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Welcome to the Entrepreneur Mastermind Podcast! One of the most powerful ways you can grow your business and expand your knowledge is by having a mastermind group of people who come together to share their business experiences, struggles and solutions with each other. We wanted to document this process by making our mastermind public and completely transparent. Initially this podcast was called Entreprogrammers since we were a group of entrepreneur programmers starting our first businesses, but since then several people have left and new people have joined and we’ve rebooted the podcast as the Entrepreneur Mastermind Podcast.
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Jul 7, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 72

“F Chiggers”


And We’re Live!

Derick shares his wealth of lego trivia.



Derick completed his 9 plus day email course on RabbitMQ patterns. Plus a landing page for signups.



Derick is also getting ready to format the RabbitMQ content into an ebook, with the cover finished! He mentioned a charge of 5 bucks. Derick is hoping this leads to further traffic and attention for the bigger RabbitMQ bundle. Derrick talks about the mailing list discount, 25% off



Josh is curious about the conversion rates and the cost of the engagement of Derick’s bundle. Josh is also curious about the tracking on Twitter. 



Derick mentions spending a lot of his time setting up the marketing automation for RabbitMQ. 



Chuck is going to be creating a course on testing. Chuck ask if he should do a more special target market. The EntreProgrammers vote, yes. Chuck is possibly thinking about doing  something in Rails or JS, in a live event.  



Derick suggests doing a bundle, and thinks that creating the content would take longer than 2 months. So an on-site training gig would be the best option with the time Chuck has left. 



Josh asks Chuck what does he have now that he could sale at the moment? Josh suggest a door buster on everything on what he has to offer. 



Josh ask if Chuck has the time to sale block of his time for consulting for podcast coaching or developing. Derick thinks that on-site consulting, and pre-selling. 



Josh suggest to Chuck that he record or take good notes, to possibly create an ebook, or for more content. 



Derick suggests that Chuck put all his focus on this new project if his decide to create something. Chuck shares that he has a lot of things in place to where he could begin this project.  Chuck talks about doing more conferences this coming fall. Along with releasing the videos of talks from prior remote conferences. 



Join joins the podcast for Dublin.    



Chuck shares that his sponsorship stuff is looking good in the future, and will be able to make over ten thousand dollars a month.   



John offers to help Chuck with a quit fix.  



The EntreProgrammers talk about refinancing a mortgage. John mentions taking a longer financing with a lower payment. But paying back the loan as fast a you can to save on interest.



Josh meet a tax guy who is consulting him on self employment taxes. Taxman says to pay 50%, Derick says he pays 30%. John explains his tax preparations and cautions. 



Josh says he needs a book keeper for his taxes. John talks about well documented tax practice and how he pays all his estimated taxes in the  4th quarter. Yikes.



Josh  is still trying to find his “break even point” of what he needs to bring in from his business. The EntreProgrammers talk about creating a financial buffers, used for whenever the need money. But John say that it is money already spent, and one should be careful with the size on their buffer. Josh talking about a HELOC, as a secondary buffer. 



Josh, Derick talk about taking 401K out. John explains taking out now verses taking 401K later at a higher tax penalty. 



Derick ask if he has all this money he is making what should he do with it or where should he put his money. John say explains that real estate investments are a great place to invest in.



Josh talks about starting to invest.  John start to sounds like Robert Kiyosaki, while debating with Josh about real estate verses stocks.  



Josh makes a great point that there is more hands-on with owning real estate. John says only if you do not have management in place.


 Thoughts for the Week


John -  Do not sit on benches in wooded areas, because of Chiggers.

Derick - Words mean things…Choose your words carefully

Josh - Say what you mean..

Chuck  - Keep track of stuff… 














Jun 30, 2015

Episode 71 "Gold Farmers"



We’re Live!



Derick mentioned he had the greatest sale of his RabbitMQ, he traded a copy of the RabbitMQ bundle for a Lego Star Wars kit. Josh says that he’ll reminded him about his choices when he complains why he did not hit 7000. 



Derick talks about the marketing campaigns of the RabbitMQ bundle.  Also some talk about a mini ebook on LeanPub, with an email course in the works as well. Derick shares more about his complicated marketing strategy. Derick is also working on driving traffic to his pitch



Derick mentions he is not advertising world wide, last time he did that sales were low in other counties.  Derick shares that he had a difficult time deciding when his Drip emails should go out. In response to Josh, Derick says he is not opposed to sending out  two ad emails a day. 



Derick made 6700 dollars on the RabbitMQ bundle after all the stragglers came in, including trading for Lego Star Wars. Derick explains he tweeted that he would trade a copy of RabbitMQ for Lego Star Wars. Well Played! Derick is still getting emails from people who are still interested in buying in a few weeks. 



Josh says that Derick should setup a cross promotion that connects Javascript to RabbitMQ.  Derick says he actually has time to setup the marketing stuff. Derick shares the reports of the optimization of his website. 



Josh talks about the inner workings of a Continuity model. Derick talks about an embarrassing moment when recording a Watch Me Code video cover ES6 material.  



John is liking Berlin, but leaving on Monday. John talks about the diversity and culture of Europe. John meets someone who he had a discussion with about entrepreneurship and jobs. John talks about how most people would have to become an  entrepreneur, considering changes in the economy. The EntreProgrammers talk about entrepreneurship and how employment is evolving into entrepreneurship. Also, how things have become very niche. EntreProgrammers discuss the problems with Union employment and how people are  trading they’re freedom for security or benefits. They agree it is not sustainable. 



John goes back to mentioning some great things bout Berlin, and give us a recap of the communist history. 



John and his family will be flying Ireland, then driving to Dublin. 



John’s article on Fast Company has published. Plural Sight asked John to do an interview with Fast Company about the Plural Sight organization. Josh says that John should have gotten a backlink to his site for more traffic. 



John asks the team if making the Get Up & Code podcast into a panel discussion, would be a good idea? Similar to Chuck’s podcast.  This allows a bit of freedom and less responsibility.  John is trying free himself from his on going projects, to where he has less responsibility with them while keeping them going. 



Josh has installed a gmail plugin that allows him to check his email twice a day. This allow him to only check his email an certain times, so he can get work done. Derick compares this email feature to the Tim Ferris email option. Josh says he needs the mental space to  do his client work. Josh is loving his work schedule and being able to do whatever he needs at anytime. 



Josh is trying to line up this client work so they’re month to month. This way he can schedule his week, and plan the following month as it allows. Josh is getting ready to hire a copywriter to help him do some research for him? Josh is about to take John’s advice and hire a transcriptionist VA to take over some menial work.



John suggests that Josh should ask for referrals. Josh says that he joined the John Carlton course to learn from David Garfinkle, a copywriter coach. Josh mention that he would be making 12000 not  including benefits. 



John talks about a couple of books he liked reading or listening too, one of which is “The Richest Man In Babylon.” 



John was mentioned on John Lee Dumas’ podcast Entrepreneur On Fire. John was an example of those who have a niche and make money from that niche.   


Thought of the Week


John - Pay yourself 10% first.


Josh - Cut down distractions


Derick - Don’t be afraid to make a non-traditional sale 


Things mention in this episode


John’s Article


Fight Company


David Garfinkel


The Richest Man In Babylon

Jun 23, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 70

RabbitMQ Twinky 



We’re Live!

John is still on his expedition in Berlin…



Derick shares his sales report with is new launch of the RabbitMQ bundle. Josh asks about the break-down of the sales.


Derick has given away 8-10 full version packages

  • 20 sales of the full package plus 8 giveaways
  • 5  sales of the mid-level bundles
  • 9  sales of the e-book

Interestingly,  two customers were generous enough to full price, without using the discount code. Derick reports he is a couple hundred dollar short of his goal, but still impressed with the sales report.  Derick shares information about his follow-up strategy in the next two week, and  in another 14 days after.



Josh suggest a clever strategy with Derick, setting up a campaign that takes key content from the ebook and send an emails of small snippets of key information over several days. Then send a discount code for an upgrade. Derick mentions he may do a discount later on. 



Josh mentions Click Funnels as an amazing way to track activity on your funnels. John mentions seeing DPD trucks from his apartment window.  



Overall, Derick is pleased with his sales results and is confident in the sale post launch. John talks about those who have a subscription to Watch Me Code, but in interested in the RabbitMQ bundle. John thinks this will upset the customers or make them feel ripped off that they did not get a discount offer. 



John suggests in the future that Derick create a Platinum Watch Me Code subscription that gives access to anything Derick produces that is also apart of a package or bundle. After this new information, Derick checks the subscription packages to see his Watch Me Code subscribers. 



Derick talks about helping his SignalLeaf customers migrate to Libsyn. He is able to be an affiliate to Libsyn for the migration of his customers. Derick may create a screencast for the migration to Libsyn, not a promise, but may happen. 



John talks about creating a type of tracking system for podcast. This system will track the  exacted sections of listens in the audio episode, add images to appear,  adding links to appear. Of course this embedded piece of audio would need a special type of player to provide the enhanced experience. Josh says this sound like QR codes for podcasts. 



John mentions he use Overcast to listen to podcasts instead of using iTunes podcast app. Overcast is an iPhone app that enhances the listening experience of podcasts, by removing dead space, normalizing, and playback at different speeds. 



Chuck mentions that he has several things happening to taking up his time, and he is not able to record videos and make content. Ruby Remote Conf. event is happening next week. Chuck has sales coming in, but not as much as he was expecting. Chuck has 30 - 40 people signed up for Ruby Remote Conf. Josh talked about the timing of the conference may have some things to do with the numbers of sign-ups. 



Chuck is thinking about quitting freelancing. With the numbers is making, Chuck could possibly quit. Derick gives advice to freelance for the time he needs extra funds, or until things smooth over. John talks about only freelance for a high rate rather than taking on several jobs that may take up time at low rates.  Josh talks about ways to bounce back, with the story of Ryan Dice and internet marketing. John thinks that Chuck is in no danger with the numbers he is producing. John thinks he could move some things around to make ends meet. 



John talks about his meet-up he had in Berlin. 7 people showed up, locals and distant travelers to meet up with John. John is going to do meet-up is all the cities he visited. 

John talks about redoing some server stuff with Digital Ocean. 



Josh has been tracking his work time during the week. Josh is trying to become the teaches pet, while taking Carlton’s course.


  • Writing = 20 hours
  • John Carlton Copywriting Course - 2 hours  


Josh has the talent of creating the connections with those he want to learn quality traits. Josh is also apart of a writing group where he is getting recommended for work. 

Josh talks about meeting with Perry Marshall and thanked him for the 80-20 information he learn. Also, Perry is publishing a letter Josh wrote and working on a project with Perry. 



Josh ask how the Entreprogrammers handle their vacation time.



John says that he never really full leaves work behind. He does have to deal with email, otherwise things will pile up. 



The Entreprogrammers help Josh figure out his retainer model. Josh is thinking about moving from a project to project model. 


Thoughts for the week


Derick - Temper your highs with knowledge that the lows are coming, and brace yourself against the lows that the highs are coming again.  

Josh - To find your strengths, look at the thing that got you in trouble as a kid

John - Don’t go off the rails 

Chuck - Stick with call you believe. If you hold some convictions, stick with them.


People and things mentioned in this episode






John Carlton

Perry Marshall

Jun 16, 2015

Episode 69

Signal Leaf Talk…


We're Live!

John coming to us from Berlin, Germany. Still with red curtains. John has been walking 14 miles a day, and exploring the city, and the Diet Coke is cheaper in Berlin. 


John talks about the toilet situation while in Paris. Worst bathroom in the entire city was at McDonald’s Paris.  John can’t get over the fact of how the  beautiful the city of Paris is, but the inhabitance are questionable. John took notice of the many smoker in Europe. 


Josh ask John about is AdWords  campaign. John explains that he was not getting good result because of the “bounce back” to the simple programmer site.  John talks about not having the will to write a blog post.  John has not been able to workout or run, because he has been moving from place to place. 


Derick’s Watch Me Code RabbitMQ Bundle with be release June 15th.   Discount code: CAERBANNOG for high level package. 


Josh thinks that Derick decision with the discount might not be a great idea. Josh explains the urgency of the lower tier packages. 


John explain the discount, using the toilet paper vs. a Tesla. John thinks it depends of the products and the targeted market. Josh suggest a discount across all tiers, but a discount proportionate to the price of the bundle. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss the pricing models  for Derick’s bundle. They all have great opinions about how to going about discounting these packages. They are all keeping focus of the success of the launch. 


Josh thinks that Derick should keep the urgency of the discount. Which will leverage the sales and make people think that they should buy before the expiration of the discount code. 


After the launch is over and when Derick gets in to regular sales. Derick talks about using the ebook as a way to up-sale to the  high level tier. John suggest something similar, by taking the ebook and selling it on Book Smash or Book Baby. and sale it for .99 cents, and use it as a traffic source.  


Derick decide to create a discount for the lower tier bundles. 


So what about SignalLeaf? 

Derick talks about  how he fell the growing pains of Signal Leaf. Derick has to quick fix his pricing model. At the beginning, Derick did not account for the bandwidth of the podcast.  John talks about the small lost vs. big loss of money each month. Derick gives a run down of the amount subscriber numbers of Signal Leaf.  Josh talks about the infrastructure of the internet:  “They can’t shove anymore lights down the tubes.”


John ask if bandwidth with be cheaper or more expensive in 5 years? Johns passionately talks about the internet bandwidth. Chuck ask if Signal Leaf will have twice the problems it it grows. 


Derick talks about how he does not want to do what Libsyn or Blueberry are doing when it come to unlimited bandwidth.  Chuck suggest raising prices. Derick say he does not have the time to fix the problem. The EntreProgrammers ask Derick, why keep Signal Leaf if he is losing money and on track to loss more. Derick talks  get ideas from keeping Signal Leaf going.  Chuck ask what needs to happen for Derick to keep Signal Leaf continue to work. 


The EntreProgrammers talk about ways to keep Signal Leaf going. John suggest the Derick needs fundamental way to make money with Signal Leaf and fix the business model. 


John suggest the Derick get someone to work off of commission to gain Signal Leaf customers. Derick talks about the other ideas he had to Signal Leaf going. Derick talk about how the DropBox integration would be the killer feature. 


John suggest that Derick set a threshold to when the bandwidth problems occur and send a notification to the user. Derick talks about the other thing he would have time to do if he shuts down Signal Leaf. Derick is talking about how ideal it would be to turn Signal Leaf into a subscription service.


John suggest turning Signal Leaf off or to private, and triple the price.  Derick doesn’t feel that Signal Leaf is worth keeping up. The Death of Signal Leaf. 


John mentions how about a year ago, Derick wanted to shutdown Watch Me Code, and focus on Signal Leaf. 


Josh talks about Killing a deal… Josh need help with his scheduling his work load. Derick mention he plans something like one month ahead. Chuck mentions that Josh needs to figure out his prices and his workload he can deliver. 


Amount work the EntreProgrammers do a week. 

Chuck - 50-60 hours per week

Derick - 50-60 hours per week

John - 50- 60 hours per week

EntreProgrammers Retreat landing page

This will be email this week

Go to.

 Thoughts of the Week!

John - Damage control

Josh - Kill things 

Chuck - Where do I want to be in 3-5 years? 

Derick - commit to your decisions.

Jun 9, 2015

Episode 68

Get Maid Service…

We're Live!

EntreProgrammers Rave Party!

John comes to us live from Paris, with no air conditioning and super expensive diet Coke.


John is sent on a wild goose chase to get his Edition Apple Watch in Paris. Derick mention that the Sport Edition is not durable enough for sports.  John thinks it is worth the thousand bucks, for the initial use of the maps feature on the Apple Watch. 


John does a lot of walking around to different places while in Paris: Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, and Napoleon’s Tomb and Disneyland Paris. 



Derick is work hard on the RabbitMQ for develops bundle - tons of editing, making things look prettier, and some work on the marketing.


Derick gives you a run down to the three packages are going to be available on the 15th of June. Here is a little bit of what you could expect: 

  • Complete Bundle: 12 Screen Cast, 6 Interview, e-book
  • 2nd Version: e-book, screen cast, 2 interviews
  • 3rd Version: e-book, and 1 free interview

Derick mentions the ThunderPlains Conferences, an excellent resource for developers and networking. John likes the new logos made by 99 designs. Derick talks about the devaluing of designers when contest are held like the ones 99 design hold. 


EntreProgrammers discuss the meritocracy of developers, designers, etc.  John talk about how the gate keeps should only exist that is lower level.  John talks about not competing with jobs being outsourced, but give actual evidence and reason why you charge your rate.   


Josh makes a great point about freelancers and how they should not take all the low paying jobs, but should take the higher end jobs.  To keep from juggling to many low-end projects.


Johns goes to the wrong airport when leaving for Paris. FYI, There is No Iceland Air at Orlando International Airport. Derick shares his horrific travel story.  


Chuck gets back form Atlanta from Career Builder training. Chuck is planning a personal retreat to recoup and reorganized.  John talks about taking the blue pill, and as entrepreneur, this is the new life of dealing with energizing yourself to get work done. Chuck would take a retreat now, but there tons of events coming up every week. 

Josh talks about how he goes into a tail spin when people try to ping him, or contact him in the middle of work.   


Derick suggests that Chuck should listen to a pass episode with Rob Walling. Rob talks about personal retreats and recuperating. 



 John tells Chuck to get a lawn mower and maid service. John suggests taking the family out while the mowing and cleaning get done. It will give back so  much time. 


 Chuck talks about how he may be at the inflection point, before thing should take off. John says if you can get through it, thing will look great again.  


Josh is working for his mentor, a book project (60) pages.  Josh talks about how he joined a copywriter’s group that does critiquing.  Josh talks about turning down projects and taking on only high-end projects.  John suggests that Josh hold on to the small paying clients  and not just one big client. Josh shares details about this copy writing jobs, a lot of thing going well, but some small circumstances keeping from full potential sales.


Josh says is doing my self development and taking courses with copywriter,  John Carlton, one the best copywriters in the world.  Josh has a call scheduled with Perry Marshall, Josh is excite to begin this new project. 

Thoughts of the Week

Derick -  If your always successful, you’re not learning

Josh -  Plan for slack room 

John - Keep on doing the things that make you feel uncomfortable to grow

Chuck - Your Perceptions form your reality

People and Things mentioned in the episode!

Thunder Plains Conference for Developers:

John Carlton:

Perry Marshall:

Jun 2, 2015

Episode 67 "Get Off My Lawn"

All right We're Live! 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

3:30 - The EntreProgrammers talk about receiving free books, from companies and individuals, for the purpose of marketing efforts and Ad spots. Derick shares a few stories of the first books he use to launch his career.   

8:34 - John confesses to modifying cookies on PayPal sites, and changing prices to a dollar. 

9:32 - Derick shows us his original copy of Windows 95. John suggests taking a picture, instead of holding on to artifact. Neat, Derick cleans his office; we can finally see the wood floors.    

Biker Gang   

12:57 - John gives a shout out to the crazies in Waco TX, small town, big problems.

17:46  - What’s going on business wise?

Derick will release the RabbitMQ bundle on June 15th, and will release a free episode with Udi Dahan.  Derick talks about his awesome marketing strategy for his bundle.  All the EntrProgrammers agree that this tactic is a golden nugget for the product launch. 

24:02 – Josh mentions he uses Audio Book Binder to create a sequence mp3s to play back like an audiobook. Josh explains how to configure this format to sync to the Audible app. 

25:02 – John talks about an app called Mac ID, which John claims he filed a patent. John explains how the app is use to unlock and lock your Mac when you phone is in proximity of your Mac, or by touch ID from your iPhone. 

27:30 - John talks about an ultimate prank, using web proxies, he pulled on a member of the Democratic Party. 

29:25 - Derick share is best prank of a screen saver that mimicked “the blue screen of death,” and rebooting sequence. Derick shares another stories of his glory days.  

36:54 – John mentions he has seven episodes on his new Simple Programmer Podcast. Derick does some commentary on the intro music. John mentions the 17,000 downloads.  

40:05 – John shares a podcasting incident: old files and new file getting mixed up.  John finalizes his contact with the consulting gig. The EntreProgrammers talk about their current and pass consulting gigs and their plan to action. 

50:12 – John talks about his new blog editor, Elisa Doucette who is going to help with the writing content for the Simple Programmer site.

John plans to post all these pieces of content on the Simple Programmer site. 

-       5 blog posts per day

-       5 videos per day 

-       Get Up and Code podcast

-       EntreProgrammers podcast

1:03:00 – John talks about how he is able to create tons more content as he hands-off his tasks to his VA, and outsource contractors. John’s goal is to hit a million page view per day on Simple Programmers site. 

1:10:30 – John leave for Paris, and 3 months on the road in Europe.  John reluctantly share that he is apart of another mastermind group.   

1:12:30 - Chuck shares his busy work schedule and not having the time to record videos and create content. Josh helps by sharing how he looks ahead in to the next week and figures the things he is capable accomplishing. John talks about his pass workload in dealing time crunches.  Next, Chuck shares how sponsorship opportunities keep coming up, he may have to raise his sponsorship fees. Keen IO approached Chuck about some sponsorship. 

1:24:05 - Derick shows off his tattoos and confirms his affiliation to the biker gangs. 

1:33:00 – Derick has a new site design on, thanks to Momoko at Kantan Designs

1:35:35 – Derick add that he refuses to use PayPal for subscriptions. One-time payments are fine, but PayPal has issues with subscriptions payments. 

1:43:25 - Josh is very excited not having an official job. Josh is implementing the pomodoro time management techniques, as wellas turning off  Skype and Slack notifications. Josh is battling deadlines and pleasing clients. Josh shares more about the work he is doing with is client who owns the runner business. He is taking away a great amount of knowledge that he is employing with other projects. 

2:08:00 - EntreProgrammers Retreat sign up are coming

  • October12-15th, 2015 
  • 1200 dollars per person 
  • 10 slots available
  • Register at

 2:12:10 - Thoughts for the Week

John – Raise your prices 

Josh – Plan yout day first thing in the morning

Chuck – If there are things you need to get done, say no to others

Derick – Simplify, clean up and get rid of stuff. 

People and things mentioned in this episode

Udi Dahan:

Audio Book Binder: -

Simple Programmer Podcast:

Elisa Doucette  

Keen IO

Kantan Designs

May 25, 2015

Episode 66

"Stop Buying Those Gucci Purses"

Alright We're Live!

Josh is officially unemployed and all the EntreProgrammers are officially unemployed by the man. 

8:00 - Josh makes a good point that writing code is a 100 dollar per hour business skill, and solving business problems is a 1000 dollar per hour skill. 


9:24 - John share his efforts to hire an editor. John interviews a few professional editors, but discovers the difficulties of communication verbally

12:23 - John talked to Elisa Doucette a freelance writer and editor. Elisa will be working with John to help with publishing content for Simple Programmer. John talks about his vision for his blog post, and how would like to add more artistry in blogging. 

17:40 - John announces that he launched the Simple Programmer podcast

19:12 – John finishes the audio recording of his book in one week, “Softskills.” Josh talks about recording process of the audio book. Johns book will be going to soon. He added some bonus content for the listener/reader. Along with the 16-hour audio book reading, he managed to shoot 29 videos for his YouTube channel.  John mentions his contract consulting work that is coming up. 


28:01 – Chuck is very happy with his Virtual Assistant.  Chuck talks about his income numbers, and still feels like he is struggling. Chuck shares information about debt and expenses. John gives advice about how to go about budgeting money in separate accounts. Josh talks about his family budgets money. Chuck talks about paying off debt this month. John believes that is where the huge amounts of money is going, to paying off debt.

47:42 - Chuck talks using the Financial Peace University at home package. John shares some mindset about how to look at the expenses Chuck has to pay during the month. 

51:55 – John talks about getting the Apple Watch, for running and playing back audio books. John does the math and time saved not having to pull your iPhone for your pocket.  

57:55 – Chuck is going to be doing RailsClips, and possibly switching to WordPress. Chuck talks about struggle to get things done. John talks about a technique he used to get his audio book done.

1:04:20 - Josh talks about his strategy to get things done, by turning off all notifications like Skype.  Josh says it is difficult to get started writing, no matter how many times he has done it.    


1:08:20 - Josh talks about the transitions out of his job, and getting equipment returned and deleting software and such from his work computer. Josh shares how his client work is going well, and writing emails for a launch.

1:15:15 - Josh talks about diagram funnels his client is creating, he says it is a clever and not like anything his has ever seen. Josh is still getting contacted about copyrighting jobs. 

1:20:00 – Josh talks about getting an email from business prospect that is selling products similar to carports. He is wondering how to promote this product?

1:22:15 – John talks about getting a new client for life coaching. John talks about the pricing for coaching, hourly, blocks of calls, or month packages.  

Josh talks about the pricing models his mentor uses for copyright coaching.

1:27:38 – Josh mention is really digs Omnifocus, to get notifications and staying organized. 

1:32:29 – Chuck uses Sanebox to manage emails and sort the insanity of email 

The mastermind talks about how they sometimes have a lack of motivation to recording video and audio content or writing. John elaborates how doing tasks, such as posting content has become apart of his weekly routine, and something he doesn’t need to think about anymore. 

1:50:09 – John says that it takes him about 4 pomodoros write a 3000 word blog post. 1 pomodoro is a 25 minute work period, each with 5 minutes of rest

1:58:00 – John talks about developing skills under constraint like a Hibachi chef.

2:06:06 – EntreProgrammers Retreat information and dates 

  • October12-15th, 2015
  • 1200 dollars per person
  • 10 slots available
  • Register at

Thoughts for the Week

Josh – Time boxing 

Chuck  - Don’t short change yourself, by only listening to people you agree with. 

John – Wait for the Hell Yes!

People and things mentioned in this episode

Elisa Doucette at:  

Simple Programmer podcast. -

Dave Ramsey


SaneBox at:


May 19, 2015

Episode 65 "Not Girls, Not Dudes, Just RabbitMQ"

3:29 – Alright we're Live!

EntreProgrammers are broadcasting live!

4:24 - Mac Talk

Josh talks about the notorious Mac labeled the "Job Killer," apparently this Mac has the power to turn one into an entrepreneur.

John overnights a docking station for his new MacBook Pro. But it does not come with the Thunderbolt cable, dang it!

Derick is proud of his thousand dollar docking station and thunderbolt monitor.

John mentions he never waits for tech, he just sells it, he is proud to be an exclusively Mac user. 

11:36 - John has a great idea for a product gear toward understanding how to use OSX. He is thinking about creating videos of a professional Mac user, who teaches all the ins-and-outs of OSX. Preferably, someone who is a developer writes code and is very prescriptive about how things are executed on OSX.

The mastermind gives some information about some great tools for OSX. Check out what these techies use on a daily basis for work.  Links Below for TotalFinder, Size Up, and Alfred.  

20:02 – John wants to create courses about how to use Gmail. Especially, learning to use the key-commands that maximize your time and productivity.  Wanted: A Gmail Kung Fu Master!

24:18 – John uses his calendar app to send him reminder emails. Derick use Omni Focus for his calendaring. 

30:00 – Johns signs up for Traveling Mailbox,  to scan mail, deposit checks, and manage mail while he is traveling. 

36:35 – Derick ask how does one manage the home utility bills and stuff while traveling for months. John and Josh talk about automation for their banks. And paying bills online. 

The EntreProgrammers talk about being able to travel without being tied down to one spot, since their work allows them to office anywhere.

45:05 – Derick is a bit setup with the launch of his product, not one taker. He did notification by Email, Tweets and Google Plus. Derick is about to pull the product. The teams discuss the click thru rates and data received to make sense of the issues. Also, John and Josh talk about how different payment option could attract sales. Including that fact that theses are classes and how there are limits to what corporation will pay to get seat for their employees.  

56:35 – Derick is worried that his launch of the RabbitMQ for Developers bundle will not go well.

1:08:00  - John and the team trying to find the specific market for Derick’s RabbitMQ consultation package. 

1:11:54 - Derick mentions the Authority Vs. Expert Blog.

1:14:50 - John suggest that Derick’s market maybe the Node.JS users.  

1:17:24 - Josh is about to leave his job, so he jumps on the finding health insurance independently. The team shares information about the coverage they get based on being entrepreneur.

1:29:19 – Josh shares his story about turning in his two-week notice. The boss took it well and was kind of expecting the day Josh leaves.  Since Josh was leaving, TrackAbout ask Josh to do a review about the company on the Glassdoor. John and Derick talk about the interview process when they were first hired at TrackAbout. 

1:42:00 - Josh is learning to gauge how much he could work or set work limits. Josh’s gauges his pay based on emails he creates for clients. 

1:58:30 - Josh is having some tech issues with splitting MOV. Files in to mp3.

Thoughts for the Week 

Josh – Do not stop after the prices.

Chuck  - It’s been a long week.

Derick – Do Not jump off too many steps all at once.

John – Start moving, and then adjust. 

People and Think mentioned in the episode!


The Missing Manual for OSX

Getting Things Done



Size Up:



Traveling Mailbox:


Ryan Deiss Blog

May 13, 2015

Episode 64.5

"Josh Pulls The Plug"

Josh's mentor pressures Josh to take on a new client, Craig. This client has a product/service, a fitness niche that targets runners. Josh is excited about taking on this client because the new client is willing to pay Josh’s fees. Excitingly Josh gives his two-week notice and has jump completely into entrepreneurship. 

Josh mentions that he feels like he betrayed his current employer, as he was the only iOS develop in the business.  John says that Josh being the only "iOS guy" is enough notice that he is most likely to leave that job. 

Josh talks about his plans for his new work lifestyle.  He plans to help is wife more, as he is going to be home full-time. Josh notices the small tasks that take up a lot of time, before he gets to the real work. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss Content Marketing. Josh explains that SEO is not content marketing.  John talks about how these new changes with Josh, could lead to live episodes.

In other news, John finally does a podcast with Brenan Dunn.

Josh’s new referral client is apart of a mastermind group with his mentor, which means he is pretty serious about his work. 

John congratulates Josh, but he mentions how Derick’s still tops all.  I wonder what Derick did?

Finally, we get to the real impending matters about health, dental and vision insurance. John and Derick give some great information about what to watch for as far as insurance goes. This is great information from those who are experienced entrepreneurs, apart form a regular job that provides health care.

John suggests that Josh practice the 70 20 10 model considering the nature of his work.   Josh still questions the soundness of his area of business, and how he doesn’t quiet have the official status to write, blog or publish content about his field. The team reassures his significances in his area of work and affirms that Josh is a key contributor to this area of marketing.  John has an excellent rant about how subjecting yourself and doing your business with conviction. The EntreProgrammers have tons of advice for Josh as he makes his next step into totally freedom from actually employment. 

Josh talks about how he could possibly start his own podcast soon, because of the circumstances. John reminds Josh of the conference he had attended and how he was light years beyond those who are formally trained.  Josh in total has sent 3.4 million emails for the purpose of marketing. 

May 11, 2015

Episode 64 Test Monkey

All right we're live!


3:43 - Derick makes a pitch to 3 people! Mastermind Bundle of RabbitMQ for Developers goes on sale May 12th for $1200 (per person)


7:28 – John returns from a strange QA/Tester conference. John is persuaded that there are good Testers/QA people, but the majority is pretty lazy. John is concerned that there is not enough innovation.


14:36 – John has come full circle with automated testing and writing iOS code using a Xamarim. Derick talks about unit testing and building tools. Josh talks about a certain magazine for DEVs that focus on testing in production.


22:03 - John mentions that he believed in the continuous deployment, until Chrome! Broken flash…  Derick talks about how he uses Privacy Badger and Ad Blocker apps, and how they refuse to service Flash. John talks about the keynote of QA, and how QAs are passionate about testing. In short, the Doctor probably can do what the nurse does – and maybe better - but the nurses may to be able to do the doc’s job.


28:35 - John runs into Michael Bolton the famous tester, and turns the sour relationship to a friendly connection.  Also, John meets Dan North that the conference and made some respectable connections.


30:49 – Derick shares how the interviews for RabbitMQ will have far more value for him, as well as his customers. Josh suggests that Derick’s own testimonial would be a great marketing strategy. In other news, Derick is also 22lbs down on the one meal a day.    


39:20 - Derick mentions the 10 seats for the consulting packing will go live, but the rest of the package will be for sale later on.


41:38 – Josh is running on 4 hours of sleep, he had two clients and diving into the projects. He has plenty of excitement that he cannot sleep.  Josh is working websites and backend marketing/data stuff.  Josh says thank you to Brian Harris for the referrals.

The EntreProgrammers talk about ways to support Josh’s project, things to do and ways to approach the project, especially with the given circumstances. John talks about changing the work relationship between Josh and his client, which is to use him a referral channel. In turn this will make Josh more money and take the load off his client.


1:05:35 – John mentions how Josh is one degree away from Tim Ferris. Because of that, Derick is now thinking about not befriending Josh any longer.  John wants software built to make automatic contacts with people in LinkedIn. The rest of the team doesn’t think it is worth the time to do so.  This is John’s vision for another marketing strategy, he mentions how some small businesses use LinkedIn for a small portion of their marketing. 

1:17:35 – Johns has over 20,000 followers on Twitter. Here is some talk about Twitter and following rules and limits. 

1:21:39 - John is finally going to record an audio version of his book! John is also doing consulting, a test automation gig for Verizon. The EntreProgrammers talk about hourly rates, values base pricing, weekly, or daily rates for doing a consulting job like this particular one. John now decides to update his hourly rate after consulting with the Mastermind.  

1:33:32 – John mentions a highlight of the QA conference, the 70-20-10 model, a productively model for where your focus should be. 


1:35:00 – Chuck is trying to decide or figure the value of Dev Chat TV. Chuck is trying to refine the efforts of his podcast, content and platform of Dev Chat. Chuck has also hired a VA to support his YouTube channel, email, and some podcast content. Johns gives some feedback on how to divide the work, and how provide access to sensitive information to VAs.

1:43:00 - The EntreProgrammers share information about how and why assistants are to document their task list or work. 

1:51:25 - John shares information about LastPass, a folder you could share with your assistants.  John talks about how divide weekly and quarterly time sensitive work. 

1:59:21The EntreProgrammers Retreat Info: June 1st there will be a page for payment to reserve you spot with the EntreProgrammers.  Link is below for the email list. 

2:01:52 Thoughts for the Day

John – Make sure that you have the poker into more than one fire.

Josh – Rise to the challenge, and define the work.

Chuck - You can’t improve things unless you continually measure it. 

People and things mentioned in this episode!

Master Mind Bundle of RabbitMQ for Developers


Michael Bolton

Dan North

70 20 10


The EntreProgrammers Retreat

Book : Anti Fagile  by Nassim Nicoleas Taleb

Book: Traction by Gino Wickman

May 4, 2015

Episode 63 Work'n For The Man!

We're Live!

EntreProgrammers talk about doing arm curls with smart phones and experiencing intense fatigue.

John is at an undisclosed location…with his new MacBook Pro. 

6:30 - What Johns is up to this week

-       Badge launch for Simple Programmer

-       Recording tons of Get Up and Code Podcasts

-       Selling old hardware, thanks to Twitter followers

-       Waiting on Double Your Money project with Kai

-       Getting ready for Europe

-       Things going well with new VA

8:18:10 - Tech Talk

This is a conversation about using the Boot-camp feature or VM ware - the pro and cons of using Windows on Mac.

19:05 - Derick – Trying to find a people to do the intro rabbitmq in different languages (code).

20:00 - John buys special traveler clothing – Merino Wool clothing- clothing you could wear for up to 100 days straight, minimum maintenance apparel.  Johns is getting prepared to spend some time in Europe (Berlin, Iceland, Dublin) – so he is packing light.  Also, trying to figure out the time zone difference, to keep up with the EntreProgrammers podcast recording schedule. 

27:25 - John is thinking about using - Perfect Audience  - a retargeting across Facebook and Twitter.


30:00 – Josh has some issue with migrating to a new Mac, and hit with the bluetooth issue some OSX systems have as well. Also, some talk about maintaining your Macbook.

39: 25 – Josh is going through the Theater of the Mind program to clear is thought patterns

Josh talks about his explainer video project, and how the coordinator has “gone dark.”  Josh is working closely with is mentor and trying to keep up with business and all other projects.   

40:39 – John signs off for at least an hour. 


48:52 - Chuck is finalizing stuff for the Ruby Remote Conf., and talking to companies to for sponsorship. Chuck is talking about getting some sponsorship for Ruby Rogues and JavaScript Jabber podcast.  He is also thinking about raising prices on the sponsorship spots, which could lead to him quitting consulting. Chuck shares his thoughts on the strengths of the podcasts community between JavaScript and Ruby Rogues. 

50:48 - Josh is attempting to expand the advertising on the Sublime Text New Letter project, and is asking to Chuck to go in with him to help advertise and possibly split revenue.

1:06:15 - Chuck is working on funnels for Ruby Rogues and creating several videos for Rail Clips to publish through-out the week. Dev. Box Club- what should Chuck throw into the box? Books, T-shirts, Ardunio, Videos, etc.

1:11:16 – Derick ask if we ever seen his "Slide Chop." I don’t think so…? Do we want to? I'll pass…  Derick shares information about a pass Ardunio base project that Chuck should use as a fun box project. 

1:13:21 - Chuck is speaking a couple of developer groups, about “How To Be More Hirable.” And he gave his second talk a Toast Masters club, on podcasting. Chuck has started a small interest for those among the Toast Masters club who want to learn more about podcasting and creating a show.  Chuck informs us more about what Toast Masters is about.

1:20:12 - Chuck took the Pod-Track sponsorship.  He is also trying to workout how to be best efficient with his time and money, as he is picking where and who should take on sensitive projects and menial projects. 


1:23:00 – Derick is working on the rabbitmq project, as he is deciding small things like the sign-up page and redesigning for marketing purposes. Every small detail like transcriptions of interviews will be apart of the e-book.   Derick is also working on a mastermind group bundle with a sign-up limit of 10 people. Chuck gives feedback on the value and cost Derick should think about.

1:37:35 – Derick has done 4 interviews and a high profile name in the business. Derick recaps for Josh.  Josh suggests a selling beta version – early access to a few buyers that could give feedback.  Josh is concern about the number of emails and signups that Derick has as of now. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss way to help Derick’s launch of his package. Main concerns the number of interested people and price. Derick is impatient and wanting to launch and fix issues later. 

Update on the EntreProgrammer Retreat

2:00 - Josh has a conflict with the date for the EntreProgrammers Retreat. The date could possibly be moved again.  Next week will have an absolute date for the retreat.

Thoughts for the week

Josh - You will not allow yourself to have the things that you don’t think you deserve.

Derick – Rather or not you think you can, your right.

John – Simplify, and  "F-U to fate"

Chuck – Focus on solution, instead of problems 

Apr 28, 2015

Episode 62

"Ham Is Made From Hamsters"

3:31 - We"re Live!

John is getting a Pulp Fiction vibe from Chuck!

Chuck is back in black, at Rails Comp! Chuck, slicing and dice with others developers and making a scene, enjoying the meetings, but starting to dislike being away at conferences. Lots of networking and marketing about Rails Clips and much more. Chuck says the take-way of the conference would be sponsorship and Rail Clips. 

The Entreprogrammers discuss the next step with marketing by email and sharing one others network to expand their marketing tactics, and a discussion about not stepping on toes when doing and receiving favors.

13:43 – Chuck's meet-up goes great in Atlanta, after the conference, dinner with a few true fans. 

16:54 – Derick, working on rabbitmq package, interviews, transcriptions and tons of valuable material for consumers. Josh asks for further explanation about the content of the interviews with the rabbitmq users.  Derick is writing a e-book of this new material - he mentions that there will be some discounts involved– and more interviews lined up to complete the package.  

22:57 – Derick is pondering on a pre-sale to generate interest and support for transcriptions and production.  John suggest pre launch content – leak out a few clips of material – and build up excitement about the launch. Derick plans a full launch sequence, first emails and them launch. 

29:46 – Josh suggest to Derick, doing a limited pre-launch sale – to about ten people at a discount price - this will be a beta product for the early buyers.

This is excellent advice from the mastermind – putting all their heads together to help one member’s success – which will eventually will great learning for the entire mastermind and followers.

 34:31 - Chuck suggest to Derick to setup two parallel sales funnels, to convert the JS community.   The Entreprogrammers talk about how to reach out the other language (code) communities with this product. Although a great deal of work it could be worth the time for those who want to learn a new language. 

41:15 – Josh suggest that Derick bottle up the energy he has for this project, and let it translate into his screencast that he wasn't keen on in earlier times. 

46:57 – Josh is still in parenting mode for another week.

48:18  - Chuck signs off…

50:00 – Josh is working on copyright stuff in the morning and take the rest of the day off. He is updating his website, and sorting through old information.  Josh is not having an easy time with AdWords, and redoing his LinkedIn profile. 

1:05:00 - Josh is helping build a specialized funnel for is mentor. Ton of editing and “leg work.” The team talks about when and where ads are most affective, also the revenue made from all the efforts.  

 1:06:00 - Ad space on websites, newsletters for passive income – John and Josh talk about providing Ad space on the webpages for various clients. 

1:08:00 - Busy times take John away from healthy eating on the one-meal-a-day diet. 

John is trying to get schedule for a podcast with Brennan Dunn.

1:10:00 - John is talking Kai Davis at: This is an interesting service that helps promote your content to grow your audience. Listen to the interesting approach to his marketing strategy. John is thinking about getting Keith Perhac to do some marketing work for Simple Programmer. 

1:16:00 - John creates a badge system. Also here is some info about, Pretty Link John talks about the use of this program for redirecting. 

1:19:00 - Josh suggest to John, about hiring and editor to manage writers. This will help to create a blog post per day. 

1:24:00 - John shares his Pages Views: Jan 127,000, Feb 163,000, Mar, 188,000 April 131,000, and Daily Average 5500-6000 page views. 

1:29:00 - Josh mention James Clear blog post, about, “The 2 type of Growth” and web about web traffic vs. production.

1:31:00 - John is thinking about implementing the "Tim Ferris job application thing."  Then some talk about a text-editor shoot-outs and some training of verbal programming.

1:37:00 - John is starting to do transcriptions for his YouTube videos, thanks to VAs. Derick suggest to John to hire an editor familiar to, or from the journalism field. 

1:40:24 - John gets his Site Point article published, "How to Creating a Chrome Extension is Ten Minutes Flat," at:

1:46:00 - John enjoys use FollowLiker, He’s growing! John has 18.7k follower of Twitter… These EntreProgrammers are trying to understand the proper way TweetAdder was supposed to be used?

Tech Talk

1:49:40 - Josh is migrating to a new macbook, he question is if the migration utility was worth using? Of Course…

1:51:00 - John is due for a monitor upgrade – he no longer using to 4k monitors- John is think about moving to a curve 5k monitor.  Also, John ask the group if maybe the New Macbook and the 5k iMac are sufficient for his workflow. Derick suggest to wait for the next generation Macbook. Read the review of the New Macbook.  

Thoughts of the Day!

Josh ­­– The physical stuff always beat virtual

Derick  - Sometimes doing it your self is worth it, just to learn something new…

John – Dream Big. 

Apr 20, 2015

Episode 61 "I Want Cupcakes!"

We're Live!

Derick gives and introduction to our new sponsor,, an error tracking service, release tracking.

Derick reveals his newfound vision, with his new spectacles. Here’s good detail info on some eye care, especially with working in-front of computer screens all day. 

The group chats about age, and what they were doing when… 30 plus is old? Age verses experience…

8:08 – Chuck shares his, New Media Expo and MicroComp experience. Most exciting events were the quad-copters.  John agrees that Micro Comp was worth it! Just by the networking and the people you get to meet. 

12:48 – Chuck talks about email marketing. Also some advise from Brennan Dunn, to create A Guide of How to Deploy Apps.  Yes, so Chuck has some great ideas to begin work on. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss how each of them deploys apps, and different strategies to funnel to products they’ve created.

24:48  – John talks about work with a new full-time VA, and being able to gain back time (20 hours), and able to do more projects. John details the type of projects he has his VA working on, and how outsourcing theses tasks have better results as far as presentation, SEO, etc. 

30:41 - Chuck asks what John's production schedule looks like, as far as timing of blog post. John weekly work schedule for blogging:

New blog post Monday (2000-3000 word blog post)

-       Another blog post on Thursday of the YouTube video with the highest views

-       Once a month shooting 26 videos for SP

32:56 - Derick is impressed with John's production of videos. Derick says he recently created several screencast and is drained with all tasks involved. EntreProgrammers talk about the tiny mistakes in the content the produce, and how in certain circumstances the small missteps end up benefiting followers. 

John talks about the magic of editing video and audio,  "Its like you got this god power!" over editing.

43:24 – While John was at MicroComp, he was surprise with how many people listen to EntreProgrammers podcast.

47:55 – Chuck talk about his talk with Rob Walling.

51:17 - John talks about his biggest takeaway of MicroComp talks.  John realizes a fresh approach to reinvesting into Simple Programmer.  

55:36 – Josh join the group for some undisclosed location.  Josh gets a new computer and new baby boy. Josh gives the run down of hospital stays, baby births, and being unplugged from the world. 

1:04:45 – Derick is taken some action items from John’s book, and make contact with some individuals.  The third degree of separation and the kind of connections you can achieve is amazing.       

1:10:55 - Josh shares a tip he found about how to follow-up with someone by email without being pushy. Johns shares his god power of the censor beep. 

Derick talks about creating hype about new material he is working on.

1:18:43 – Chuck asks questions on how to Derick has thought out his marketing strategy of rabbitmq. Derick is trying something new. He has been influenced by Keith Perhac and his mastermind group to try this new venture.  Derick has continue his search for new ideas and materials, and has realize that every production does not to be an epic home run. 

1:26: 33 – John mention how popular Josh's email has been among those who attended MicroComp.  Josh is in the workings with others in the copyright business, and making contacts. Josh is striving to work with people at Microsoft, Adobe, etc. Josh continues to praise the access to professions using LinkedIn

1:35:00 - Josh and John talk about the features of Tweet Adder, and Followliker. Also, some info on how to avoid getting blacklisted from a few of these social media tools. The entreprogrammers discuss the practice of marketing using spamming? Spamming gracefully. 

1:45:12 - Josh talks about using Contactually, a CRM tool, to syncing all his contact and calendaring events.

1:52:08 - John mentions the features of SendOwl

1:57:55EntreProgrammers Retreat: Confirmation for October 16-19th 2015

Tentative price 1200 bucks.

Tuesday, April 21

Meet Chuck in Altanta, GA at conference center for Railcomp. Tweet to find Chuck for a meetup!  

 Thoughts of the week

Josh – Go for the bigger Wins

Derick – Remember why you are doing all this.

John - Don't be a miser

Chuck – Sometime you have to make big steps.

Apr 14, 2015

Episode 60 A Lesson in Marketing

Today's Group – John, Josh, Derick, Chuck, and Keith Perhac

0:17 – All right, We're Live!

Exciting news! Derick introduces Digital Ocean as a new sponsor for the next (Episode 61). Learn more here at:

2:22 – John gives an introduction to Keith Perhac, co-host of the Kalzumeus Podcast. Keith is a digital marketing guru of DelfiNet., and check out this podcast at

Professional Counsel

5:54 – Derick asked Keith a few questions about how to package his screencast products for marketing, should he sell his product by category levels or tiers to get the best returns.

13:09 – Keith shares his insight on package bundles that have Work Sheets attached. Reason being is that some people have tons of time or money, and worksheets are a quick checklist to success. It creates value by way of getting your customer on the fast track to their goals. It is a time saver, because every developer/entrepreneurs needs to beat the learning curve.

14:29 – Chuck asked Keith of about how he could monetize a weekly or monthly video series subscription. What could Chuck do, Tiers, Videos, Webinars, E-Books, and various kinds of Tier subscriptions.

These EntreProgrammers discuss the various ways to package and monetize their products. These are subscriptions tiers and access to the communities that they have created for networking, and general access to viewing instructional material.

17:06 – Chuck explains his trials with his products subscriptions, podcast, and videos.


20:02 – Keith talks about how valuable coaching is to customers, and should not be discounted. However, discount coaching might be possible if this was a continuous service, to keep it appealing for the client.

24:41 – John suggest presenting a formal landing page for coaching services and advertising. This concept provides a final and transparent documentation of coaching service cost, and a final set price.

28:00 – John has a question about the pricing of his material, How to Market Yourself package. John’s idea is to make more revenue over time, rather than converting customers with discounted versions of his product.

31:19 – Here is a discussion about the extreme price of the Apple Watch special edition. Keith makes an interesting point about the price gimmick of theses watches. Keith explains that they are set high, and perhaps, not expected to sell huge. However, this creates the illusion that consumer tier Apple watches appear cheaper and affordable at 550 dollars. Nice marketing trick!

Keith shares information on funneling your customers to your products. He also talks about the trials and errors on how to make your marketing efforts worth your time.

41:41 – Keith asks what the team uses for their CRM (customer relationship management) or email system. John responds that Drip is their main system. The group discusses the hundreds of features Drip offers and which ones they enjoy the most.

This section is great for understanding how CRMs could give you feedback stats, and data that could help you manage your sales. Understanding analytical feedback can provide information on the demographic your sales, and whom you need to target in the forthcoming sales.

53:28 – John shares his impromptu sale of How To Market Yourself. John tries a generic type of sales approach, with no particular link to holidays or special events. Josh suggests that even a random reason like a “snow day” could be a great sales motive. Keith talks about the emotional connection that people often make with such random topics or events, which then ultimately generates a frenzy of customers.

1:06:42 Keith adds that marketing is applied psychology.

1:19:53 – Chuck is staying Las Vegas for an extra day at the New Media Expo.

1:21:33 – Johns test the Thrive Leads plugin at:

1:25:54 – Derick subscribers are climbing by 10 a month, 370 to 326 from 6 months ago. Go Derick!

1:27:37 – John shares more about his new HD YouTube video. The first video of this revamp series is out!

1:28:48 – Josh brings up new info on the Tweet Adder update. The new feature rate limits...? Josh talks about the backend work of a client’s websites.

1:40:33 – John is often asked why he gives a lot of product away for free, like the blog post, etc. John explains that if they are consuming free material, they are probably willing to pay for well-organized and packaged products.

1:40:09 – Keith explains the practice of retargeting. Retargeting, the secret sauce on Internet marketing. The group continues to examine the marketing strategy of huge companies verses the small companies. Small businesses need to know the Return on Investment (ROI) and figure what area of marketing need more funds.

1:57:11 - EntreProgrammer Retreat: tentative dates are October 16-19, 2015. Cost is about $1200. For more information email or visit:

You can find more information on Keith Perhac; or

Thoughts of the Day  

Derick - Face your fears head-on

Chuck - Read: The Richest Man In Babylon

John - Don’t try to get caught up, focus on opportunity

Josh – Sleep get it while you can…

Keith - How do we make people feel special…

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Apr 7, 2015

Episode 59 "The Universe will bend…"

0:18 - Ok, We're Live!

Check out this sponser!

Build Better Software –

4:34 - Derick shares some customers feedback on website navigation issues. Derick explains how to make a life-long friend of rabbitmq and

This section teaches on how to handle issues, and provide customers service at a profound level.

Personal development, books, audiobooks and more…

9:17Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Action items! Derick is practicing visualization and belief in achieving goals. 

Josh is leaning toward the Psycho-Cybernetics practices, and explains the mystics of the thought process and events or needs revealing its self, like the actions items in Think and Grow Rich. The EntreProgrammers discuss the visualization realities, beliefs, and the law of attraction.

23:33 - As apart of this discussion John recommend The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles, the pre cursor of Think and Grow Rich. 

27:33 – Josh explains a mental failure script that he fears every time he begins a project. This was a past experience that carried over in to his current work approach. Chuck give feedback on how to counter this fear with the help of books.

32:29 – Derick ask John how he has time to absorb book content. John does audio book 3X speed, plus reading during workout times. 

Talk about 2015 Retreat

39:02 - EntreProgrammers Retreat information – The dates move up to October.  Check it for more developments at

Chuck, the businessman

43:52 – Chuck has the episode campaign for all his products. There are plenty of excited subscribers. Chuck implements the mastermind advice and shows some success.

49:05 - Chuck was approach by an online magazine company called The GG or The Gentlemen Genius, to promote Rails Clips. Also, Chuck was interviewed by The Debossified podcast about a bad boss experience and how to help other entrepreneurs.   

John Talks about books and concepts of running a business. 

52:15 – John gives information about EMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber, as a basis or structure for running a business. John describes this a how McDonald runs, or the management of it’s people.

1:04:17 - Chuck talks about cutting expenses. The programmers discuss the pros and cons of how expenses are dealt with. The cost and return on items. This is excellent planning and review of what you could save on, or save on time.

1:09:33 - John shares his video project and streamlining the process. The excitement of reinventing these videos will definitely pay off. 

1:17:14 – Derick does his first keynote at SpaceCityJS. Derick expresses his enjoyment of public speaking, but loathes the preparation and waiting. Derick spoke about the Five Stages of Developer Grief. 

1:23:57 – Josh suggest the possibility of monetizing on the emotional connection Derick has achieved with his keynote at SpaceCityJS

1:29:45 - UDemy has tried to connect with John about his courses. Possibly more content production for John including some marketing perks. This is similar to a repacking deal of his content, to a wider market that he may not have reached yet. Derick suggest that John should have the authority to pull his content from UDemy, and or also be able to pair the UDemy content with SP site products.

Thought of the Day!

Chuck – The antidote of fear is action

Derick – Build relationship first and foremost

John – Adjust the sales….

Josh – Break it to pieces and work on the small pieces        

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Mar 31, 2015

Episode 58

 "If She Doesn't Float, We Burn Her"

1:07 – We're Live!

2:28 – EntreProgrammers Retreat, December 4-5, 2015, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Workshops on email marketing, podcast, brand building, etc.  Sign up for the mailing list and stay up to date with detail as they develop.

Chuck shares his week

9:53- Chuck’s Kick-starter campaign reached it’s funding requirements!  Time to record videos, and begin work.

This is a great example of entrepreneurial planning. Chuck decides from multiple point of view how he should maximize on the screencast he is going to market. There are several approaches he is using to market; in this case, email is one ways in this particular market that is used to reach out.   

 Josh talks about soccer ball…a job Josh was looking into

19:41- Josh receives advice for the EntreProgrammers about techniques on following up, and creating a conversation to get the next interview.   John talks about understanding the employer’s need and be confident enough to carry out these duties. 

Chuck: "Hulk wants job…now!" or give this approach a shot.

Virtual Office tools 

26:45 – John buy Boomerang, a Gmail plugin that help you follow-up. John is trying to connect with Chad Fowler, and Chuck has some connections.

Josh shares a similar plugin called Streak a free Gmail plugin

 30:04 – John's book, Soft Skills, is on the front page for the ultimate list of programming books.

John has a plan or technique to help Soft Skills in sales, is to make associations with other books in the best-seller list.  This is a simple, but affective way to market.

36:00Minimalist or Essentialism

John talks about focusing on one project at a time, and completing project that will be used through out the rest of the year. These new ideas are to create a new book, along with 52-blog post scheduled for a weekly release. This blog post will coincide with the book. The main point is to create this material within a 2-month time period and schedule the material for the rest of the year. Next, to is complete all the video material for Simple Programmer within a month, for the rest of the year. This allows for focusing on one project, instead of juggling several.

 42:21 – Josh ask what things John plans to cut out of his task. 

  • Some Workouts
  • Get Up and Code!

45:46 – Derick directs Johns attention to author, blogger, Chris Strom

50:32 – John is about to up his video quality soon.

58:00 - John charts out the hour of his week.

  • Blog =3 hours
  • YouTube = 2 hours
  • EntreProgramers = 2 hours
  • Email =10.5 hours
  • Get up an Code = 1 hour
  • Speaking Engagments = 7 hours 
  • Guest Post = 4 hours
  • Anthony at Health Care
  • Doug = 1 hour
  • Twitter = 3 hours
  • Zephyr = 1 hour

 Total about 35ish hours

1:00:00 – The EntreProgrammers talk about the pros & cons of breaking the cycle of work. Watch and listen closely to the possible drawbacks and successes involve in taking a cessation in your regular schedule. 

1:11:17 – Josh had his conference, Get Clients in 30 Days as a Copyrighter Conference. 

Josh idea is to target software companies for clients. Josh attempts to get one on one time with Bob Bly. He manages to get the teacher's pet treatment form Bly.

This proves the social and communication skills entrepreneurs have to possess to make successful networking and connections.

1:27:43 – The EntreProgrammers talk about the Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss great book for adding to entrepreneurial skill set.  

Speaking at Conferences

1:30:00 - These programmers discussing value in participating in conference as a keynote speaker. Is it worth the time? What kinds of opportunities does this attract?  When should you speak at conferences?

1:34:30 - Chuck has other appointment to keep, iPhreaks and such. 

1:39:07 – John an actor? What?

1:45:31 – Josh and the programmers decided that speaking at a conference may give leverage to a "new comer" in the field.

1:46:03 - John recommends the book,Traction


Thought for the Day

Derick – It’s not about being perfect, it about progress

John – Focus on what is essential

Josh – Don’t be content to stand inline

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Mar 24, 2015

Episode 57

"It's a Full-Time Job, Trying to Not Have a Full-Time Job"

Small Talk  

1:07 – All right We’re Live!  Minus Josh? How is everyone doing?

1:24 – Chuck is all right and Derick is stressed, time for some R&R. Derick finishes a screencast of rabbitmq. 

2:10 – A little bit of Apple product malfunctions happened with these EntreProgrammers. Magic or Tragic track pad problems and MacBook Pro screen issues.  Apple Customer support gives John special treatment.

Moral of the story: Quickly document issues with the company as soon as you experience problems, especially within the one-year warranty.

Theses Gents express their affinity with Mac products, but still the… usefulness of a PC. I’m a Mac…Hello PC.

11:41- A quick allegory of how these programmers meant. TrackAbout -

Derick takes the floor

14:11 – Derick, completes a production deploy! Wow this guy just did a huge service! Check it out! Change the mainframe…Kill the batch process.

19:43 – Dericks projects: Rabbitmq screencast series complete! Next project please. SpaceCityJS preparations are being processed.  Derick talks about how he plans to package and market these products. The end goal is to maximize.

This section is a great resource on project plans and how to implement new products for the market. (Excellent resource for entrepreneurial action plans)

Johns takes the spot light

25:13 – John extra business, and needs to delegate new projects to employees.

Dereck shares how the new projects, including information on, and how use this service.

John gives insight on how to strategize with your employees. Plans to 7X or 10X…

John talks about how he uses ClickBank

34:00 – John’s ideas in revamping how Kanbanflow works?

Check these ideas out!

39:40 - Entrepreneurial Terms - MRR: Monthly Recurring Revenue.

40:36 - Johns shares shattering ideas on Simple Programmer. Badges!

42:11 - New video project ideas for the his Youtube channel. 

43: 16 - John’s talks about his new theme on the Simple Programmer website. 

49:01 - Chuck shares how he tempted to migrate from Jekyll to Wordpress.   

50:45 – Johns post on “The 11 rules all programmers should live by” goes viral on Twitter, 1037 shares, and 33,000 page view in its 2nd day.

 This section is an excellent example of an entrepreneurial mind at work. John is continuously researching ways to grow his already successful, Simple Programmer Company. John sorts through ideas to out-source tasks, marketing new projects, shooting HD videos for the YouTube Channel, to analyzing statistics for areas that could use improvement, down to optimizing the SP page for leisure and effective experience. Follow these examples, and you’re bound to conquer your next venture.

Chuck takes the floor

53:37  - Chuck identifies with being buried in work coming from a 6 week Conference marathon.  Next big project is the Kick-starter Campaign for Rails Clips.

57:23 - Chuck is going to continue client projects.

1:00:44 – John advises on Buying Freedom, and thriving on the cyclic achievement.

1:01:37 – Derick praises Avdi Grim for his success in completion of his checklist. Read it at: or A possible guess, maybe?

Here is some discussion of financial freedom, wealth building, and when, where, and how to make this work. John talks about idea of merging the EntreProgrammers into one empire?

 1:18:24 - Chuck was approach to train a company in Atlanta. Here is information on how to charge for a training project.

Johns shares information on how to set rates from PhilSimon.com

Derek shares how his screencast Watch Me Code, is essential a secondary approach train in person.

1:29:03 - Here is John’s hack on training.   

1:32:00 - Entrepreneurial Terms - Short Term Money Grabs

1:32:36 - Chuck approach by PodTrac Derick shares to be careful with 3rd party advertisements. The team gives some feedback on the pro and cons of utilizing a 3rd party service.

This is a great discussion of advice and consulting with specialists about what to do in your next move. The EntreProgrammers are a great example of a small mastermind community that sees advice from within the mastermind group. Build your own mastermind team!  

1:51:44 – Fight against piracy!

1:55:40 - John's audio book picks:

Essentialism by Greg McKeown,

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey

Thoughts for the Day!

Chuck – If it's not a hell yes, it's a no

John – Piracy is wrong!

Derick - It's ok to take a break

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Mar 17, 2015

Episode 56

A Lesson In Pricing Models

1:07- Alright, we’re live! After 56 episodes these EntreProgrammers have yet to perfect an introduction. Here is some awkward discussion about pirating of music and Disney movies.

6:24 – Our guess, Wes McClure joins us from a New York City jail cell. Joking!

9:09 - Wes gives the lo-down about the process of achieving a Value Base Price system. This information is a great resource for software developers and those in similar fields.    

13:03 - Chuck shares his approach to pricing and how much value it provides the client.  

Derick shares this thoughts on fixed bid rates and trials of a project using this type of rate.

14:50 – John talks about the Fixed bid, Hourly, Weekly based pricing and focusing on the value and project. John continues on about when to use which kind of billing model, in each type of project. 

Wes shares his prospective on when, where, and how to work, value base pricing in to your projects. Looking at the outcome of your project is key.  

23:34 – John makes some good points about the value base pricing of projects.  The time is takes to track your hourly work verses the value on a fix base priced project. The time it takes to administer to your operative is out of the question. On the upside, a fixed base operation with a guarantee job, and has aches to deal with.   

24:35 - Wes talks about a Value Buyer, shopping based on the value of the product, not focusing on the price tag.

29:45 – Wes differentiates the Contingent model and Value based model. Wes gives information on how to coach your client if they lack the expertise of value in their project. Wes also distinguishes another type of buyer, Price Buyers.

34:51 – Derick asks about the risk involved on the developers side of the project.  Wes provides that risks are elements like: the possibilities of issues with the product, maintenance and support of the product, the training aspects, users and feedback.

42:56 - Chuck asks about how to deal with joint responsibilities when implementing a development. Or what to do if the client does not uphold their end of their responsibility when the software is launched and their outcome is not what they expected.  Wes gives feedback on the do’s and don’ts, and the kinds models project work best with.

51:07- Josh’s question is about how to getting clients from an hourly-based rate to a value based pricing. Wes answers that providing extreme value is a starting point.    54:50 – Josh’s question is about what to do to gain more clients. Wes says to go about gaining clients like your using an hourly model. Elements such as, word of mouth offers great leverage and being proactive.  Wes urges excellent customers service and locking in a future client. 

1:04:12 - John talks about 4 levels of freedom, and how these levels tie into the entrepreneurial stance in this field of business. 

1:07:23 - Wes gives his background in work, consulting and developing. 

1:10:52 – Derick asked how to deal with living paycheck to paycheck to making the change to a value based pricing pay. Wes describes how to slowly convert by saving, doing both pricing models, and various different tactics to implement. 

Also, Wes talks about the money back insurance to the client, and how it helps the confidence of your client in your services.

1:23:50 - John’s famous advice is to go to Thailand, live for cheap and create a passive income to gain freedom. Best advice till now! Finally I get it!  

John also gives excellent advice and thoughts of where to begin with using the value based pricing model. The bottom line is you have to be willing to sacrifice to make the change.

1:25:45 – Josh asked about the kind of life style Wes leads, according to his current work model. Is there freedom? Wes answers…

1:42:00 – John talks about the practice of bonuses or perks in the corporate business and how that would translate to a VA (Virtual Assistant). Johns mentions the practice of intrapreneurship inside of a business. 

Josh talks about the book, Million-Dollar Consulting, and how the concepts here are also shared in the book.

1:54:01Thought for the Week

Derick: “Focus on small things that are easy to count as a success…” Very insightful!

John: “One Percent More”

Chuck: “ Be true to yourself”

Josh: “Guard your mindset”

Wes: “Buy on value”

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Mar 10, 2015

Episode 55 “I Just Want It To Be Fast, Dang It!”


1:07 - Alright , We’re Live!

No Chuck today. Boo. Derick describes his travel disasters due to snow in Dallas/Fort Worth. Icepocalypse 2015! 

4:32 – As Derick thaws out for his northern expedition… He had a great conference in Manitoba.   Now, ready to rev-up for the next conference SpaceCityJS in Houston TX.  Also, more on strategies and tactics to streamline information on website and backend information.

13:00 – John talks about migrating to different servers for lighting fast web speeds. More talk on prices, and how to get deals because of his promotion efforts. Maybe updates to the theme on the EntreProgrammers site?  Tons of web tinkering information for beginners! Optimization or Fastification!


31:05 – John’s Author Summit in Salt Lake City

Royalty treatment for yours truly, Sir John Sonmez, walks the orange carpet. 

John had great networking and contacts and PluralSight author summit. Super Levarge! 

John, finally meets Chuck for the first time.

40:28 - John host a webinar with Dan Martel

43:53 – John advertisements get him paid with BlueHost

45:23 – John setting up an IFTT for mailchimp to Drip.

48:00 - Paid advertisements in the works. Anyone? Possibly, out source advertisement to someone who knows multiple platforms.   When, Who, Where and How…

52:41 - Entrepreneurial skills begin to stretch-out as John finds himself needing more help, and ways to free up his time to do more important things. But, he finds it difficult to let the reins go and still get things done.

54:35 – Josh and Derick give excellent advise to seek professional counsel for the next level break through. “It’s Gonna Go Boom!”

John’s ADHD and Medication. Redlining RPMs!

The EntreProgrammers discuss the types of growth (exponential, long term) and the areas to focus on that may be slowing the growth entirety of Simpleprogrammer.     

1:00:02- John gives a list of his weekly task. Check it out! Take a look at the life of a successful programmer, in-depth and explained.


1:07:39 - Purged his list, deletes 10,000 emails.

Josh shares that Drip has account export. He intentional saves a stack of emails…

Next, project is a webinar and coaching. John gives feedback of things to try or implement for higher results. John suspects that patrons of Josh’s Sublime movement, maybe a bit more fugal. Maybe the reason Josh’s sales are lower than expected.

1:21:23 - Josh working incognito? Copyright gig? Well-known marketer? Whaaaat?  

Listen to Josh’s clever application submission, excellent way to grab attention and get recognize.

1:27:28 - Massive growth of EntreProgrammers followers, 6 week average 1300 followers, 67,000 downloads… Big leaps friends. Thank you!

Derick shares about subscribers’ benefits for his screen cast of rabbitmq. 

1:32:27 - John recommends the Entertainment Book! 6 buck for coupons. But it’s the concept of how the book works that is genius.

Derick mentions how he justifies the cost of things.

1:36:28 – EntreProgrammers talk about the ideas of value base pricing. Theses programmers have some serious books, information, and the how-to implement ways to save and make money.

Information on the Discovery Contract: Consultant discovers your faulty points in your business, and gets paid for it.

1:48:00 - John reveals how he installed a WordPress plugin (Transposh), to translated his blog into varies languages. Sluggish webpage, I think so…


Thought For the Day!

Josh  “Do nice things for people” 

Derick “Just show up everyday”

John “Live by the sword, die by the sword”

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Mar 3, 2015

Episode 54

"I'm Not Playing Slot Machines"

2:13 - And We're Live! Wait, without John?

Derick launches his Pro ExpressJS Screen Cast Bundle. Doing well on sales.

Josh mentions Drip’s new drop down menu for time zone selections. Also an excellent default admin time zone feature added. Charles gives homage to Drip’s features and usability. 

Charles and Derick give information on advertisement and campaigns. Both have multiple strategies on how to setup these types of marketing and developing task. Also, using the Drip feature in such away that your accounts are separate, but easy to monitor several accounts. 


The EntreProgrammers give Mandy at two thumbs up! Great collaboration 


Josh does a webinar with Sean Fiorito of Sketching With CSS


Charles is working on ways to incorporate ads in with his show notes. 


Kick starter campaign talk by Charles.

Stripe Account vs. Merchant Account, Derick explains why he favors Stripe. Maybe PayPal, a little bit..kinda? Derick does not bash Merchant, but is even willing to use PayPal. 

35:41 – John joins the wolf pack, “I’m Not Playing Slot Machines.”

Derick and John, both notice a difference with buyers who use PayPal, more users and increase sales. John makes a good point that using PayPal bypasses the entering of credit card information. That maybe that deal breaker, quick and easy.

42:00 - John, headed to an author retreat in Salt Lake City.

John buys a new iPhone 6 plus. Discussion of how these programmers use data, texting, calling. This cellular data usage is what makes the word go-around! Lets just throw money into their pockets…

53:45 - Mayday mayday Chuck in on mute!  

Josh compares the iPhone 6 to a handling live fish, slippery.

1:00:00 Health! John runs 10K, 3 times per week.  Kill’n it!


Charles inquires about how to reach out to people for his Kick Starter program. Specifically on how to space out the advertisements. Also, he plans to launch the Ruby Remote Comp in June 2015. Charles has several speakers line-up for Ruby Remote Comp. 


John took is MacBook in for diagnostic test.

1:17:20 - Surface Pro 3, Profitable? Really?

Josh vents about how he has to rewrite code to fix compatibility with 64bit systems. Darn it Apple!

1:23:02 - Josh gets another VSL (video sales letter) project. Topic: Natural Gas. Fart jokes anyone? 

1:26:20 – John gets a response from Ryan Holiday, about John’s book, Soft Skills. 

1:32:15 – A Recapping for John, Tardy boy!

1:36:30 – John starts coaching services page at

1:41:09 - Derick is head to Manitoba next week for the Prairie DEVCON, March 2-3, 2015.

 Are these EntreProgrammers are working top secret? Hush hush Projects? 

Thoughts for the Day!

Derick- Leverage!

Josh - Nothing yet…(Stay away for iOS)   

John – “Get knocked down 6 times, get up 7”

Charles – “Just keep going.”

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Feb 24, 2015

Episode 53  

"Its All Megabytes Man!"


Derick decides to torcher us with more acapella singing "For the first time in forever!"

13 reviews for EntreProgrammers, up 2 reviews since the last.


John expresses his dislike with Apple's review process, and their denying the problems with the 2012 Macbook Pro screen. Own It and Fix It!


So what is going on in the world of the EntreProgrammers?

Derick is swapped with preparing a talk and work on batch processes scheduling with new developed software. 


Healthy Diet? Eating One Meal A Day?

John describes his gorging on a foot and a half long sub and cheesecake. As, Derick tries not to think of the “Brisket Nachos” from the previous night.   So in between work, family and kids, and paying “Uncle Sam” these programmers struggle with grazing in the green pastures. Grass Fed Programmers? 


Express.js talk!

Derick talks about his Drip Campaign for launching the Express.js screen cast series. 


This is going to be a valuable series, showing how to do things right with Express.js; routes, middleware, and cleaning up code.  Watch out, 4 pro tips by Derick!


Java script pitch

Free videos and working and are gaining followers! Praise to guess Jake from episode 51, his advice is help Derick’s YouTube videos.


John spoke with Dan Martell, who shares advice on how distinct his production and marketing strategies impact his product.


Derick “toots his horn” about his RabitMQ series vidoes. No, idea what he’s talking about? But, a bunch of cool programmer jargon. This guy needs to solve world hunger…


Sponsors, Telerik and Drip, Merci Beaucoup!


Drips Been Kill’n It!

Josh raves about the new features Drip offers. Lead Scoring rocks!  



John trims his list 1500 and improves his opening rates.


John shares the success with his course on How To Market Yourself, the success is attributed to his email course.


Blog Post on Life Hacker! Evergreen Traffic

John submits the Joel Test for Programmers!


Best Selling author Ryan Holiday

John get advice for Ryan, possible re-launch of Soft Skills.  Also, having a huge mailing list +8,000 could help with acquiring guess post.  Again, focus on “Leverage.”


John is going to make an appearance on McMethod podcast-


John did an interview with Paul Mooney, who did a show on-

John mentions he has growth of 30%, currently has 3100 subscribers on YouTube. He can seem drop some things due to the exciting growth of projects. 


Josh Takes the Floor with Advertisement Campaigns

Josh is updating his Google AdWords site, cleaning out the cobwebs. 

He is gearing up to do a webinar with 200 signups, next week.

Johns suggest that Josh ways to scale up, his advertisements and increase the stream, using Reddit. 


A Thugz Life!

Josh is apart of a copyright project for dog performance enhancement. This is a much see section a josh explains is challenge.   

Sublime Text

Josh talks about his projects with Sublime Text.


Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

John mentions he is reading Millionaire Fastlane. He expresses his thoughts on the takeaway of the book. “Become the franchise owner” Good reads!


John reaches Pat Flynn’s executive assistant. A possible future interview, maybe?


Thought for the Day

As John searches for deep meaning in life, he suggests signing off with a thought for the day.

Derick steals John’s  “It’s about the process, not perfection.”

Feb 18, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 52 "How 'Merica Is This"


Derick sings "Let It Go"


The Enterprogrammers have a discussion of the Dropbox integration with SignalLeaf.

Derrick mentions the excellent integration of Dropbox with SignalLeaf. Great new feature is the ID tag recognition. Things to fix or update, is the date feature. Derick talks about how podcasters are eager to make the exciting switch to have excess to the time saving features. 


Derrick explains the integration features and how-to-do list for dates, publishing...etc.


Charles suggests creating videos on "how to publish podcast in less then a minute,” or other “how-to videos in less then a minute.”

John speaks highly of audio books Traction by Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinbreg, and Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins. Money, Master the Game is a game changer for new comers and the tried & true entrepreneurs. 

John talks about how successful entrepreneurs invest in seminars despite the extreme cost.


The Wrap Up of JS Remote Comp

Charles shares the positive feed back with JS Remote Comp. Charles also discovered new ideas for conferences in future. The Team has more discussion about Ruby and design features.

Charles continues on about his consulting business, and what he thinks is helping the business to pickup. 


“Soft Kills”

John talks about the 5 soft kills every software engineer should know. John give emphasis on the delivering great of the presentations and how it is very important to be captivating. John was able to sale products or courses and get sign-ups and acquire more email addresses.


Derick will be speaking at Praire Dev Con at Manitoba in March and giving the keynote Space City JS in Houston, TX. He will be giving insight on the entrepreneurial and developmental aspects as a developer.


John interviewing Dan Martell, a Canadian Entrepreneur, CEO/Founder of Clarity, Angel Investor. Also, an speak with, Ryan Holiday, an author and marketer. John will possibly use his help with marketing John's book, Soft Skills.

John shares his thoughts on using "Leverage" to his advantage for the advertisement of his book.

John shares his thoughts and plan to implement some outsource some marketing, editing, planning and taking over weekly task for John's share of work.

The Mastermind team contributes to the idea of their ideal workhorse team member to take over small tasks. 

John jokingly admits the thoughts of getting a “real job.” Not!


John gives the key points about gaining or buying your freedom.  This section has great information on books and individuals who prescribe actions and practices to achieve this lifestyle.

Josh and the team discussed the value of attending conferences. How the smallest ideas plant a seed and lead to triumph! 


Josh gives information of his February 25th Webinar with book author.


John asks, “What do you think about using Slack?” The team discusses which type of chat service would be most useful. P2, Slack.


Entreprogrammers Retreat discussion

September or October, maybe?

10 Slots for five hundred dollars, possibly?

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Feb 10, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 51 Ship ‘em Pears

(Reminder: We’re back to 1 full episode. Feel better, now?)

Of course, one of the great ways to learn and make new friends to scam on, is at a conference. Chuck has 3 more days left for his online conference which is turning out to be a total success: February 10th, 11th, and 12th.

The conference is from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on each of these 3 days.

John is one of the speakers; you can hear him on the 12th.

There’s a lot to putting on a good conference and if you want some super insider tips…that’s right, Chuck gives them to you in this episode.

The weak in review, Chuck wasn’t sure whether to offer money to the speakers. You’ll find that when approaching potential speakers for your conference, keep money out-of the equation. You can get the details at 1:20:00 in this episode.

Many of you will want to attend Chuck’s conference: JS Remote Conf. To go to this online conference, click this link:

Chuck uses this Internet tool for the conference.

The EntreProgrammers featured guest is Jacob Williams. He’s the developer of WiLDacademy. Click here:

Jake requests that The EntreProgrammers, at some point in their Mastermind session, address people who are just starting-out in the programming arena which will double in the next year.

In a comment about the show, Jake recommended to The EntreProgrammers to show a picture of their listeners; for example, Jake shows Lavell Edwards Stadium which holds about 65,000 people. Jake gets about 65,000 viewers on YouTube.

To see the stadium full, click here:

In addition Jake said, “When you are looking for a sponsor you have to show consistency.”

Jake is also a designer in 3D modeling and landscape and interior design. Plus, with his wife involved, they participate in Foster Care.

Jake talks about a prior business he created, called, Fix A Phone, which he later sold and then started

Do a story on potential client. Did Jake get an education? He’s a writer, too. Jake was having a hard time seeing a certain CEO; so, he called and made arrangements to interview this CEO and do his story.

John will have a video-chat with John Martell.

Another way to get in touch with the hard to find person is to buy their product and immediately email them right afterwards – quick hook-up.

Jake gives some fascinating insight to YouTube formats @ 30:32 into this episode.

Kick-starter campaign -- Charles is developing marketing strategies to beginners as well as intermediates and looks for solid ideas to create this approach without discouraging his listeners.

Based on his experience, John cautions Charles regarding a focus on intermediate programmers; programmers are expected to double in number in the next year; they will all be beginners.

Jake brings-up a rather fascinating point: no one is teaching programmers how to be programmers so they can get a job. What?

John suggests that teachers be replaced and students sent down a funnel to get their education K – 12.

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Feb 3, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 50 Sponsors! Nice! Nice!

One day, you will look back and say, “I knew The EntreProgrammers when…”

You are the fly on the wall. Get comfy because you’re not going anywhere. This fiercely heated debate has captured you in the EntreProgrammers arena.

Well, we screwed-up again – thinking to divide each episode into 2 parts, really – but you unscrewed our twisted minds and so we fixed it; episodes of The EntreProgrammers Podcast will not be divided into 2 parts beginning with Episode 50 Sponsors! Nice! Nice!

Once again, The EntreProgrammers saved by you.

All EntreProgrammers’ minds - twisted at birth – do greatly appreciate your guiding comments. Otherwise, how would we show you to be the greatest of spammer-scammers if we couldn’t spamm-scamm your ideas (to make them look like ours)?

Don’t answer that. Quick, what’s next?

Oh yes, 2 sponsors, now – Cool! Keep it here for more Drip and Telerik! Learn from industry giants who fear not failure…

…because there is no such thing as failure. It simply does not exist. A Portland, OR radio producer once advised a promising radio student to get radio gigs in small markets and “make a lot of mistakes.” Say what?

Mistakes are merely golden nuggets of knowledge used to grow the human experience, sometimes necessary to dig a little deeper to find them. So it was for the radio personality, one mistake after another, the golden journey of knowledge.

A good entrepreneur does not brag of knowledge wealth - be it, give it. Appreciate the positive energy in others and they will in return appreciate the positive energy in you.

Then, do a spammer-scammer digital marketing strategy like The EntreProgrammers do and sell ‘em all your stuff – “teach me how to program my friends with code tutorial.” Nice! Nice!

And so it goes for The EntreProgrammers, analyzing, resolving, to become totally transparent on the front lines in a fiercely competitive marketing entrepreneurial arena mining for those golden nuggets which are then passed on to you. (Get your boots on; it’s a little deep in here.)

Text Box:
 Are you looking to launch your own app startup? Then definitely check out Telerik AppBuilder. With Telerik AppBuilder, you can create beautiful cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using a hyper productive development environment.
 Your entrepreneurial financing is critical, of course; the more known about the subject, the better and The EntreProgrammers show you the way in this episode. The EntreGenius tackled the Derick money crisis, quite recently; in 3 weeks Derick went from $25,000 in debt to just under $5,000 in debt. You’ll hear the details on how he did it mid-way through this episode.

However, the Derick stress level in not declining – to accomplish this, more is to be done as his awareness does fortunately guide The EntreProgrammer down the path of resolution. Derick continues to explain that his journey to debt freedom is not quite over.

Good money management eliminates the potential for experiencing extreme financial stress. A stress that is so powerful, it can literally ruin your entire life. Get it under control.

Chuck suddenly takes center stage attempting to start another argument when asking Josh, “So, Josh, what’s your next product?” This leads The EntreProgrammers into a debate about which is better to offer: the product or the consulting. Many wrestle with this issue, now.

The 4 toss this, sometimes agonizing concern, around to make sense of it all. And, apparently, not all are in agreement – independent entrepreneurial spammer scammers. Is this you? So, what do you think it should be: product or consulting?

Jump on in; leave a comment. The EntreProgrammers must know your take on this subject.

If now confronted with this issue, you most definitely want to hear this debate in depth. Where and how should you invest your money? Where and how should you invest your time?

We are talking huge lifestyle issues and developments, here. Join in. Grow yourself. It appears that these 4 bare it all just so you can make your life a little better.

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Jan 28, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 49.2 The Arena of Web Log

(If you do nothing else today, that’s OK; check-out below.)

These financial genius guys literally whittle Derick’s $25,000 debt down to $0.00. Then, oh ya, here it comes – Derick goes with some “positive news.” Can’t miss this Kodak moment.

JavaScript Fundamentals Screencast Bundle, by Derick, is available “at 50% off.” Do not buy this bundle; it is too good to be true. (I’m fired.) Let’s look at this from one perspective – and only one – capitalism.

Check-out this bundle and calculate how much money you will make with the knowledge that Derick gives you. So, how much? Put your calculation in comments; your perspective is “huge” to those like you. Besides, we’re curious.

In a matter of fact fashion, how much could you make in 1 year using Derick’s JavaScript Fundamentals Screencast Bundle – at 50% off, even? But, have you received your last-chance email from Derick to make the purchase?

It pays to be on Derick’s email list. Get the details at 9 minutes into this broadcast.

It also pays to research. More time should be spent on research than the actual writing of the article. What if you don’t have time? Derick has the answer to that, right here.

Momoko Price does research for Derick. She has helped Derick significantly with and

So, that’s how Derick beats the competition.

Go to: and get acquainted with Momoko Price and John McDowall. Derick talks about them at about 10 minutes into this broadcast.

And now there is: Find this detailed material at 15:11 into the broadcast. John points out the genius in this web site.

  • Extremely useful tool
  • Who doesn’t want to have a page?
  • Big name will reply to creator of site.
  • Support creator and share it

John explains that he has an “About” page, but will point people to this well formatted web site of the well-known. He said, “I would be surprised if this doesn’t go super viral like in the next few days just because of how many big name people are going to be blasting this thing out there.”

For example, Derek Sivers. He revolutionized the way in which musicians sell their music when he created Ten years into this venture, he sold for $22mil. A great deal of that money goes to help musicians grow as musicians. His following is huge.

You will also find several fantastic interviews with the creator of Cyber PR, Ariel Hyatt and Derek Sivers on YouTube. All worth your time to watch.

In addition, Sivers recently published a series of 16 books, each is detailed with marketing, promotional material and entrepreneurial lifestyle for a certain country – 16 countries with extensively researched material directly related to that countries marketing habits.

About Derek Sivers on

I'm a musician, programmer, writer, entrepreneur, and student — though not in that order. I'm fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, communication, business, philosophy, and cross-cultural relativism. I love seeing a different point of view.

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