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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Feb 23, 2016

“This Week In Podcasting Problems”


We’re Live!

Derick says he was inspired last week. He’s now got two people on annual subscriptions. Also, some work on ‘Watch Me Code,’ and updates the series page, plus a possible video player in the future. 


Derick is about ready to call himself “Master of WordPress plugins,” after all the work he has recently done in WP. Derick shares information on WP developing. Derick mentions using Migrate DB Pro, and answers Josh’s questions about DB Pro. 


Josh ask if John needs a copy of Simple Programmer running else where…as backup. 


John talks about manually migrating a site. Derick swears that Migrate DB Pro is worth using to take care of migration. Josh talks about migrating a customers site at TrackAbout. 


Josh mentions that he wants the ability to add tags in Thrive. Derick asks what Josh is doing with the tags. John mentions that Rob should create this feature for them in Drip. 


Josh finds other things Thrive can’t do. John talks about the integration and how that helps their needs. Derick ask about the Smart Links.  


John talks about finding the next unique thing to do as far as a marketing strategy. Derick talks about how someone out there might have the next ‘big thing.’ John talks about using retargeting pixels instead of pop-ups, and all kinds of configurations to change things up.  Josh talks about the cost of promoting on Facebook. 


John mentions to check out Neil Patel’s strategy on his blog posts to “Like” his page on Facebook. 


Derick says that for all the complaints they have for Thrive, he really likes using it and is gold he made the switch. Derick likes the screen filler light box. Josh talks about how 85% of traffic does not care about purchasing products.


John mentions he is moving soon, and using a full service moving company. Derick talks about using LED lights.  EntreProgrammers talk about moving and service rates for movers. John mentions he is not driving, and is shipping his car to San Diego.  


Josh talks about the time shift they with have when John moves to California. Josh mention most of his clients were in California. John is using officially using Slack with Simple Programmer.  Josh mentions having several channels of communication apps when working with clients. 


John and Josh talk about not overworking their VA. Josh talks about systemizing in Simple Programmer. John suggests reading “Built To Sell” by  John Warrillow


John talks about finding the leverage points in Simple Programmer. John shares that he is pissing off the internet over a recent published video title. John might lose some subscribers…over this one? 


Derick says he can’t stand the stereotype of socially awkward smart people on TV show “Big Band Theory.” John sees the show from a different angle. 


Derick and Josh talk about their recent movie selections.  Josh shares his thoughts about the movie “The Martian” and the book version. Derick shares that he fixed the Rabbit MQ issues during the podcast call.


John talks about days before the Cloud. Here is more talk about migrating, to a new computers. 

Thoughts of the Week

John - Don’t apologize. Be intention in what you do. 

Josh - Not building stuff before you need it…

Derick  - Run with the motivation when you have it.

Feb 16, 2016

Episode 104 “Adult Category”

John shares his recent trip with Josh to the Traffic and Conversion Summit. John talks about the potential growth that Simple Programmer could have in the future. John mention how valuable the conference was for him. John mentions seeing Gary Vaynerchuk and how he dropped the F-bomb at least 100 times in his talk.

John talks about how Gary V. thinks that Snap Chat is the next ‘happening' app and platform. John talks about a canning website, and how one can make an offer on buying the domain, base on the revenue numbers. Making money without any risk…

John talks about how Soft Skills could blowup with the marketing skills they have on their side. John mention their Trello board has 200 to dos in the list.

Chuck talks about how iPheaks got invited to Microsoft Build conference, which might throw a wrench in the retreat plans.

Derick talks about the new direction of Microsoft, and how it is not the same old Microsoft as it use to be. Derick is trying to find his flight confirmation tickets for the retreat and conference.

Chuck mentions going through some ‘funk’ this past week, but is feeling much better. Chuck is trying to get it together for his Amsterdam visit. Chuck talks about reaching some milestones on some of his podcasts.

Chuck asks for advice about rising the prices for some sponsorship slots in his podcasts. Derick asks what analytics do the sponsors look at to make prices fair. Chuck talks about giving a discount for long-time sponsors, Derick thinks its a good idea.

Chuck mentions that he sort of announced he was writing a book on a recent podcast he was invited to. Now he has to write a book! Derick favors Fiverr for a cover art for the book. John thinks 99 Designs might be better. Chuck talks about putting up a blog post for the book. Derick makes of marketing suggestions for the landing page.

Chuck asks about a long form sales page, and when he should create one. Chuck asks about what to do about interviews and payment. Derick mentions making it worth their time, instead of money. Possibly letting them pitch and plug their companies.

Derick talks about how bad “Watch Me Code” is doing still. 7 sign-ups in 12 days. Derick is working at driving some traffic to the site. Derick talks about moving to Thrive and disabling SumoMe. Derick is happy with the varies configuration in Thrive. Derick talks about giving a month for things to pan out when trying a new tool. Derick shares some features of SumoMe with Chuck.

Derick is planning for the Node JS projects coming up and is currently looking for people who are experts in the platform. Derick talks about the specialties and the kind of people he wants for the Node JS project. Derick mentions getting contacted by someone off of Twitter.

Derick says he is “Done” speaking at conferences. Derick ask if that is a “sane thing” to do. Chuck says if the money is good then keep doing it. Derick shares his thoughts about the doing conferences and the time that is going into it. Chuck mentions that Derick should choose conferences that will payoff it time and the value of the network.

John shares this thoughts about speaking conferences. John mentions that in some situations. Getting on a podcast is more valuable then speaking at a conference.

Chuck mentions planning to go to the podcast movement in July. Chuck asks if he and Josh made any major strategic plans. John explains where he and Josh are going with Simple Programmer. John mentions that he is going to fire is VA and hiring someone to answer emails for Simple Programmer, and handle customer service duties.

John talks about the continually growth on his YouTube channel. John ask about setting up a Patreon account for his YouTube channel. Derick talks about try it and monitoring it, while using other types of resources to see if it is worth it.

John mentions that Derick could do Webinars instead of conferences. Chuck talks about an easier way to conduct a webinar. John ask the team to look at Similar Web. Derick’s “Watch Me Code” site shows similarities to the those in the Adult Category.

John talks about buying dead sites, to gain a bigger audience? John talks about associations with sites, instead of subscribing. Derick tells John to checkout the book The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow. Derick has is doubt about the certification idea.

John mentions that he just sold his house in Tampa. Derick is refinancing his house…

Thoughts of the Week

Derick - Insanity is doing the same thing, expecting different results.

John - To think bigger.

Chuck - Take minute to ponder, pray, or meditate…

Resources Mentioned in this Episode



The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow.

Feb 9, 2016

Episode 103 “Panic Room”


Chuck talks about driving in bad weather conditions in Spanish Folk Utah, during an unexpected blizzard. Chuck tells us about becoming sick because of stress. 


John shares his blizzard experience in Idaho. John talks about the near death experience of coming within feet cliff. 


Chuck explains all the winter weather craziness was his whole week. 


John explains that homes are significantly more expensive than homes in Florida, but insurance is cheaper in California. Possibly because of the likelihood of hurricanes and tornadoes in Florida, rather than earthquakes. 


Chuck and John talk about hollow earth theory.


Derick talks about selling Girls Scout cookies, and posting a sob story on Facebook about the trials of Girls Scouts. Sounds like these Girls Scouts could teach Derick about marketing. 


Derick has a question about Sumo Me, and  talks about some email signup arguments. Derick wants to customize the way his signups look, but he is using the free version. Should Derick pay for Thrive application?


Josh talks about really liking Thrive, when he used for the Simple Programmer project. Josh reassures Derick that the Thrive plugin is very customizable to fit what Derick want to do. Josh gives some detail about the differences with SumoMe.  Josh talks about setting up a welcome mat and using the Drip APIs, in the app. 


John talks more about how Thrive themes are better for internet marketing, and all kinds of features that cater to marketing.  John mentions the image compress feature and social media sharing. Chuck mention that these features are only available on a WordPress site. 


Chuck ask about how to use the Thrive themes outside of a WP site. Josh explains that Chuck could use a type of Landing Page.  Derick mentions he needs to pay someone to convert his SumoMe stuff to Thrive. Any takers? 


Josh mentions the he fired an awesome VA, Nat. Josh talks about how his VA may have did research for his hiring process. Josh mentions that Nat maybe a go to man for their WP needs. John almost mentions a solution to the trust situation with giving out credentials. 


Josh talks about being hack and the venerability on the internet. Josh talks about asking his VA to document his steps.  Josh say he feels guilty, because he thinks Nat may have pull and all nighter for some up his projects. John talks about the issues with a former VA. 


John mentions he is officially moving to San Diego. John talks about getting a great interest rate for financing a new home. EntreProgrammers share some interest rates on mortgages and things they learned. John is excited about his new interest rates. 


John shares a  little bit of information about the house he moving into, and how he plans to use one of the spaces for a sound booth. Josh mentions it could double as a panic room. Derick shares the chaotic toy setup at his house. 


Derick mentions that Watch Me Code has been doing mediocre. Derick shares that his subscriber numbers are going down, but would like to keep above 425 subscribers. Derick is talking about 5 different series for his next bundle This would be The Node JS and Express JS Training Guide for New Java Script Developers.  Derick thinks this will be a pretty popular bundle compare to RabbitMQ.  Derick talks about annual subscription sales for the future. 


The EntreProgrammers talk about paying for a big annual price and how that affects the decision to purchase. Derick mentions he may have to put video games down to get some things done. 


The EntreProgrammers discuss opt-in and double opt-ins and ticking people off with emails. John mentions his new bookkeeper is doing a good job. Derick talks about how his bookkeeper is happy with his organization. Josh mentions that he needs a knowledgeable bookkeeper. 


John mentions that the YouTube Simple Programmer channel is growing with some huge number of reviews. Josh talks about new workflow in Drip.  Josh and Derick discuss the new features in Drip. Derick talks about Segments and how he uses them. Josh talks about the detail and insight of the purchases in the new features. 


John and Josh talks about the sales on Simple Programmer, from the How to Market Yourself and The Ten Steps courses.


Derick talks about how some one said his prices are to high, but does not need the money for consulting. Derick says he is just maintaining and not much to talk about.


John mentioned that his Soft Skills audio book version is out doing the book version. John gives some backend information on Soft Skills book and subscribers.  John is planning on a new entrepreneurial course. 

Thoughts of the Week!

Derick - Don’t prevent your employees from doing their job.

John  - If you don’t let go of what your have, you can’t get what you want.

Josh - Cut the cord and a lot of stuff… 

Chuck - Not everything has to be about getting where you’re going.

Feb 2, 2016

Episode 102 “Trailer Park to Entrepreneur Story”


And we’re live! Chuck mentions feeling like an outsider after last the episode with Larry. Chuck talks about taking care of the house duties. Josh talks about the upcoming duties of taking the kids to preschool. 


Chuck shares some information on CES, and running into the host of Java Script Jabber. Chuck might do a review for a standup desk company Josh mentions to make sure he does not have to send the desk back after doing a review.  Chuck shares that he bought some new wheels. 


Chuck talks about his sales number from conferences and special corporation groups. John mentions find out who the corporations are a scout out how to to get more people in on conference sales. Chuck asks about how to go about talking to the corporations about how they heard of his conferences. Chuck shares that he hired a new developer who is an EntreProgrammers listener.  


Chuck talks about changing his title to CEO, so he does not have to do any developing. Chuck is missing his passport.  John talks about how you can fake a passport, but not 5 years of online history. 


Chuck talks about expediting a passport so he can travel. Turns out the some travel agencies can help expedite passports, because they have a relationship with the states. John called the process “Paying the Stupid Tax.” Chuck talks about strategically not paying Uncle Sam. Chuck talks about not paying quarterly taxes for a while.  Josh asks how Chuck was able to pay so little on taxes, after 3 years of not paying. 


Lesson learned and Chuck faithful pays his taxes this year. Chuck shares his fool proof plans for keeping up the Uncle Sam share. Chuck also shares that he had some troubles foreclosures, but all is good now. 


Josh talks about how things can spin out of control quickly. But, Chuck had the right tools to make things right again. 


John mentions at that its best to come clean and in the clear now, rather then when he is making millions. Chuck asks about how to do a Meet Up in Amsterdam during his travels. John gives some details about the meet up he did while on vacation in Amsterdam. 


Chuck ask for some advice to do a specialized training. Josh talks about pricing it on the higher end. Josh talks about his coaching sessions per student, per month. Chuck mentions coach on setting up a freelance business. Josh explains the details of charging on the higher end. John talks about how this project is a “next year” idea, and how he should focus on staying the course. John mentions to prepare to ‘crash and burn,’ just incase. 


John shares that he put an offer of a house in San Diego. John shares some information about the attractive amenities of San Diego. John is nervous about the possibilities of the big purchase.  John mentions he feels like he is in a position to take on more, and experience more. 


John mentions that his YouTube channel hit over 15,000 subscribers and has the same amount of views as the Simple Programmer site.  John talks about going Lego Land and Disney Land. 


John talks about some numbers on Simple Programmer. Josh talks about how he tracking the sales on the 97 dollar prices. John talks about hiring a quickbooks guy, and magically gets an approval from quickbooks. Josh talks about some of the complication using Quickbooks. Chuck ask about the plans they offer, Josh give some feedback on the fees and details. 


Josh give some details on figuring out his budget for business expense, and profits. Josh talks about a cash basis accounting, because his business is simple. 


Chuck talks about using Harvest for invoicing only. EntrePrgorammers share some tools they use for accounting. 


Chuck talks about the tellers reaction when he was switching banks. John talks about Chase banks features for private clients. 


John talks about “The Way Of The Superior Man”  by David Deida


Josh talks about finally cracking into Josh reaches out to some connections to contact the editor at Entrepreneur. Josh reaches out to James Clear to get through to Entrepreneur. Josh shares some of the process information and practices of Entrepreneur. Josh mentions his plans to reach out to INC. magazine after Entrepreneur. 


Josh mentions hiring a new VA, who have some interest in EntreProgrammers’ show. 


John gives everyone feedback about how to ace a job interview. John mentions that Edgar is finally fixed.  John talks about ‘random’ publish issue in Edgar.

Thoughts of the Week

Josh - Pipeline, streamline, and be prolific 

John -Don’t take things personally, but as a challenge. 

Chuck -  If you want it hard enough and work hard enough, then you can do it.