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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Dec 29, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 97

We’re Live!
Josh talks about tracking his sleep with an app. John is vacationing in Vallejo California for the holidays.

John mentions that he and Josh got paper work done for the upcoming partnership in the new year.

John finds out his book “Soft Skills” is now translated into Russian and Korean audiobooks. John shares that he was denied a merchant account thru Intuit. John shares information about trying to resolve the issue and find out why he cannot get a merchant account with Fresh Books. Josh thinks it may have something to do with direct response.

Chuck thinks that going to a bank maybe a better option for a merchant account. John leaves the call early.

Josh talks about working on project for a mortgage company that is doing lead generation. Josh talks about the details and how the project need to be finished.

Josh shares his thoughts on being stressed, and feeling uncomfortable doing new projects and not knowing how to get all the work done. Josh says he feels like a “Fraud.”

Josh talks about doing a coaching call with his first student, Kathy. Josh mentions having a total of 4 coaching students as of now. He talks about his on-boarding process for new students. Chuck asks about how he is balancing all the work and project, especially with Simple Programmers partnership starting up.

Josh talks about Simple Programmer's “How to Market Yourself” course and sales numbers. Josh shares more about information on the milestones he has to reach as a partner with John’s company.

Josh talks about his email writing strategy for Monday’s and weekly workflow. Josh talks about creating daily habits with work.

Josh shares his ideas for a future product and marketing strategy.

Chuck mentions that this week was less crazy for him. Chuck sharse his retirement plan and yearly goals. Chuck talks about launching 3 products this year to help reach his financial goals. Chuck shares his health goals for the new year.

Chuck talks about using an exercise app to help keep him on track to enter a 10K run. Chuck mentions his health is the main focus for the year.

Josh talks about the uncertainty with setting an income goal for the year. Chuck and Josh talks about their working space at their home office.

Josh asks about what resources Chuck uses for formulating an income goal. Chuck talks about possibly hiring a coach of 6 months. Josh mention that 90 days is a good duration of time to begin coaching trials. Josh highly recommends hiring a coach and having the accountability.

Josh mentions having a hard time unplugging from work. Chuck talks about going along with the nonsensical things kid do when its family time.

Chuck put everyone on notice that the early bird tickets for the conferences have ended. But people are wanting to know the line up of the speakers before they purchase tickets. Josh worries about sell to many half price tickets and losing money on the overall revenue.

Thoughts of the Day!
Josh - When you’re growing you feel like a fraud

Dec 22, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 96 “Buy High Quality Yarn…”


We’re Live!

John defenders his Surface book camera issues and bandwidth issues in the transfers. 


Derick does not know what is going on with the dropping numbers of subscribers. Derick mentions that most unsubscribes are due to people not having time and changes formats.   Derick mentions how Drip creates tools he needed on demand. 


Chuck mentions a customer complaining about not being able to get a Black Friday deal. Derick is in favor of getting rid of time zones. One global wide time zone maybe a great money saver? Chuck talks about builds now working, due to time zones. 


John talks about explaining something to someone according to time zones. Derick’s kids gift him with a Star Wars crocheting kit. Chuck think that Watch Me Code with rebound after the holidays are over. Derick mention that every time there is a drop in something business, they always say “It that time of the year.”


John mentions to focus on the goal, rather than the results. Josh says Derick’s has been growing in a stair step fashion. 


John speaks about thinking about how their individual businesses are helping people, and that is a bigger reason for running a business. Derick talks about the projects that excite him and feedback that make it worth doing. Derick talks about new sponsor signing on for Q1 on the EntreProgrammers podcast. 


John talk about his experience with the Tony Robbin’s event Date With Destiny. John talks about  his exceptions of the event and people in ran into. 


John talks about discovering the Art of Achievement as the next step for his career. John talks about gaining insight on values. John talks about the being able to feel a change 


John feels the impact of the Tony Robbin’s event and realize another understanding of success. John recommends that Tony Robbin’s events are worth the money. John recommend watching the TED talk of Tony Robbins to get a better idea of what the event is about. 


John shares more on the event, activities, exercises, and action items.  


Chuck mentions his 36th birthday just pass, and taking care of his father needs. Chuck realizes caring for his family is top priority. Chuck realizes that he has to take care of himself more, and watch out for his future health. 


Derick says that caring for his family is the reason he needs his business to work. Derick talks about when he realized his moment of relief when he shut down SignalLeaf. 


John talks about “coincidences” and similar patterns each member is having within the EntreProgrammers. 


Chuck ask for feedback on the Text To Join project.  Chuck shares in some challenges with funds, and making ends things come together. 


Chuck shares his thoughts on paying himself a salary and having an emergency fund. Chuck says he wants the adventure in choosing what he wants to do, without the stress.  Chuck mentions “The Eventual Millionaire” podcast and the action items he is implementing. 


Derick mentions that one has to adjust to the level of uncertainty no matter what time management system you are using. John talk about rewriting the future of your plan. 


Chuck says his rule about breaks is to walk away from his computer, and flirting with his wife, or play games on his phone.  Derick is still on his winter crocheting run. 


Josh brings up some new features of Drip maybe offering.  The EntreProgrammers take turns apologizing to Rob for talking about these feature early. Josh endlessly talks about the exciting Drip features. Nerd.


Josh talks about a possible customer who is in the Home Building and Real Estate niche. Josh talks about bumping up is fees. Josh talks about his coaching strategies for a student and her emails. Josh gives some feedback on a coaching call that his student has won. 


Josh will be promoting Sumome on his list. Derick mention he lost two subscribers as he was on the call. 

Thoughts the Week!

Chuck  - If you want something acted on it!

Josh -  Most people under estimate what they can do in a day…

John -  “Achieve without fulfillment, is the ultimate failure”

Derick - Buy high quality yarn… Take a step back and relax…


Dec 15, 2015

Episode 95 “Smoking, Crocheting, and Bigfoot”


We’re Live!


Derick shares his sick story, and running his new smoke house business. Josh suggestion using a Darth Vader mask when smoking meats!


Derick has picked up crocheting again. Put your orders in for your favorite pot holders or scarfs. 


Josh talks about making pot holders as well, and getting into leather craft. 


Derick’s total sales on his Black Friday sales was over seven thousand dollars, Derick mentions that one sales push him over his annual income goal. Derick is pretty excited about the actual take home income. Derrick is still very happy about his entrepreneurial journey. 


Josh suggest the Derick should bundle in Watch Me Code with the rest of the bundle sales. 


Derick mentions that his subscriber numbers keep going up and down. Derick talks about the emails, and unsubscribes. Josh ask about the traffic to the sites. Derick mentions disabling the some emails, to focus on the launch sequence. 


Derick talks about things in the work for 2016, as far as virtual conference and working with some Chuck.  Chuck ask what Derick is trying to accomplish overall in the next year.  Derick explains the details of what he would like to do in the new year. 


Josh suggest SumoMe Pro to Derick!


Josh suggest tools for Derick to implement. 


Josh talks about an email marketing guide for e-commerce, and some of the strategies use to market this guide. 


Chuck suggest borrowing audiences and guest posting, to gain subscribers and a bigger following. Josh mentions doing a guest podcasting and posting as well.  Derick mentions needing pushing to create a plan.   


Chuck suggests how Derick and create a plan.  Chuck talks about the types of plans and ways to foresee the needs of your business and life style. 


Josh talk how his goal changed since beginning work with John. 


Josh plans to get his mail list to 10,000 in 2016. Chuck is pushing everyone today. Chuck talks about growing his list as well. 


Josh talks about getting his first 2 coaching students. Josh is trying to limit the email access that he has open to coaching. Josh talks about the coaching features he is offering.  


Chuck mentions the numbers of and topics of React. Josh talks about packaging a book up to create extra income. 


Josh share a little information on the partnership with John and Simple Programmer. Josh mentions that income growth over the last few years, and he is excited about where he is at. 


Chuck mention he is sitting on over 40 grand of invoices, to get by and pay his people. Chuck is thinking about dropping the Silver Sponsorship, because it has the least conversions. 


Chuck mention that he want to get a Dev Chat.TV app out. Chuck mention this would be for feedback to the hosts, and a communication tool for die hard fans. Also, Chuck would like to do video versions of the podcast. 


Chuck say building the email list first is the main focus for now. Chuck talks about the conferences tickets details and the package deals. 


Chuck share the moving around of the conferences. Josh questions the sizes of the packages of the conferences. Chuck mention the packages will drop off as the conferences happen. 


Chuck asks if Josh has his emails ready to going in Drip. Josh suggests how Chuck should do his email strategy. 


Derick mentions he would signup for the round up from Dev Chat TV, but this is a particular kinda of listener. This give Chuck a better idea about how to email subscribers.  


Chuck it thinking about doing a podcast about mythological creatures with his 10 year old son. Derick shows up is lay down desk. Chuck talks about parent kicking each other out of bed, and snoring situations. 

Thoughts of the Day   

Josh - It is really easy to sell yourself short…

Derick  - The Automatic Customer

Chuck -  Take a minute to recognize what you have!


Dec 8, 2015

Episode 94 “Ultimate Warrior Diet 2.0”


Josh ask if John had a cold. Josh explains he was absent week because he was sick. 


John shares his excitement about the Surface Pro, except for the bugs. Is it still worth it? John further explains the Surface Pro Dock. 


Josh mentions he hates the “one connection for everything port.” Josh brings up the possible changes in the next generation of iPhones. 


The EntreProgrammers talk about how Apple is not as innovative as they use to be. Nothing has changed in Apple products except devices getting thinner. 


Chuck speaks about Pebble Time and the Apple watch. Chucks talks about what he likes about both.  John talks about the workout app on the Apple Watch. 


John mentions he is probably shorting Apple’s Stock with all his complaints to his audience. Chuck talks about how he would not spend and extra 400 dollars on an Apple watch compared to others on the market. 


John stops the Ultimate Diet 2.0. John talks about the 5 years of body fitness data he acquired and his next step. John is gives us the details about the Ultimate Warrior Diet 2.0. 


Josh fill us in about his Black Friday sales with his client Wes, and compared it to last years revenue.


John talks about how Josh should be doing a giveaway every quarter, to gain 30,000 subscribers. 


Josh shared contestant numbers of his Thrive competition.  Josh also talks about possibly doing a Drip tutorial video. 


Share talks about doing more Sublime stuff. John suggests that Josh have a hand off approach to this project. Josh talks about re-marketing on Facebook, and the cost to market on Facebook. 


John talks about the sticking point with Simple Programmer, with hiring people and turning it into an automated money maker.


Josh is also watching his coaching program, he mentions that subscribers are very interested in the program.  Josh’s goal is to add and increase subscribers and pricing for the coaching seats. 


Josh wants to do an analysis on the project he did for John, as a lead magnet project. Josh mentions he is a little less stressed out, know he is going to partner with John. 


Chuck talks about his busy week and projects he has coming up. Chuck mentions he did well on the season pass for the remote conferences during the Black Friday sales. 


Josh suggest a value Ad, and additional strategies Chuck could try to implement.


John talks about an email strategy to watch out for discounted prices. John mentions he forgets to use this feature. 


Josh talks about how to do a newsletter type of email that is not to spammy.  Josh explains a weekly round up news letter. 


Chuck talks about his conversation with Amy, and his email strategy for a 24 hour push for a product that the audience picks as a project. Derick may have to commit to John’s suggestion.  


Josh suggests a kind of a lead magnet to Chuck. John suggests a lead magnet, something to do with the podcast that Chuck can offer. John suggests a best of Chuck’s podcasts, as a lead magnet. 


Chuck feels good about the suggestions the mastermind is giving him. 


Josh shares that he just got an email form Perry Marshall that he wrote for him. 

Dec 1, 2015

“Just the Die Hards”


John and Chuck talk about possibly going out for Black Friday. John mentions that he doesn’t care for the effort you have to go through during Black Friday. 


John thinks about the miss deals to those who buy early, then Black Friday deals hit. How do those people feel?  


Chuck share some stats on the early conference tickets of the entire year. Chuck sales for the tickets are available to purchase now. Chuck talks about the unsubscribes, but realizes why he even has the list, if he is not trying to market to them. 


John talks about what Chuck should do with his email list. 


 Chuck talks about the sponsorship durations and costs. Chuck plans to sell the ads space for Simple Programmer.  John is talking about creating a media kit. Chuck need Josh to look at his media kit as well. 


John mentions Josh’s copy is still bringing in sales. 


John shares a story called “Fight My Wife.”  John mentions Derick is doing well with his sale. 


Johns talks about his diet and workout during the Thanksgiving holiday. John may change up the Ultimate Diet his is currently on. 


John may have found a lawyer for the new partnership with Josh. John mentions that Josh will be apart of the Simple Programmer team starting in January. 


John hired a video editor for the new Simple Programmer stuff.  John talks about the growth on Youtube with 80,000 view per month. John is trying to add additional iPhone videos per month. 


Chuck shares more on his video project on YouTube. Chuck is trying to decide rather to use Skype for CrowdCast. Chuck agree that it makes sense to be on YouTube. 


Chuck shares a box opening of his iPhone rig for video recording projects. Chuck plan to do a “Post Bootcamp” project. 


John and Chuck talk about the difference of the front facing camera to the rear camera on the iPhone. John mentions he is on his Surface Pro today. 


John mentions using the selfie stick to hit record if you are using the rear camera.


John and Chuck talk about using Periscope vs Youtube to build a business. 


John talks about how to get topics for videos, mostly for his audience with questions.


Chuck shares some tactics for getting people into the door for JS Remote Conf. John talks about the celebrity created on Youtube rather then Podcast. Chuck think that TV will be more like Youtube, or something more like apps on TV. Chuck shares his vision on TV channels and the business model to come. 


John talks about his new Surface book and Window 10, and some the pros and cons. John talks  about the ultra wide curved screens, and maybe switching. 


Chuck talks about the lockdown on the iPad Pro and how you cannot use it as a laptop. 


Chuck shares his goal setting strategy during this time of the year, and reverse engineering them for the new year. 


John talks about creating a 5 year financial goal over a 1 year goal. Chuck shares the target he wants to hit for the year on the Remote Conferences. 


John says he is debating making new financial goals as well. Chuck talks about the number of people he has to get in front of to meet his goals. 


John talks about The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan


Thoughts for the Week


Chuck - Don’t miss out on the important things…


John -

Resources Mention in this Episode

The One Thing