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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Jan 28, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 49.2 The Arena of Web Log

(If you do nothing else today, that’s OK; check-out below.)

These financial genius guys literally whittle Derick’s $25,000 debt down to $0.00. Then, oh ya, here it comes – Derick goes with some “positive news.” Can’t miss this Kodak moment.

JavaScript Fundamentals Screencast Bundle, by Derick, is available “at 50% off.” Do not buy this bundle; it is too good to be true. (I’m fired.) Let’s look at this from one perspective – and only one – capitalism.

Check-out this bundle and calculate how much money you will make with the knowledge that Derick gives you. So, how much? Put your calculation in comments; your perspective is “huge” to those like you. Besides, we’re curious.

In a matter of fact fashion, how much could you make in 1 year using Derick’s JavaScript Fundamentals Screencast Bundle – at 50% off, even? But, have you received your last-chance email from Derick to make the purchase?

It pays to be on Derick’s email list. Get the details at 9 minutes into this broadcast.

It also pays to research. More time should be spent on research than the actual writing of the article. What if you don’t have time? Derick has the answer to that, right here.

Momoko Price does research for Derick. She has helped Derick significantly with and

So, that’s how Derick beats the competition.

Go to: and get acquainted with Momoko Price and John McDowall. Derick talks about them at about 10 minutes into this broadcast.

And now there is: Find this detailed material at 15:11 into the broadcast. John points out the genius in this web site.

  • Extremely useful tool
  • Who doesn’t want to have a page?
  • Big name will reply to creator of site.
  • Support creator and share it

John explains that he has an “About” page, but will point people to this well formatted web site of the well-known. He said, “I would be surprised if this doesn’t go super viral like in the next few days just because of how many big name people are going to be blasting this thing out there.”

For example, Derek Sivers. He revolutionized the way in which musicians sell their music when he created Ten years into this venture, he sold for $22mil. A great deal of that money goes to help musicians grow as musicians. His following is huge.

You will also find several fantastic interviews with the creator of Cyber PR, Ariel Hyatt and Derek Sivers on YouTube. All worth your time to watch.

In addition, Sivers recently published a series of 16 books, each is detailed with marketing, promotional material and entrepreneurial lifestyle for a certain country – 16 countries with extensively researched material directly related to that countries marketing habits.

About Derek Sivers on

I'm a musician, programmer, writer, entrepreneur, and student — though not in that order. I'm fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, communication, business, philosophy, and cross-cultural relativism. I love seeing a different point of view.

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Jan 27, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 49.1 The Arena of Web Log

This is part 1 of episode 49. If part 2 of episode 49 isn’t just above, well it should be. Google+ and Facebook are having their heads chopped-off in this episode; John pushes the envelope and actually does an interview – no this is true, coming-up.

Right-off, this discussion heats up fast. Is Google+ worth it? It doesn’t even give you the time of day – or does it? John seems to be straddling the fence as to its “powers.” Nonetheless, he recommends that Derick use it in marketing strategies.

This works out great for Derick because he likes Google+…”one of three people who does,” he says; then Josh jumps in with a list of reasons why he doesn’t like Google+. Check this out.

What’s your take on this? Do you use Google+? Please add to the confusion; leave your highly appreciated comments. Remember, it’s all about you and who you are. So, be you.

Where did blog come from? Web Log. If you are thinking about writing your blog, wishing about someone writing your blog or hoping someone will show you how to write your blog – really show you – click here to subscribe to John’s blog course.

As heard about in The EntreProgrammers Broadcast:

John conducted a rather interesting interview with a writer now receiving over 100,000 visits per month to his blog – he got there in 14 months. Even writers who don’t have blogs will be interested in this.

“How Taiseer Joudeh Created a Wildly Popular Blog in 14 Months” – interview by John Sonmez.

Get in on this strategy which is being created right before your much unsolicited pears. Josh says that the hard part of what John creates is the coordinating of all these different events that make the equation balance. You get it in this episode. Be there. It’s laid-out for you.

Click here to view the entire video recorded interview: If you are interested in actually seeing the blog itself, well then:

It hits the fan. Of course, you remember that last week Derick was getting tons of advice about how, and with what, to pay off his $25,000 debt. He has revealed all and in doing so this has become a great lesson on financial management in the entrepreneurial arena.

Listen quite closely as it all unravels just for you.

Josh recommends cutting-up the credit card. Not so fast, says Derick who shows good reason to keep it active. Learn the good ways to handle your credit – it can make you, or break you.

John gives good advice when offering this practice: Don’t put anything into savings when you are still in debt. Pay-off your debt, then save. Charles analyzes Derick’s financial situation, and all of The EntreProgrammers come to agreement on Derick’s plan. You’ll find this conversation at about 22:33 into the broadcast.

Don’t get rid of your credit card. Use it for everything that you purchase, advises John, who plugs a credit card company and gets nothing for it – but, hear John’s logic on how he gets paid to spend, and then gets paid to pay it off – yes, he even buys a stick of gum on his credit card. What? Who writes this stuff?

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Jan 20, 2015
The EntreProgrammers Episode 48.2 The Horror of Debt

This is part 2 of episode 48.

Derick contemplates his email marketing strategy while The EntreProgrammers riddle him with ideas regarding his entrepreneurial direction. What will it be?

John highly recommends that Derick email some of his old subscribes at watchmecode; renew the relationship with new material being offered.

Get in on this conversation to watch how you can spin doctor some of your old friends. Give it a new twist as seen in this episode.

Now Charles is giving the jab, jab, right hook. What? That’s right. This is actually a market strategy and you really should hear the way Charles explains a campaign to Derick. It is literally genius.

Then, Charles wants to know how Josh gets out of bed so early in the morning. Is this a fair question? There is no mercy in The EntreProgrammers Arena.

Do you use an alarm clock to get you up – whenever? Is there a special time that you are shooting for, but have a hard time with just getting out of bed?

You really need to check this out – Josh. He has developed (or stolen) a process by which to get up to according to the time, but according to whenever he hears the alarm. Get the details from Josh about 9 minutes into this broadcast.

In addition, Josh talks about his difficulty in getting to sleep by 10 p.m. It seems that if he does anything at all in the evening, he gets energized to the point of not being able to sleep. So, who do you call for a good night’s sleep?

Derick points out the frustration in logging Tweets – several Tweets. However, there is a solution to this, of course, mentioned by John in this debate – surf here:

Now hear this: John’s book, titled, Soft Skills, hit number 1 in the U.K. in the technical category; for a short time, he said. Nice! Want John’s book? Go to:

.Net Rocks featured John’s book, quite recently. Let’s have a look-see. All you have to do is click this link:

In this episode, John reveals a rather sophisticated approach to promoting and selling a book for authors to be involved with – could be a new software headed our way. You heard it here, first.

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Jan 19, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 48.1 The Horror of Debt

(Just a Reminder: Each episode now has 2 parts; this episode is 48.1 & 48.2, so after listening to 48.1, it becomes time to click on 48.2. Do you like this format better – or not. Please leave your comments below. Thank you for being a part of The EntreProgrammers Broadcast.)

Derick and Charles claim to have “friends who are in debt.” Wonder who they are talking about? It appears that both “friends” are about $25,000 in debt. This is a question that an entrepreneur constantly faces – “How much should I go into debt to fuel my entrepreneurial efforts?”

The EntreProgrammers go on the attack.

The EntreProgrammers have the solution and give it to you in this episode. John offers the biggest of advice recommending the services of “a loan-shark” at 10% monthly interest. And, if you believe that, there’s this bridge…no wait, there’s a great horse running this weekend, a sure win.

What is your total debt and how is it affecting your overall performance as an entrepreneur? The EntreProgrammers hit this topic relentlessly with Derick caught in the middle of it all.

John insists that getting out of debt should be the number 1 priority on the big list of things to do in promoting business growth. Debt constantly works against you. Cut-back on everything that you can and focus all of your income to paying off your debts.

Derick claims $25,000 in debt and looks to The EntreProgrammers for an approach to paying it all off. Solutions of genius pour out in this episode for those of us needing debt relief. What is an entrepreneur to do in achieving a debt free lifestyle? Is anyone debt free?

John wrote an entire chapter on debt in his book, titled, Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual. Click here for John’s book:

Some extremely interesting stats come out in this discussion about who we are in terms of spending; hear what Josh has to say regarding our spending habits in this episode. He suggests that a good person for financial advice is Dave Ramsey, someone he used to listen to.

You can check out this financial expert at:

Then Charles jumps in to share his experience with financial budgeting for his family by recommending several ways to cut expenses and that a great way to discover overspending is through Drop by and take control of your spending.

In addition, Charles reprograms Derick’s marketing approach to ensure him more income towards his debt. Charles wants Derick to take his listeners “to the next level.” And Josh tells Derick that he hasn’t “focused enough” on which of his products to promote and sell.

A huge recommendation comes out from The EntreProgrammers to invest in yourself. Drop the movies and get a tutorial – grow thyself.

John is overwhelmed by the response that he is receiving using – nothing but praise for Drip. Oh sure, Drip is a sponsor for The EntreProgrammers. What would you expect? Is Drip really any good? Check-out Drip at You’ll be glad you did.

Let’s get a discount on “Tweet Adds” shall we? Contact Josh and click:

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Jan 15, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 47.2 A Dark Room for iOS

With the increasing popularity of Amir’s app, he felt it necessary to have a trademark for it, taking 3 months just to get the paperwork filled-out, then another 6 months wait to allow anyone who feels it appropriate to contest Amir’s trademark application.

In this episode, he speaks about how damage to his ownership of the app could take place in that 9 months period. As it turned out, different versions of his app began to appear.

Amir tells how he dealt with this situation.

Tune-in and become involved in community development with Amir who coaches beginner programmers on game development, plus he even wants to get your parents jamming in this community.

Educated parents make it much easier for “young newbie programmer child” to explain what technology is required to create these games.

Yes, Amir will even talk to your parents and give you a good review on your app involvement in the community.

Belt colors are given to indicate that a person is advancing in Amir’s app community. He explains in detail about the Internet community that he is growing on his twitch channel.

 “When you really get into game development, you’ll need a nice computer (and maybe a Mac if you want to do iOS development). Your parents will be more inclined to buy you these pricey items if they better understand what you want to do with them. This is a place where they can come and ask Amir questions.” – Source: Amir’s twitch channel

Let’s surf Code Dojo (Amir’s channel) located at:

“Code Dojo is a game development channel that welcomes all developers (especially beginners). If you’ve never done any game development and want to get started, this is the perfect place to get your feet wet.” And you can bring parents, too. What?

John shares an email campaign gone “south” as he finds that email hosting has cancelled his account – so, what is an EntreProgrammer to do?

At about 22 minutes into this episode, he explains the cancellation of his email account – marketing strategy misfire.

This is an opportunity to learn how to deal with a situation like this if it ever happens to you – entrepreneurial wisdom so often needed on the front lines.

Charles is started a video campaign and it’s now your opportunity to get an early advantage to some great material.

John gives some unexpected powerful advice to Charles with respect to videography – how to do a superior profession video project at extremely low cost – you guessed it; check out your local library for video equipment access.

Do you have focus? In this episode, learn Derick’s approach to high volume productivity in the studio by practicing what he calls “his weekly focus.” He’s got it back.

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Jan 14, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 47.1 A Dark Room for iOS

Amir Rajan is the featured guest in this episode, creator of A Dark Room for iOS.

“Notable events are listed below along with any pertinent information about how it affected downloads, reviews, emotions, and anything else that influenced the success (or failure) of A Dark Room for iOS,” writes Amir Rajan.

Be sure to check-out “Amir’s dev log for aspiring indie devs” for the blow-by-blow action leading up to the creation of this highly rated app.

Looking for “the official web site of ADR iOS?” And/or go to the web site of Amir Rajan.

Amir discusses the marketing value of the media (press) which turns-out to be surprisingly low. Interviews and write-ups in many areas did not translate into what might be considered an appropriate number of “downloads” for his extremely popular app.

He talks about the power of word-of-mouth; if engagement is involved, the results are incredible – an extremely insightful analysis of marketing and promotional strategies, how it all plays out in the highly competive entrepreneurial arena. Listen quite closely.

Audio is used in the form of a “developer commentary” by Amir to promote engagement ending with a personal conversation with interested folks in code-land.

He reveals a rather influential marketing tactic, here, that would be employed by a wise entrepreneur seeking to increase visibility of her/his products and services across the web.

 Highly impressed in another promotional aspect, Amir mentions and compares in detail how long of a tail that his creation has cast.

If you are developing software, regardless of your level of achievement, you won’t want to miss the discussion that Amir has with The EntreProgrammers in this episode – no really, it’s true.

Test it for yourself. Jump right in with your comments.

Derick strikes a good perspective when asking Amir how it all came about. Did it happen quickly like an overnight success, or was it ten years in the making.

Ten years is more like it reveals Amir, but a very calculated several years it was. You can hear in another interview explicit details governing the journey of Amir on another popular podcast in John’s:


Jan 6, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 46.1 Soft Skills

New Format

Each Episode is now 2 parts. This is Episode 46 and is labeled: 46.1 and 46.2.

Derick is briefed on last show, sort of, but decides to actually listen to episode 45 to get caught-up. Josh mentions and Derick runs with it. He describes all of the recent changes.

Tracking Systems

Charles takes the discussion to Mixpanel; Derick tells what it does. Along with his interpretation of Mixpanel comes several options to what you might want to use for your tracking system(s).

Podcasting for Podcasters

Podcast Movement 2015

Charles recommends that Derick go to Fort “Worst” for a conference, a stones through from Waco. Pat Flynn is one of the featured speakers.

Get all of the details, here: the conference is in Fort Worth about 205 days from now.

Rails Clips

The EntreProgrammers pound-out solutions to help Charles determine his path as an entrepreneur. Quite likely, you have been in the same position. It looks like Rails Clips. Charles could go all-out for podcasting, but sees light at the end of the rails.

Charles wants to “buy his freedom.” – sound familiar? Derick explains just exactly what that means and to make his point, shares a photo of John which is in John’s new book.

To get John’s book, titled, Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual go to: -- you’ll be glad you did.

Jan 6, 2015

The EntreProgrammers Episode 46.2 Soft Skills

Ideal Strategy

Josh recommends that Charles sponsor his own show – interesting, don’t you think? But, Charles isn’t quite satisfied with that and wants the specifics; Josh hesitates, and John steals the show with a great marketing strategy for the many podcasts of Charles.

Clue-in to this powerful promotion recommended to Charles. Then, jump into the conversation by leaving your comments. How would you go about doing this promotion?

Charles perhaps will give a free bonus and add a ten second promo before and/or after his recommended interview – audio power, nothing like it. John uses .NET Rocks! As example of cash giveaways.

Hear John’s interview, here, on .NET Rocks! Managing Your Career with John Sonmez

John received 123 comments from listeners.

Advanced Course or Not

The discussion heats-up when The EntreProgrammers tackle a marketing issue that Charles is dealing with; his advanced listeners are saying, “No beginner material.”

What’s an EntreProgrammer to do, especially when including everyone is his way of life? The EntreProgrammers jump on this issue with insightful business sense acquired from their years of experience and feedback of dealing with this exact issue. Get the details in the beginning arguments of Episode 46.2 Soft Skills.

Are there people who don’t like Comcast? Well, now, imagine that. Right your comments about Comcast – and anything else that you desire. Good? Not good? Comcast just froze Charles! Not a good thing, Comcast.

Start a Web Log

John is now offering you the opportunity to start your own blog using his material. Is this a good thing? Go here, now. When you enter your email and first name, you’ll immediately receive information from john – you’re on your way to creating your blog, as a professional.

Also, contact John, here:


Now, buy John’s book; be sure to let him know what you think of it.                       (104 customer reviews)

 Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual