about another strategy of purchasing licensing to the product and selling and keeping 100% profits. 


Derick talks about how there are tons of great ideas, and still working on catching up to them. 


Josh drop 128 envelopes into the mail, which is a  sales letter to Infusionsoft consultants. This is a partial handwritten letter. This project took Josh 8 hours to complete. Josh is trying to get more copywriting clients. Josh is thinking about doing a monthly newsletter to keep his prospects in the loop. Josh is implementing a “Host Parasite” practice.  


Josh shares all the connections he is making and people he is talking too. Josh mentions he may be attending a Dan Kennedy meet up. 


Josh hired a coach Laurie, who is helping him with staying on track and to network with her audience as well.


John talks about eating one meal every two days, a 48 hour fast! John talks about science behind this, because no one has ever done this.  John then runs 6 miles after eating a meal when the fast of complete.  John continues to talk about the fasting through out the week. 


John shares that the fasting has been “hell,”  and s difficult experiment.


John talks about getting depressed during the fast. John is talking about all the “Should I do this or …” On the other hand, John talks about the depression might be because he was not eating and it may have had a mental impact. John may write a blog post called “How I Broke Myself,” about his fasting experiment.


Derick talks about the depression that occurs in some entrepreneurs, and how not eating right may cause a depression or  may kill motivation. 


John talks about the Ketogenic diet experiment done by a certain individual, which is an experiment he wants to try. Derrick mention that John turns EntreProgrammers into an episode of Get Up and Code.


John talks about the mental consequences when experimenting with these diets. Derick shares his diet changes in caffeine and specific times he eats, and how that has improved certain things in his workflow and concentration.


John talks about book “Shopcraft as Soulcraft” by  Matthew Crawford. John is interested in the rewards of creatively and the negative psychological effects of getting paid to do your passion. Sort of Kinda?


John talks about reaching the level of wealth to have complete freedom. This is somewhere between 5k-20k of passive income. Josh talks about how some people will inflate their lifestyle, and it is not realistic. John say to go “Get the FU money!”


In other news! John is learning to type. The EntreProgrammers talk about their  struggles learning to type in the past. John is spending 30 minutes a day retraining himself to type the proper way. 


John is going to get rid of the need for glasses. John talks about practice and self training to correct his own vision. Another interesting experiment he is willing to try. 


John talks about his book, “Soft Skills” is doing great on John hit #2 in the Health subject, and #3 in Computer science. 


The EntreProgrammers discuss the political options or having no options. 

Thoughts of the Week

Josh - Rather people value what your do for them, it depends on how your positioned in their mind.

Derick  - Do one thing a day. Something small.

John -  Trust the process. Your brain will automatically learn, and own the process. 

Resources Mentioned in this Episode 

Steve Young 

Mobile App Marketing

Dan Kennedy 

Shopcraft as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford

Soft Skills - audio book

Sep 22, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 83

“Penguins with Erectile Dysfunction”


We’re Live

John in no longer a nomad. John talks about t the bad review guy, still not a friend of Simple Programmer. 


John’s audio version of SoftSkills is now out. John is hitting about 100 new subscriber a month for the book links. 


Derick does 37 subscriptions for 5 dollar a month to commemorate his 37th birthday.  All subscriptions are sold-out. 


Derick once again announces his dislike for PayPal. But really enjoys the services of Strip.  


Josh talks about how Derick should create a developer how could create a plugin for the payment options. 


John mentions how Derick should rise prices. But mention how they can lock in the lower prices. 


John ask if it is possible to sneak more people in at 5 dollars a month.  Derick say he can do a discount code instead. John talks a “Name Your Price,” or some sort of “support you,” idea  or model. 


Parton account and freezing your money?


Derick is still holding up and managing to take care of his son and what business plans he has. 


John is thinking about creating a forum for about 50 dollar month. This will have premium  level people who are serious about marketing and blogs. 


Chuck give john some feedback about the communities and type of things to consider.  


Josh suggest that John go through the Copy Chief forum talk a look at what they are doing as far as prices and content.  Josh thinks this is a gook investment. John want to build a passive forum oppose to actively caring for the site. 


Josh suggest a paid google or Facebook forum or discussion group. Or a group coaching program. John think he need less interaction. 


Josh ask what would be that ideal travel duration next time John is on vacation. John  goes into minimalist mode. 


Chuck talks about possibly becoming a media broker or agent to help blogs and podcast who want sponsorship.   Chuck is thinking about high traffic sites like Simple Programmer, and when it is worth he may help lower traffic sites. Chuck is thinking about ways to integrate tracking. 


Chuck talks about the sponsorship level he has on Dev Chat.TV. Chuck can’t seem to keep his Silver Level sponsors. John suggest that whoever leaves Dev Chat. Tv as a sponsor can perhaps go over to Simple Programmer as a sponsor. 


Chuck brings in a bit of cash for the Angular Remote Conf. through an email reminder. John talks taking offers for sponsorship for Chuck. 


John mention listening to “The Martian.” John claims it to be a great book. 


Derick talks about blocking off time to practice and record episodes. John mention recording a least 4 hours a day.  Chuck talks about blocking off a day just for Rails Clips. 


Chuck talks about thing he would cut, like iFreaks and the Freelancer show, because they don’t pay for themselves. Chuck pays at least 900 dollars to produce the podcasts, and he needs it to have it bring in 3000 to pay for it’s self. 


John suggest to Chuck to pay for the Freelancers Show, Chuck needs a product to take care of the cost. 


Chuck talks about reorganizing his podcast roles. 


John mention how great Josh’s emails are written. Josh talks about creating more connections with his followers and audience. Josh is going after the Infusion Soft market.  Josh talks about a podcast he is following. Josh is talking about doing a monthly news letter to stay in front of his audience. Josh hired a coach to help him full-time to get his business running. 

Thoughts for the Week

John - Get rid of junk, even digital media.  

Chuck - People matter. 

Josh -  Get help, pay for help, it worth it.

Resources mentioned in this episode


Sep 15, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 82


Melting Snowballs!



And We’re Live!


The EntreProgrammers talk about the scary subject of having their children on the internet. John suggest no internet behind closed doors, or an intranet site. Josh says it would be a  version of the Chinese government’s version of the internet. 



John talks about a time when his parents did not know anything about the internet and checking on him when he was using it. Josh talks about the rate of change we experience compared to our parents. 



Derick mentions the self regulation and morals defined by parents when it come to teach kids about the internet. Chuck shares the reality of monitoring and teaching his children about he cautions of the internet or any privileges he provides to his kids. 



John talks about how kids should be producers of media instead of consuming. To much leisure time leads children into getting into trouble. 



Josh mentions the moonlighting and side jobs people had back in the 40s and how that has diminished greatly today. 



John talks about how kids are comfortable with technology, but don’t know how is works. They’re just consumers rather than creators. 



The EntreProgrammers talk about the complex education one needed to code and complete projects in development. Consequently, newer patterns and languages allow users a new and easier standard, and we no longer need the rooted knowledge as a starting point. 



John sends a survey for Simple Programmer, about “What is the most valuable thing Simple Programmers can do for you?” First off, more people want entrepreneurial content and knowledge on how to build a business, and Soft-skills content, and in-depth training videos. 



John will be back in the the states next show. John is also thinking about taking a retreat before getting back to work.  Chuck is thinking about taking some time off as well, similar to what Rob from “Startup for the Rest of Us” talks about  when getting taking vacation from work.



John is doing a meet up in Iceland with 2 people. This is the last meet up for the  summer long trip. 



John tries Vaultpress for security and backup. John is removing some stuff over to Google Domains.



Derick is still caring for his son and family needs, and excitingly building his next series of screencast for Watch Me Code. Derick is building a multi-purpose product that will potentially be 6 months worth of videos. 



Derick wants to do a variation of bundles. Possibly 28 videos and 4 series. John mentions Voltron from the 80s, as Derick talks about is multi-purpose video bundles. 



John puts “Yearly plans” back on the table. He thinks it will increase subscribers and revenue for Derick. 



Josh talks about subscriptions for a year over a monthly subscription.  Derick thinks part of his problem is not knowing who is watching what videos. Josh suggest integration with Drip.



Derick is selling more RabbitMQ bundles! Which made up for some of the dropout of customers.



John suggest releasing a free video per series with an advertisement for the entire series on YouTube.  Josh suggest doing guest blogging, but only with videos on YouTube. Josh thinks one video a week can double traffic. 



Derick talks about a subscriber who needed a few pointers to follow along with the training videos. Derick is starting to implement all that suggestions the EntreProgrammers are offering him.



John talks about the sustainable number of subscribers and melting snowballs! 



Derick asks Chuck, who is Aaron Frost. Chuck is helping make connections, networking, and cross training with Derick’s business.  Chuck talks about the networking tactic he has planned for Derick and Aaron.



Josh talks about Sitepoint



Chuck has not sold any tickets to Angular Remote Conf. 


Thoughts of the Week


John -  Not going backwards. 

Derick - Just stay afloat or just do that one thing!

Chuck - Take the time off!

Josh - Be careful who you alienate


 Resoures mentioned in this episode




Google Domains







Aaron Frost



Sep 8, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 81



And we’re live!


John shares that he is conversing with "the guy" that made a nasty review on Amazon. 


Derick says that good marketing, makes a good product. 


John talks about the back and forth chatter between him and the customer. 



Derick gives some feedback about John’s approach to communicate back to this particular customer. 



John is doing an interview with this customer on Simple Programmer, to ask questions and get his perspective. John believes that this could help his future marketing. 



Derick makes a great point that as intelligent as people maybe, marketing still has a subconscious  influence. 



Derick talks about the “gray area” with the automatic charging service by Lead Pages. Derick shares the refund service he provided with his SignalLeaf accounts. 



Josh has a new client starting next week. Josh shares about networking in the work he is able to contract. Looks like Josh is going to busy with steady work with a copywriter’s guild. John says Josh is apart of Oceans Eleven. 



Josh thinks he may have picked the worst time to start prospecting. Josh is going to start marketing himself to InfusionSoft clients and as a email copywriter.  Josh is going to use LinkedIn to find marketing consultants and those who use InfusionSoft. 



Josh shares his followers and view on LinkedIn. Chuck think that is a great place for Josh to  search for the InfusionSoft users. 



Josh mentions that InfusionSoft is really complicated and should be used by developers. Josh shares information about video testimonial he received. 



Josh talks about meeting with Perry Marshall. Josh mention he is going do go ahead and do the USP coaching program. Josh meets John Fancher 



John says that Josh’s association with the top copywriters is awesome, and he will eventually become one of them. 



Derick says he can’t seem to catch a break. Derick has been taking care of his son and daughter, and trying to keep up with work. Derick still doing blog post, even though he can seem to keep up with some other work. He mentions that some sales went stagnant. 



Josh share some data on some general marketing analysis. 50% of those who opt-in eventually buy with-in the next 18 months. Derrick talks about his email marketing pitch, and plan of attack. 



Josh ask if Derick is offering the RabbitMQ course to a JS users and course buyers. 



John mentions that they have never put a limit on the sales announcement approach. Josh mention that you are catering to your top 10% and you will often lose some. 



Derick talks about his @mention accounts and how he created his following. Josh uses Pocket to create a batch of mentions and attach it to Edgar. 



John talks about the trying to get traction on his panel group for Get Up and Code podcast.  Derick suggests not following a  specific schedule, but record whenever they needed to. Chuck suggest finding someone who will be a full on coordinator for Get Up and Code.  John brings up the idea to have Chuck take on the syndication of Get Up and Code, and organize the panel. 



Chuck talks about his podcast producing ideas for Get Up and Code. Chuck ask what John would like to get out of keeping the Get Up and Code podcast running. John mentions that he does not want to kill the podcast because there is a following.  




Josh talks about how Chuck may the only podcaster in this field who has the sponsorship and advertisement power. 



Chuck suggest using Basecamp as a work load tracker.  


Thoughts of the Week


John - Do not up-date your Linux server.

Josh -  “Money is in the list…  ”

Chuck -  Would you change for the better for your kids and family. 


Derick - You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect things to change.   

Sep 1, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 80


"2 Man Show"



And we’re live!


John is still in London and is headed to Iceland in a few mintues. 


The EntreProgrammers discuss the debt repayment, bankruptcy, and land ownership of several countries and states?



Chuck talks about how he got lucky not getting audited. Chuck shares information and risk involved in tax laws and running a business. 



John talks about how he is in-the-know, just as much as his CPA. Also, how he like to hire a second professional to give a second option. 



Derick shares that his CPA was referred to him by his lawyer. 



John talks about the caps on self-employment tax.



Chuck shares that early bird sales for Angular Remote Conf. is done! Chuck brought in over 10k in ticket sales. Ruby Rogues has an open spot for sponsorship. Chuck shares that he was a chair member at Toastmasters. Chuck mention that Toastmasters help with is public speaking and podcast production. 



Chuck ask if John did any more Periscopes.



Derick disclosed more information about his son’s condition. Derick shares more information about is subscribers and the RabbitMQ projects, and having to spent time taking care of his family.  



Derick and Chuck talk about how some of the content they create, is wanted free and how organizations like Plural Sight is the 8000 pound gorilla in the room. 



Chuck thinks that there is more of a need for Derick’s Watch Me Code over the Rabbit MQ. Chuck is convinced that if Derick did more focus on marketing Watch Me Code, his subscribers should go up. Derick mention that is exactly what he was doing, but he needs step-by-step guidance on what to do. 


Derick is going to talk to Mark about the subscription of his content. 



Chuck gives Derick a handful of strategies to help the  marketing of his business and finding something to get traction and a pay off. 



Chuck shares the strategy he uses to get guess on his podcast. This is a great way to find out about the general public, who are the followers, and  what the listeners are doing.  Chuck gives a  rundown of all the questions he has ask to get great content. 



Chuck is hoping to point out some road signs to help Derick. Derick is trying to find some focus and direction. Maybe re focus on old and current projects, or start something new?



Chuck makes a good point to not operate from a place of fear to get through tough decisions or a crisis. 



Derick thinks that he does not have any kind of consistent and constant message that is driving traffic to his product. 



Derick mentions that the beginner’s market changes quickly and keeping them as customers is always changing. Derick says he doesn’t want to stay with the beginner class. 



Chuck talks about how Derick might want to think about creating some sort of free content as a lead magnet, for some of his material.  Chuck thinks that Derick has a traffic problem instead of a content issue. 



Derick says he needs tracking, because Hotjar was not working for him. 



Chuck talks about how Derick could gain subscribers, first by building rapport and meeting in person. Chuck say its is not going to happen off the website, but only by in person meet and greets and relationship building. 


Thoughts for the Week


Chuck - Don’t spend to long evaluating! There are lots of power in focus. 



Derick - Make sure you take care of yourself and your family first.