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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Sep 27, 2016

Episode 135 “ The Dumpster Is On Fire”


Derick talks about his 38th birthday sale, and had 16 sales of the yearly subscription. John does some math, and says that Derick should maybe drop some prices on his subscriptions, because he found a price range that sells. 


Josh says just change the prices without announcing the price change. Josh suggest to drop the prices incrementally, until he see sales come in. John says this is good new for finding a price range people are buying in. 


Chuck asks a question about discounts for his products. Derick talks about the randomness of doing discounts. Chuck ask if this is a good way to let people know that you have stuff to sale.


Derick says he can finally pay down some credit card debt. Derick shares that he started seeing a therapist. Derick says he needs to working not being an asshole on his downtime. Derick shared that he will begin weekly therapy.


Derick says this is death of thousands of paper cuts. Derick mentions that if you are struggling, make sure you get help. Derick shares that because he works at home, his personal life and working life are so entangled, that its hard to separate the two. 


John suggest to Derick, that he should look into Awaken The Giant by Tony Robbins. Also perhaps attended a Tony Robbins event.  John says it does not matter how sharp you are, if you are struggling mentally. 


Derick says that it is difficult to make a choice on the many therapist out there.  Derick says to pick the first one on your google search, you can always see someone else.  Derick says to check if your want to learn more. 


Derick says that he is not in a depression, because he has been there. he just need to learn how to reach to things he is dealing with.


John talks about getting into a funk, and it is a constant battle. John says that astronomy may have something to do with their funk that they are in. John try to do some manual zoom. Derick says that despite the issues he was experiencing, this was a very productive week for him. 


Derick shares the many different updates he did to the website. The EntreProgrammers talk about using avatars to help their marketing or target market. 


John talks about Josh’s ring pull-up moves. The EntreProgrammers talk about the important feature on a website, and guided learning on websites. 


John suggests doing a free introduction to Java Script course on Udemy.  Derick says that he would hate to support that company. John says the dolphins get kill when making tuna…


Chuck ask if Derick needs more help, after all John’s metaphors to describing being serious. Chuck talks about doing his webinar for the Ruby Rouges listeners. Chuck explain where he want to go from here. Chuck talks about what more people want to hear on the show. 


Chuck about doing a show every two weeks. Chuck say he is going to opening up the show to questions. Chuck talks about get rave reviews on a project idea.  Chuck says he is going to Microsoft Ignite. 


Chuck talks about updating how people signup as guess on his shows. Chuck talks about his employees and how they communicate with him about work. Josh suggest a tool like Trello, to keep in contact with contractors, and progress on projects. 


Chucks for advice and maybe  doing a step by step with a one of his contractors to help the process. Chuck say he is going to be more mindful on the precess on teaching his contractors processes. 


Chuck talks about moving the conferences to DEV Chat TV. Chuck is trying to fugue out how to do a custom page, and adding the talks. Derick explains his workflow and how to, on Chuck’s question. 


The EntreProgrammers give feedback on the actions to take on contractor doing working, and where they should be, as far as being handsfree as an entrepreneur. Chuck ask he should redesign the webinar site. The EntreProgrammers give advice to Chuck about website template and building in features. 


Derick says his PHP code is garbage. Derick ask if Chuck is using Slack for his shows. John says Bubbas are highly qualified people in Chuck business. John says he is gong to be interview Eli The Computer Guy on Monday. Josh is a now full throated supporter. 


Josh talks about promoting on youtube, and ways to get more traffic. Josh talk about his tactics to warm up your traffic, and retargeting, on Simple Programmer. Josh thinks all shopping cart software on the market sucks!


Josh talks about implemented a payment plans to How to Market Yourself, and got 26 sales. Josh suggests to Derick that he should try it on Watch Me Code annual subscriptions. Josh also mention the one dollar offer. 


John and Josh talk about testing verse real business testing, as far as marketing goes. Derick talks about how those test or studies are in control, but in the real world things vary. More talk on studies and real application. 


John talks more about psychological study and “meta game changing.” The tactic stops working!

Thoughts of the week 

Derick - If you need help, get the help. 

Chuck - If you serve people well, when you need them, they will come out and help you. 

John -  Can you hold on to progress you’ve made..

Josh - Invest time and understanding how you tick. 

Sep 20, 2016

Episode 134 “We Fire People Around Here…”


And We’re Live! Josh looks less grayish with his color correction filter. John says he wants overhead lighting to enhance his muscles. John says he is making progress with the decor of his office.  Derick talks about his behemoth desk move from an office to his apartment. 


Derick talks about his week taking care of his family and is sick son, and the trial of getting back to work. Derick talks about taking a look at the homepage of Watch Me Code. Derick have been researching and making significant changes to his Watch Me Code homepage. 


Derick mention redoing the framework for the website and reworking the backend of the page. Derick says he reinstated the monthly plans to some of the products on his page. 


Josh talks about the positioning of some for the elements on the Watch Me Code website, this will help them navigate to the features and services. John mention that some of rate icons are broken on the webpage. 


Josh thinks that Derick made some good improvements on his website. Josh says that he made good progress for not getting a whole lot of work done. 


Derick talks about a blog post about he thoughts on a topic of a blog post. Derick talks about experimenting with post footers. 


Chuck joins the call in between his conferences. John talks about getting attack on Twitter. Chuck talks about a couple past episodes he was getting flack on about his past contractor. 


John says that you can not have your cake and eat it too. The EntreProgrammer’s forum is very unique and honest about the things they share. John is glad that Chuck brought on a real problem that they, as entrepreneurs are dealing with and they deal with it the best way possible.


Derick says that the EntreProgrammers are willing to make a mistake publicly, and this in turn should help people  in running a business. Chuck says they need to be open with the people they are open with. 


Derick says that change is painful, and it sucks. John says they are here to service and genuinely love to help people. Instead, people should be judged on their real intentions. 


Chuck says that he is done trying to be right, and he is going to be himself. At this point he is going to do the best he can. Chuck says he is going to piss more people off and be John. 


John says to Chuck, your filth is public, and others peoples filth is private. Chuck share story about the things he sees in his personal life. 


John says he hit that same point when he was polarizing. Josh says this is another part that develops him more. John says people would rather hear the honest truth. John says he is proud of Chuck to take this on. 


John mentions that he is about to hit 40K subscribers on the Simple Programer youtube channel. John mention that Eli the Computer Guy is coming on the Simple Programmer. 


Josh talks about his current video recording methods, as he build up his video production. Josh talks bout their last weekend at SumoConf. and a presentation on making their fee money back. 


Josh says he is going to be looking for new ways reach people, something like an icebreaker to follow up with their audience. John talks about he experience with SumoConf. 


Josh talks about a new tagline for his business. I teach Software Developers How to be Cool! Derick talks about his goal for the year is to do an attendee talk at Micro Conf. Derick say as soon as they open the submission, he is going to submit “ How to burn you house down to build a better one.” 


John says that Derick is now able to handle bigger problems. John mentions the book Built to Sell by John Warrillow


Derick talks about lasts year’s mad dash to gain subscribers. Derick is thinking about send out  another discount of 38 percent to celebrate his 38th birthday on Tuesday. 


Josh talks about adding some features to help grow sales of products in incremental ways.  Josh and Derick talk about the prices tiers on their products. Josh talks about getting great feedback for Lewis, about selling a product. 


Derick ask about investment that he may have missed, concerning more marketing. Derick ask if he should hold off till his finance are solid. Josh talks more about marketing strategies and sponsorship information. c

Thoughts of the Week

Derick - Burn your house down to build a better one.

John -  Physical exhaustion is not good for you.. Sleep. 

Josh - What can I do that won’t fail?

Sep 13, 2016

Episode 133 “Lean Manufacturing…”


No John or Josh today. Derick talks about getting Quickbooks online, and fired everyone that works for him. Derick has a lot of questions about this next stage and the ins and outs of Quickbooks. Derick is trying to figure out out how to connect banks, PayPal, and payment processing into Quickbooks. Are John and Josh automating the payments? 


Derick mentions working with figuring out the connection of finances to quickbooks for two hours. John might be trying to connect to the call. 


Chuck talks about getting his act together and start blogging and connection with LinkedIn. Derick says that was what Mark was working on, to help create a constant stream of content. Derick shares that he was giving away some stuff on Docker. 


Derick talks about repackaging his content and figuring out his emailing system. Derick mentions having 30 sales of his RabbitMQ book on LeanPub. Derick is puzzled on how these sales are coming in, because he is not doing any marketing for them. 


Derick mentions that he is in a tough spot, now that he does not have any one to help him with his content editing and creation.  Derick shares how his workflow use to be when he first started to creating videos, compared to today's duties. 


Chuck talks about his video editor's tasks list, who helps with his projects. Derick says he has been taking over things that he once use to do in the past. Chuck shares that he is hiring more people to help with his conference schedules. Chuck says he is ditching Crowdcast for WebinarJam. Derick says for he may switch to WebinarJam as well. 


Derick asks about the chat type systems built-in to webinar or a google hangouts for video conferencing. Chuck mentions goofing a link for a webinar, but he does have 170 people signed up. John mentions to Chuck that only 40 people may show up for the live event, even if that many people signup. 


Chuck talks about having two events scheduled conferences on the same day. Kind of a tight situation...


Derick shares that he is messing with an idea, and writhing code, instead of all the important business stuff. Derick asks “how does he get there…”, He ask himself if he should turn monthly subscriptions back on. 


Derick talks about a helpful post from Josh Pigford's blog of Baremetrics. Derick talks about how that one new thing is not going to solve your problems. 


Derick talks about his “fails” that he knows about, and should fix. Derick talks about an email conversation about fixing problems for a presentation. 


Derick talks about how his pricing structure is that near PuralSight's price list. Chuck talks about being the “Bridge Gapper.” 


Chuck thinks that Derick is headed into the right direction and needs to solidify his ides for success. Chuck and Derick want to clone Josh for their businesses for ad copy. .Chuck asks about Derick’s vision. Derick questions his business. “Is it my business?” 


Derick ask if there is something wrong with his business, or if his business a viable business? Chuck thinks it is.  Chuck says he runs into the same questions with his business, and ask if he just screwed up.  


Derick ask if Chuck would be willing to take care of EntreProgrammer’s sponsorship duties? Derick says he is failed at taking care of the sponsorship stuff. Chuck shares his view on the sponsorship of his podcast. 


Chuck mentions that he ignored his book writhing and Rails Clips, because of all the thing he has been doing. 


Derick talks about the book The Marine Corp. Way, and the type of work models that are involved. 


Chuck will be in Atlanta  Oct. 25th to the 1st of November. Anyone up for a meet-up?

Thoughts of the Week

Chuck  - Keep moving forward.

Derick - Tweaking all the knobs of the business… You got to be somewhat organized. 


Sep 6, 2016

Episode 132 “Bridge Gapper”


We’re Live! Derick quotes the classic software developer movie “Office Space.” John talks about pissing off the internet again. John talks about the different views of a creationist or evolutionist on his youtube channel. 


John says that the more you look into a “cracker jack” idea, there is some sort of compelling agreement. 


Josh talks about the up coming censoring on YouTube. John again talks about the different scientific hypothesis of life, creation, or evolution. Josh talks about losing some subscribers on patreon. 


John says that something that is scientific, doesn’t ave to be true. John talks about epigenetics and experimentation for induced results. 


Derick finally gets to talk about his last two weeks. He mentions that he has a couple new subscribers, and somethings in the business are broken. Derick shares that he is seeing at least 10 people drop a month. 


Derick thinks that he need to present his content in a more unique way, to help subscribers. Derick said that the material is there and that he need to help the subscribers see that material they need. Derick is getting help to learn how to present his material in a more simplified way. 


Derick says that he feels that he has been throwing money away on marketing efforts. He is not sure what to do. Maybe go back to a monthly model as far as subscribing to his program. John thinks that Derick need to get his bookkeeping in order, to understand the expense on marketing efforts. This way, Derick can budget out the funds for marketing. Chuck thinks that Derick’s problem is customer retention or on boarding new subscribers. 


John asks what is the one thing that Derick is good at. Josh talks about he purpose of niching down. The EntreProgrammers give their opinion about the direction Derick should take for acquiring more customers. 


The EntreProgrammers talks about the strategies Derick should think about in order to present himself as being awesome. 


John suggests offering some free content to lead to paid content. Chuck suggests having someone advocate for his products as the next step in advancing a programmer. Josh suggest doing a 4 week class to generate income.


John ask if Derick is shooting himself in the foot as the “bridge gapper.” Derick mentions that he does not know which decision to make on all the ideas available to him. 


Josh suggest that more traffic is not the problem, but Derick should be analyzing data. John suggest that Derick should stop paying for marketing, and figure out who to make cash fast to get out of the trouble he is in, and then come up with the marketing and messaging plan. 


Josh shares an example email with Derick to help understand that need of his customers. Derick ask it is worth to spend money on setting up Quickbooks. The EntreProgarmmers are planning to help Derick, by referring him to their network of marketers. 


John suggest that Derick sign up for a subscription to quickbooks. Derick mention he is very close to quitting a clients project.  Derick does not want to work under this manager anymore. 


Josh talk about his webinar this pass week, with 126 seat filled. Josh also mentions that he has to do some affiliate pay outs. Josh shares what work but for him when he does webinars and presentations. 


Josh talks about having delayed email with SendGrid, right before the start of his email. Josh shares that he had a person ask for a refund, after he realized that he was not a good fit for the webinar. 


John shows am example of Josh’s Simple Programmer business card. Chuck mentions that he is following Josh’s example of how to do a webinar. Chuck says he is still figuring out how to do these things with Thrive. 


Chuck is talking about hiring a couple of people to help him, since Mandy is not working for him anymore. Chuck talks about a dilemma one one of his podcasts about race. 


Chuck talks about how Josh had bought a webinar platform, and he waiting to see if it is worth it for him. Josh think so far it is probably worth the money.  Chuck mention talking about Webinar Jam. 

Thought for the Week

John - Explore a lot of crazy stuff, there is value in a lot of different things. 

Chuck - Sometimes it really sucks. 

Josh - What is the dent in your world.