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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Mar 31, 2015

Episode 58

 "If She Doesn't Float, We Burn Her"

1:07 – We're Live!

2:28 – EntreProgrammers Retreat, December 4-5, 2015, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Workshops on email marketing, podcast, brand building, etc.  Sign up for the mailing list and stay up to date with detail as they develop.

Chuck shares his week

9:53- Chuck’s Kick-starter campaign reached it’s funding requirements!  Time to record videos, and begin work.

This is a great example of entrepreneurial planning. Chuck decides from multiple point of view how he should maximize on the screencast he is going to market. There are several approaches he is using to market; in this case, email is one ways in this particular market that is used to reach out.   

 Josh talks about soccer ball…a job Josh was looking into

19:41- Josh receives advice for the EntreProgrammers about techniques on following up, and creating a conversation to get the next interview.   John talks about understanding the employer’s need and be confident enough to carry out these duties. 

Chuck: "Hulk wants job…now!" or give this approach a shot.

Virtual Office tools 

26:45 – John buy Boomerang, a Gmail plugin that help you follow-up. John is trying to connect with Chad Fowler, and Chuck has some connections.

Josh shares a similar plugin called Streak a free Gmail plugin

 30:04 – John's book, Soft Skills, is on the front page for the ultimate list of programming books.

John has a plan or technique to help Soft Skills in sales, is to make associations with other books in the best-seller list.  This is a simple, but affective way to market.

36:00Minimalist or Essentialism

John talks about focusing on one project at a time, and completing project that will be used through out the rest of the year. These new ideas are to create a new book, along with 52-blog post scheduled for a weekly release. This blog post will coincide with the book. The main point is to create this material within a 2-month time period and schedule the material for the rest of the year. Next, to is complete all the video material for Simple Programmer within a month, for the rest of the year. This allows for focusing on one project, instead of juggling several.

 42:21 – Josh ask what things John plans to cut out of his task. 

  • Some Workouts
  • Get Up and Code!

45:46 – Derick directs Johns attention to author, blogger, Chris Strom

50:32 – John is about to up his video quality soon.

58:00 - John charts out the hour of his week.

  • Blog =3 hours
  • YouTube = 2 hours
  • EntreProgramers = 2 hours
  • Email =10.5 hours
  • Get up an Code = 1 hour
  • Speaking Engagments = 7 hours 
  • Guest Post = 4 hours
  • Anthony at Health Care
  • Doug = 1 hour
  • Twitter = 3 hours
  • Zephyr = 1 hour

 Total about 35ish hours

1:00:00 – The EntreProgrammers talk about the pros & cons of breaking the cycle of work. Watch and listen closely to the possible drawbacks and successes involve in taking a cessation in your regular schedule. 

1:11:17 – Josh had his conference, Get Clients in 30 Days as a Copyrighter Conference. 

Josh idea is to target software companies for clients. Josh attempts to get one on one time with Bob Bly. He manages to get the teacher's pet treatment form Bly.

This proves the social and communication skills entrepreneurs have to possess to make successful networking and connections.

1:27:43 – The EntreProgrammers talk about the Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss great book for adding to entrepreneurial skill set.  

Speaking at Conferences

1:30:00 - These programmers discussing value in participating in conference as a keynote speaker. Is it worth the time? What kinds of opportunities does this attract?  When should you speak at conferences?

1:34:30 - Chuck has other appointment to keep, iPhreaks and such. 

1:39:07 – John an actor? What?

1:45:31 – Josh and the programmers decided that speaking at a conference may give leverage to a "new comer" in the field.

1:46:03 - John recommends the book,Traction


Thought for the Day

Derick – It’s not about being perfect, it about progress

John – Focus on what is essential

Josh – Don’t be content to stand inline

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Mar 24, 2015

Episode 57

"It's a Full-Time Job, Trying to Not Have a Full-Time Job"

Small Talk  

1:07 – All right We’re Live!  Minus Josh? How is everyone doing?

1:24 – Chuck is all right and Derick is stressed, time for some R&R. Derick finishes a screencast of rabbitmq. 

2:10 – A little bit of Apple product malfunctions happened with these EntreProgrammers. Magic or Tragic track pad problems and MacBook Pro screen issues.  Apple Customer support gives John special treatment.

Moral of the story: Quickly document issues with the company as soon as you experience problems, especially within the one-year warranty.

Theses Gents express their affinity with Mac products, but still the… usefulness of a PC. I’m a Mac…Hello PC.

11:41- A quick allegory of how these programmers meant. TrackAbout -

Derick takes the floor

14:11 – Derick, completes a production deploy! Wow this guy just did a huge service! Check it out! Change the mainframe…Kill the batch process.

19:43 – Dericks projects: Rabbitmq screencast series complete! Next project please. SpaceCityJS preparations are being processed.  Derick talks about how he plans to package and market these products. The end goal is to maximize.

This section is a great resource on project plans and how to implement new products for the market. (Excellent resource for entrepreneurial action plans)

Johns takes the spot light

25:13 – John extra business, and needs to delegate new projects to employees.

Dereck shares how the new projects, including information on, and how use this service.

John gives insight on how to strategize with your employees. Plans to 7X or 10X…

John talks about how he uses ClickBank

34:00 – John’s ideas in revamping how Kanbanflow works?

Check these ideas out!

39:40 - Entrepreneurial Terms - MRR: Monthly Recurring Revenue.

40:36 - Johns shares shattering ideas on Simple Programmer. Badges!

42:11 - New video project ideas for the his Youtube channel. 

43: 16 - John’s talks about his new theme on the Simple Programmer website. 

49:01 - Chuck shares how he tempted to migrate from Jekyll to Wordpress.   

50:45 – Johns post on “The 11 rules all programmers should live by” goes viral on Twitter, 1037 shares, and 33,000 page view in its 2nd day.

 This section is an excellent example of an entrepreneurial mind at work. John is continuously researching ways to grow his already successful, Simple Programmer Company. John sorts through ideas to out-source tasks, marketing new projects, shooting HD videos for the YouTube Channel, to analyzing statistics for areas that could use improvement, down to optimizing the SP page for leisure and effective experience. Follow these examples, and you’re bound to conquer your next venture.

Chuck takes the floor

53:37  - Chuck identifies with being buried in work coming from a 6 week Conference marathon.  Next big project is the Kick-starter Campaign for Rails Clips.

57:23 - Chuck is going to continue client projects.

1:00:44 – John advises on Buying Freedom, and thriving on the cyclic achievement.

1:01:37 – Derick praises Avdi Grim for his success in completion of his checklist. Read it at: or A possible guess, maybe?

Here is some discussion of financial freedom, wealth building, and when, where, and how to make this work. John talks about idea of merging the EntreProgrammers into one empire?

 1:18:24 - Chuck was approach to train a company in Atlanta. Here is information on how to charge for a training project.

Johns shares information on how to set rates from PhilSimon.com

Derek shares how his screencast Watch Me Code, is essential a secondary approach train in person.

1:29:03 - Here is John’s hack on training.   

1:32:00 - Entrepreneurial Terms - Short Term Money Grabs

1:32:36 - Chuck approach by PodTrac Derick shares to be careful with 3rd party advertisements. The team gives some feedback on the pro and cons of utilizing a 3rd party service.

This is a great discussion of advice and consulting with specialists about what to do in your next move. The EntreProgrammers are a great example of a small mastermind community that sees advice from within the mastermind group. Build your own mastermind team!  

1:51:44 – Fight against piracy!

1:55:40 - John's audio book picks:

Essentialism by Greg McKeown,

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey

Thoughts for the Day!

Chuck – If it's not a hell yes, it's a no

John – Piracy is wrong!

Derick - It's ok to take a break

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Mar 17, 2015

Episode 56

A Lesson In Pricing Models

1:07- Alright, we’re live! After 56 episodes these EntreProgrammers have yet to perfect an introduction. Here is some awkward discussion about pirating of music and Disney movies.

6:24 – Our guess, Wes McClure joins us from a New York City jail cell. Joking!

9:09 - Wes gives the lo-down about the process of achieving a Value Base Price system. This information is a great resource for software developers and those in similar fields.    

13:03 - Chuck shares his approach to pricing and how much value it provides the client.  

Derick shares this thoughts on fixed bid rates and trials of a project using this type of rate.

14:50 – John talks about the Fixed bid, Hourly, Weekly based pricing and focusing on the value and project. John continues on about when to use which kind of billing model, in each type of project. 

Wes shares his prospective on when, where, and how to work, value base pricing in to your projects. Looking at the outcome of your project is key.  

23:34 – John makes some good points about the value base pricing of projects.  The time is takes to track your hourly work verses the value on a fix base priced project. The time it takes to administer to your operative is out of the question. On the upside, a fixed base operation with a guarantee job, and has aches to deal with.   

24:35 - Wes talks about a Value Buyer, shopping based on the value of the product, not focusing on the price tag.

29:45 – Wes differentiates the Contingent model and Value based model. Wes gives information on how to coach your client if they lack the expertise of value in their project. Wes also distinguishes another type of buyer, Price Buyers.

34:51 – Derick asks about the risk involved on the developers side of the project.  Wes provides that risks are elements like: the possibilities of issues with the product, maintenance and support of the product, the training aspects, users and feedback.

42:56 - Chuck asks about how to deal with joint responsibilities when implementing a development. Or what to do if the client does not uphold their end of their responsibility when the software is launched and their outcome is not what they expected.  Wes gives feedback on the do’s and don’ts, and the kinds models project work best with.

51:07- Josh’s question is about how to getting clients from an hourly-based rate to a value based pricing. Wes answers that providing extreme value is a starting point.    54:50 – Josh’s question is about what to do to gain more clients. Wes says to go about gaining clients like your using an hourly model. Elements such as, word of mouth offers great leverage and being proactive.  Wes urges excellent customers service and locking in a future client. 

1:04:12 - John talks about 4 levels of freedom, and how these levels tie into the entrepreneurial stance in this field of business. 

1:07:23 - Wes gives his background in work, consulting and developing. 

1:10:52 – Derick asked how to deal with living paycheck to paycheck to making the change to a value based pricing pay. Wes describes how to slowly convert by saving, doing both pricing models, and various different tactics to implement. 

Also, Wes talks about the money back insurance to the client, and how it helps the confidence of your client in your services.

1:23:50 - John’s famous advice is to go to Thailand, live for cheap and create a passive income to gain freedom. Best advice till now! Finally I get it!  

John also gives excellent advice and thoughts of where to begin with using the value based pricing model. The bottom line is you have to be willing to sacrifice to make the change.

1:25:45 – Josh asked about the kind of life style Wes leads, according to his current work model. Is there freedom? Wes answers…

1:42:00 – John talks about the practice of bonuses or perks in the corporate business and how that would translate to a VA (Virtual Assistant). Johns mentions the practice of intrapreneurship inside of a business. 

Josh talks about the book, Million-Dollar Consulting, and how the concepts here are also shared in the book.

1:54:01Thought for the Week

Derick: “Focus on small things that are easy to count as a success…” Very insightful!

John: “One Percent More”

Chuck: “ Be true to yourself”

Josh: “Guard your mindset”

Wes: “Buy on value”

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Mar 10, 2015

Episode 55 “I Just Want It To Be Fast, Dang It!”


1:07 - Alright , We’re Live!

No Chuck today. Boo. Derick describes his travel disasters due to snow in Dallas/Fort Worth. Icepocalypse 2015! 

4:32 – As Derick thaws out for his northern expedition… He had a great conference in Manitoba.   Now, ready to rev-up for the next conference SpaceCityJS in Houston TX.  Also, more on strategies and tactics to streamline information on website and backend information.

13:00 – John talks about migrating to different servers for lighting fast web speeds. More talk on prices, and how to get deals because of his promotion efforts. Maybe updates to the theme on the EntreProgrammers site?  Tons of web tinkering information for beginners! Optimization or Fastification!


31:05 – John’s Author Summit in Salt Lake City

Royalty treatment for yours truly, Sir John Sonmez, walks the orange carpet. 

John had great networking and contacts and PluralSight author summit. Super Levarge! 

John, finally meets Chuck for the first time.

40:28 - John host a webinar with Dan Martel

43:53 – John advertisements get him paid with BlueHost

45:23 – John setting up an IFTT for mailchimp to Drip.

48:00 - Paid advertisements in the works. Anyone? Possibly, out source advertisement to someone who knows multiple platforms.   When, Who, Where and How…

52:41 - Entrepreneurial skills begin to stretch-out as John finds himself needing more help, and ways to free up his time to do more important things. But, he finds it difficult to let the reins go and still get things done.

54:35 – Josh and Derick give excellent advise to seek professional counsel for the next level break through. “It’s Gonna Go Boom!”

John’s ADHD and Medication. Redlining RPMs!

The EntreProgrammers discuss the types of growth (exponential, long term) and the areas to focus on that may be slowing the growth entirety of Simpleprogrammer.     

1:00:02- John gives a list of his weekly task. Check it out! Take a look at the life of a successful programmer, in-depth and explained.


1:07:39 - Purged his list, deletes 10,000 emails.

Josh shares that Drip has account export. He intentional saves a stack of emails…

Next, project is a webinar and coaching. John gives feedback of things to try or implement for higher results. John suspects that patrons of Josh’s Sublime movement, maybe a bit more fugal. Maybe the reason Josh’s sales are lower than expected.

1:21:23 - Josh working incognito? Copyright gig? Well-known marketer? Whaaaat?  

Listen to Josh’s clever application submission, excellent way to grab attention and get recognize.

1:27:28 - Massive growth of EntreProgrammers followers, 6 week average 1300 followers, 67,000 downloads… Big leaps friends. Thank you!

Derick shares about subscribers’ benefits for his screen cast of rabbitmq. 

1:32:27 - John recommends the Entertainment Book! 6 buck for coupons. But it’s the concept of how the book works that is genius.

Derick mentions how he justifies the cost of things.

1:36:28 – EntreProgrammers talk about the ideas of value base pricing. Theses programmers have some serious books, information, and the how-to implement ways to save and make money.

Information on the Discovery Contract: Consultant discovers your faulty points in your business, and gets paid for it.

1:48:00 - John reveals how he installed a WordPress plugin (Transposh), to translated his blog into varies languages. Sluggish webpage, I think so…


Thought For the Day!

Josh  “Do nice things for people” 

Derick “Just show up everyday”

John “Live by the sword, die by the sword”

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Mar 3, 2015

Episode 54

"I'm Not Playing Slot Machines"

2:13 - And We're Live! Wait, without John?

Derick launches his Pro ExpressJS Screen Cast Bundle. Doing well on sales.

Josh mentions Drip’s new drop down menu for time zone selections. Also an excellent default admin time zone feature added. Charles gives homage to Drip’s features and usability. 

Charles and Derick give information on advertisement and campaigns. Both have multiple strategies on how to setup these types of marketing and developing task. Also, using the Drip feature in such away that your accounts are separate, but easy to monitor several accounts. 


The EntreProgrammers give Mandy at two thumbs up! Great collaboration 


Josh does a webinar with Sean Fiorito of Sketching With CSS


Charles is working on ways to incorporate ads in with his show notes. 


Kick starter campaign talk by Charles.

Stripe Account vs. Merchant Account, Derick explains why he favors Stripe. Maybe PayPal, a little bit..kinda? Derick does not bash Merchant, but is even willing to use PayPal. 

35:41 – John joins the wolf pack, “I’m Not Playing Slot Machines.”

Derick and John, both notice a difference with buyers who use PayPal, more users and increase sales. John makes a good point that using PayPal bypasses the entering of credit card information. That maybe that deal breaker, quick and easy.

42:00 - John, headed to an author retreat in Salt Lake City.

John buys a new iPhone 6 plus. Discussion of how these programmers use data, texting, calling. This cellular data usage is what makes the word go-around! Lets just throw money into their pockets…

53:45 - Mayday mayday Chuck in on mute!  

Josh compares the iPhone 6 to a handling live fish, slippery.

1:00:00 Health! John runs 10K, 3 times per week.  Kill’n it!


Charles inquires about how to reach out to people for his Kick Starter program. Specifically on how to space out the advertisements. Also, he plans to launch the Ruby Remote Comp in June 2015. Charles has several speakers line-up for Ruby Remote Comp. 


John took is MacBook in for diagnostic test.

1:17:20 - Surface Pro 3, Profitable? Really?

Josh vents about how he has to rewrite code to fix compatibility with 64bit systems. Darn it Apple!

1:23:02 - Josh gets another VSL (video sales letter) project. Topic: Natural Gas. Fart jokes anyone? 

1:26:20 – John gets a response from Ryan Holiday, about John’s book, Soft Skills. 

1:32:15 – A Recapping for John, Tardy boy!

1:36:30 – John starts coaching services page at

1:41:09 - Derick is head to Manitoba next week for the Prairie DEVCON, March 2-3, 2015.

 Are these EntreProgrammers are working top secret? Hush hush Projects? 

Thoughts for the Day!

Derick- Leverage!

Josh - Nothing yet…(Stay away for iOS)   

John – “Get knocked down 6 times, get up 7”

Charles – “Just keep going.”

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