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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Dec 29, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 97

We’re Live!
Josh talks about tracking his sleep with an app. John is vacationing in Vallejo California for the holidays.

John mentions that he and Josh got paper work done for the upcoming partnership in the new year.

John finds out his book “Soft Skills” is now translated into Russian and Korean audiobooks. John shares that he was denied a merchant account thru Intuit. John shares information about trying to resolve the issue and find out why he cannot get a merchant account with Fresh Books. Josh thinks it may have something to do with direct response.

Chuck thinks that going to a bank maybe a better option for a merchant account. John leaves the call early.

Josh talks about working on project for a mortgage company that is doing lead generation. Josh talks about the details and how the project need to be finished.

Josh shares his thoughts on being stressed, and feeling uncomfortable doing new projects and not knowing how to get all the work done. Josh says he feels like a “Fraud.”

Josh talks about doing a coaching call with his first student, Kathy. Josh mentions having a total of 4 coaching students as of now. He talks about his on-boarding process for new students. Chuck asks about how he is balancing all the work and project, especially with Simple Programmers partnership starting up.

Josh talks about Simple Programmer's “How to Market Yourself” course and sales numbers. Josh shares more about information on the milestones he has to reach as a partner with John’s company.

Josh talks about his email writing strategy for Monday’s and weekly workflow. Josh talks about creating daily habits with work.

Josh shares his ideas for a future product and marketing strategy.

Chuck mentions that this week was less crazy for him. Chuck sharse his retirement plan and yearly goals. Chuck talks about launching 3 products this year to help reach his financial goals. Chuck shares his health goals for the new year.

Chuck talks about using an exercise app to help keep him on track to enter a 10K run. Chuck mentions his health is the main focus for the year.

Josh talks about the uncertainty with setting an income goal for the year. Chuck and Josh talks about their working space at their home office.

Josh asks about what resources Chuck uses for formulating an income goal. Chuck talks about possibly hiring a coach of 6 months. Josh mention that 90 days is a good duration of time to begin coaching trials. Josh highly recommends hiring a coach and having the accountability.

Josh mentions having a hard time unplugging from work. Chuck talks about going along with the nonsensical things kid do when its family time.

Chuck put everyone on notice that the early bird tickets for the conferences have ended. But people are wanting to know the line up of the speakers before they purchase tickets. Josh worries about sell to many half price tickets and losing money on the overall revenue.

Thoughts of the Day!
Josh - When you’re growing you feel like a fraud

Dec 22, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 96 “Buy High Quality Yarn…”


We’re Live!

John defenders his Surface book camera issues and bandwidth issues in the transfers. 


Derick does not know what is going on with the dropping numbers of subscribers. Derick mentions that most unsubscribes are due to people not having time and changes formats.   Derick mentions how Drip creates tools he needed on demand. 


Chuck mentions a customer complaining about not being able to get a Black Friday deal. Derick is in favor of getting rid of time zones. One global wide time zone maybe a great money saver? Chuck talks about builds now working, due to time zones. 


John talks about explaining something to someone according to time zones. Derick’s kids gift him with a Star Wars crocheting kit. Chuck think that Watch Me Code with rebound after the holidays are over. Derick mention that every time there is a drop in something business, they always say “It that time of the year.”


John mentions to focus on the goal, rather than the results. Josh says Derick’s has been growing in a stair step fashion. 


John speaks about thinking about how their individual businesses are helping people, and that is a bigger reason for running a business. Derick talks about the projects that excite him and feedback that make it worth doing. Derick talks about new sponsor signing on for Q1 on the EntreProgrammers podcast. 


John talk about his experience with the Tony Robbin’s event Date With Destiny. John talks about  his exceptions of the event and people in ran into. 


John talks about discovering the Art of Achievement as the next step for his career. John talks about gaining insight on values. John talks about the being able to feel a change 


John feels the impact of the Tony Robbin’s event and realize another understanding of success. John recommends that Tony Robbin’s events are worth the money. John recommend watching the TED talk of Tony Robbins to get a better idea of what the event is about. 


John shares more on the event, activities, exercises, and action items.  


Chuck mentions his 36th birthday just pass, and taking care of his father needs. Chuck realizes caring for his family is top priority. Chuck realizes that he has to take care of himself more, and watch out for his future health. 


Derick says that caring for his family is the reason he needs his business to work. Derick talks about when he realized his moment of relief when he shut down SignalLeaf. 


John talks about “coincidences” and similar patterns each member is having within the EntreProgrammers. 


Chuck ask for feedback on the Text To Join project.  Chuck shares in some challenges with funds, and making ends things come together. 


Chuck shares his thoughts on paying himself a salary and having an emergency fund. Chuck says he wants the adventure in choosing what he wants to do, without the stress.  Chuck mentions “The Eventual Millionaire” podcast and the action items he is implementing. 


Derick mentions that one has to adjust to the level of uncertainty no matter what time management system you are using. John talk about rewriting the future of your plan. 


Chuck says his rule about breaks is to walk away from his computer, and flirting with his wife, or play games on his phone.  Derick is still on his winter crocheting run. 


Josh brings up some new features of Drip maybe offering.  The EntreProgrammers take turns apologizing to Rob for talking about these feature early. Josh endlessly talks about the exciting Drip features. Nerd.


Josh talks about a possible customer who is in the Home Building and Real Estate niche. Josh talks about bumping up is fees. Josh talks about his coaching strategies for a student and her emails. Josh gives some feedback on a coaching call that his student has won. 


Josh will be promoting Sumome on his list. Derick mention he lost two subscribers as he was on the call. 

Thoughts the Week!

Chuck  - If you want something acted on it!

Josh -  Most people under estimate what they can do in a day…

John -  “Achieve without fulfillment, is the ultimate failure”

Derick - Buy high quality yarn… Take a step back and relax…


Dec 15, 2015

Episode 95 “Smoking, Crocheting, and Bigfoot”


We’re Live!


Derick shares his sick story, and running his new smoke house business. Josh suggestion using a Darth Vader mask when smoking meats!


Derick has picked up crocheting again. Put your orders in for your favorite pot holders or scarfs. 


Josh talks about making pot holders as well, and getting into leather craft. 


Derick’s total sales on his Black Friday sales was over seven thousand dollars, Derick mentions that one sales push him over his annual income goal. Derick is pretty excited about the actual take home income. Derrick is still very happy about his entrepreneurial journey. 


Josh suggest the Derick should bundle in Watch Me Code with the rest of the bundle sales. 


Derick mentions that his subscriber numbers keep going up and down. Derick talks about the emails, and unsubscribes. Josh ask about the traffic to the sites. Derick mentions disabling the some emails, to focus on the launch sequence. 


Derick talks about things in the work for 2016, as far as virtual conference and working with some Chuck.  Chuck ask what Derick is trying to accomplish overall in the next year.  Derick explains the details of what he would like to do in the new year. 


Josh suggest SumoMe Pro to Derick!


Josh suggest tools for Derick to implement. 


Josh talks about an email marketing guide for e-commerce, and some of the strategies use to market this guide. 


Chuck suggest borrowing audiences and guest posting, to gain subscribers and a bigger following. Josh mentions doing a guest podcasting and posting as well.  Derick mentions needing pushing to create a plan.   


Chuck suggests how Derick and create a plan.  Chuck talks about the types of plans and ways to foresee the needs of your business and life style. 


Josh talk how his goal changed since beginning work with John. 


Josh plans to get his mail list to 10,000 in 2016. Chuck is pushing everyone today. Chuck talks about growing his list as well. 


Josh talks about getting his first 2 coaching students. Josh is trying to limit the email access that he has open to coaching. Josh talks about the coaching features he is offering.  


Chuck mentions the numbers of and topics of React. Josh talks about packaging a book up to create extra income. 


Josh share a little information on the partnership with John and Simple Programmer. Josh mentions that income growth over the last few years, and he is excited about where he is at. 


Chuck mention he is sitting on over 40 grand of invoices, to get by and pay his people. Chuck is thinking about dropping the Silver Sponsorship, because it has the least conversions. 


Chuck mention that he want to get a Dev Chat.TV app out. Chuck mention this would be for feedback to the hosts, and a communication tool for die hard fans. Also, Chuck would like to do video versions of the podcast. 


Chuck say building the email list first is the main focus for now. Chuck talks about the conferences tickets details and the package deals. 


Chuck share the moving around of the conferences. Josh questions the sizes of the packages of the conferences. Chuck mention the packages will drop off as the conferences happen. 


Chuck asks if Josh has his emails ready to going in Drip. Josh suggests how Chuck should do his email strategy. 


Derick mentions he would signup for the round up from Dev Chat TV, but this is a particular kinda of listener. This give Chuck a better idea about how to email subscribers.  


Chuck it thinking about doing a podcast about mythological creatures with his 10 year old son. Derick shows up is lay down desk. Chuck talks about parent kicking each other out of bed, and snoring situations. 

Thoughts of the Day   

Josh - It is really easy to sell yourself short…

Derick  - The Automatic Customer

Chuck -  Take a minute to recognize what you have!


Dec 8, 2015

Episode 94 “Ultimate Warrior Diet 2.0”


Josh ask if John had a cold. Josh explains he was absent week because he was sick. 


John shares his excitement about the Surface Pro, except for the bugs. Is it still worth it? John further explains the Surface Pro Dock. 


Josh mentions he hates the “one connection for everything port.” Josh brings up the possible changes in the next generation of iPhones. 


The EntreProgrammers talk about how Apple is not as innovative as they use to be. Nothing has changed in Apple products except devices getting thinner. 


Chuck speaks about Pebble Time and the Apple watch. Chucks talks about what he likes about both.  John talks about the workout app on the Apple Watch. 


John mentions he is probably shorting Apple’s Stock with all his complaints to his audience. Chuck talks about how he would not spend and extra 400 dollars on an Apple watch compared to others on the market. 


John stops the Ultimate Diet 2.0. John talks about the 5 years of body fitness data he acquired and his next step. John is gives us the details about the Ultimate Warrior Diet 2.0. 


Josh fill us in about his Black Friday sales with his client Wes, and compared it to last years revenue.


John talks about how Josh should be doing a giveaway every quarter, to gain 30,000 subscribers. 


Josh shared contestant numbers of his Thrive competition.  Josh also talks about possibly doing a Drip tutorial video. 


Share talks about doing more Sublime stuff. John suggests that Josh have a hand off approach to this project. Josh talks about re-marketing on Facebook, and the cost to market on Facebook. 


John talks about the sticking point with Simple Programmer, with hiring people and turning it into an automated money maker.


Josh is also watching his coaching program, he mentions that subscribers are very interested in the program.  Josh’s goal is to add and increase subscribers and pricing for the coaching seats. 


Josh wants to do an analysis on the project he did for John, as a lead magnet project. Josh mentions he is a little less stressed out, know he is going to partner with John. 


Chuck talks about his busy week and projects he has coming up. Chuck mentions he did well on the season pass for the remote conferences during the Black Friday sales. 


Josh suggest a value Ad, and additional strategies Chuck could try to implement.


John talks about an email strategy to watch out for discounted prices. John mentions he forgets to use this feature. 


Josh talks about how to do a newsletter type of email that is not to spammy.  Josh explains a weekly round up news letter. 


Chuck talks about his conversation with Amy, and his email strategy for a 24 hour push for a product that the audience picks as a project. Derick may have to commit to John’s suggestion.  


Josh suggests a kind of a lead magnet to Chuck. John suggests a lead magnet, something to do with the podcast that Chuck can offer. John suggests a best of Chuck’s podcasts, as a lead magnet. 


Chuck feels good about the suggestions the mastermind is giving him. 


Josh shares that he just got an email form Perry Marshall that he wrote for him. 

Dec 1, 2015

“Just the Die Hards”


John and Chuck talk about possibly going out for Black Friday. John mentions that he doesn’t care for the effort you have to go through during Black Friday. 


John thinks about the miss deals to those who buy early, then Black Friday deals hit. How do those people feel?  


Chuck share some stats on the early conference tickets of the entire year. Chuck sales for the tickets are available to purchase now. Chuck talks about the unsubscribes, but realizes why he even has the list, if he is not trying to market to them. 


John talks about what Chuck should do with his email list. 


 Chuck talks about the sponsorship durations and costs. Chuck plans to sell the ads space for Simple Programmer.  John is talking about creating a media kit. Chuck need Josh to look at his media kit as well. 


John mentions Josh’s copy is still bringing in sales. 


John shares a story called “Fight My Wife.”  John mentions Derick is doing well with his sale. 


Johns talks about his diet and workout during the Thanksgiving holiday. John may change up the Ultimate Diet his is currently on. 


John may have found a lawyer for the new partnership with Josh. John mentions that Josh will be apart of the Simple Programmer team starting in January. 


John hired a video editor for the new Simple Programmer stuff.  John talks about the growth on Youtube with 80,000 view per month. John is trying to add additional iPhone videos per month. 


Chuck shares more on his video project on YouTube. Chuck is trying to decide rather to use Skype for CrowdCast. Chuck agree that it makes sense to be on YouTube. 


Chuck shares a box opening of his iPhone rig for video recording projects. Chuck plan to do a “Post Bootcamp” project. 


John and Chuck talk about the difference of the front facing camera to the rear camera on the iPhone. John mentions he is on his Surface Pro today. 


John mentions using the selfie stick to hit record if you are using the rear camera.


John and Chuck talk about using Periscope vs Youtube to build a business. 


John talks about how to get topics for videos, mostly for his audience with questions.


Chuck shares some tactics for getting people into the door for JS Remote Conf. John talks about the celebrity created on Youtube rather then Podcast. Chuck think that TV will be more like Youtube, or something more like apps on TV. Chuck shares his vision on TV channels and the business model to come. 


John talks about his new Surface book and Window 10, and some the pros and cons. John talks  about the ultra wide curved screens, and maybe switching. 


Chuck talks about the lockdown on the iPad Pro and how you cannot use it as a laptop. 


Chuck shares his goal setting strategy during this time of the year, and reverse engineering them for the new year. 


John talks about creating a 5 year financial goal over a 1 year goal. Chuck shares the target he wants to hit for the year on the Remote Conferences. 


John says he is debating making new financial goals as well. Chuck talks about the number of people he has to get in front of to meet his goals. 


John talks about The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan


Thoughts for the Week


Chuck - Don’t miss out on the important things…


John -

Resources Mention in this Episode

The One Thing


Nov 24, 2015

“That Dude Ain’t Jasmine!”


Derick is eager to get back to playing his new video games. Josh is persuaded that Derick has to much time on his hands since killing SignalLeaf. 


John is seriously thinking about purchasing the new Surface Pro laptop. John is convinced that Windows 10 is going to work better for him. 


Derick created a landing page for his Black Friday sales.  Derick creates the ultimate bundle for his customers. Derick mentions that this is going to be a one time bundle sale, after this you can purchase theses products individually. 


Josh suggests that Derick should sell his bundle at $97 instead of $79. John is possibly doing two sales on Black Friday. 


Josh shares the stats on a news letter that helps in modeling a new product sale. To first position on a trial basis, before actually completing the sale. Chuck asks exactly with Derick’s strategy is for the Black Friday sales. 


Chuck is thinking about doing an early bird ticket sales on Black Friday. Chuck wants to somehow use the new addition to his family as a way to capitalize during Black Friday. The EntreProgrammers talk about Google Analytics and Demographics. 


Chuck discuss more about sales of conference tickets and breaking even. Chuck is hoping for an average of 6 tickets per sale.  Derick says he finally remembered to do a Black Friday sale. Derick shares that he sold a RabbitMQ bundle, and a few subscriptions for Watch Me Code. 


Josh shares his income goals for the year. Josh talks about a new deal for Simple Programmer and working with John. Josh is hoping for a 49% share of Simple Programmers with John. 


Josh talks about paid retainer work. John talks about the new partnership with Josh and Simple Programmer. 


Derick talks about changing clients, jobs and projects. John mentions that he is still on the Ultimate Diet 2.0. John talks about removing gluten from his diet, but eating birthday cake.  John talks about his vision improvement experiment. 


John talks about hiring people on UpWork as a video editor. John has 11,00 subscribers and 70,000 views per month. 


Chuck is thinking about hiring a developer to help with Dev Chat TV. Chuck is looking for a cheaper developer to help on the projects. Chuck is talking about a possible open source project. This may leave Derick as the solo EntreProgrammer. 


Derick mentions how marketing became apart of his job and how he does not care for it much. 


John shares the final number of his recent launch, he made 41,674 dollars. John talks about the issues he experienced during the webinar, with video issues. John says the his next webinar will have a chat forum.  


Josh is talking about doing more guess posts and an e-book. 


EntreProgrammers talk about the MicroConf. retreat they're planning.  


John recommends Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. Josh shares his thought about the book, The Martian. 


John and Josh is looking for a business lawyer!

Thoughts for the Week

John - Slow down and do things right. 

Sorry the video was cut short for some reason!

Resources Mention in this Episode 


Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill

Nov 17, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 90

Josh ‘Cha-Ching’ Earl 


John is returning from his civil duty. Derick comes to us from the DFW Airport. EntreProgrammers discuss jury selection questions. John  gives pointers for getting out of Jury Duty. 


Chuck shares the attendee numbers for Rails Remote Conf. Chuck drops us more information about the upcoming remote conferences, and his plans to execute the logistics.


Chuck mentions he is getting his “Competent Communicator” in Toast Masters. Chuck has mastered how to stop using, the annoying Ahhs, Umms, You Knows, and So,in his speech delivering.   Chuck talks about his plans to streamline organization and workflow. 


John gives us the numbers for the sale of “How to Market Yourself.” A whooping 484 purchases  yielding $39,817. Josh gets 10 percent too. John talks about the conversion rates and traffic coming to the products page. John shares the awesomeness of Josh’s copywriting skills and packaging. John shares plans for the shipping and fulfillment of the books sold. 


Chuck mentions Crowdcast to John. John is on a boring carb day. John is looking out to see if he has a gluten intolerance. 


Josh talks about his email marketing strategy, and the stories he incorporated into the open-loop emails. 


Derick is down 6 subscribers at 420. Derick may give his Nodember talk to his Watch Me Code subscribers.  


John talks about Kajabi. John finds the Kajabi features interesting and might be one of the better ones. Josh thinks that the biggest problems with these kind of services is the Analytics and Payments. Josh mentions having to use PayPal for the sales numbers to be as high as they are now.


Josh and John are thinking about teaming up. Josh would be about a partner in Simple Programmer. Josh talks about the salary he needs verses the industry he is working in now with his clients. 


Chuck thinks this is a bad idea, because he needs Josh to help make 40 grand too. Josh shares that this may be a great partnership. 


Chuck talks about the list building actions that Josh had written about and how important the email list really is. 


Chuck says he is thinking about doing a giveaway. The EntreProgrammers talks about Web Storm.They discuss some giveaway ideas such as a Drone or a Raspberry Pi. 


Chuck gets advice from Josh and John about the marketing strategies for giveaways. 


Josh ask Johns about using the launch to leverage and get him on Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas. 


John shares more information about the Nasty Amazon reviewer of Soft Skills.

Thoughts for the Week

Josh -  Get back on the horse and do it again.

John -  Recognize where you have weakness.

Chuck  - Building systems. 


Resources Mentioned in this Episode



Web Storm  

Nov 10, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 90

“I Got a Keg…”


Alright, we’re live. Derick awaits the delivery of his Black Ops 3 copy. John is having second thoughts about his vision improvement experiment. John is experimenting with another diet. John shares his thoughts on his weight gain after loading up on carbs, and  somehow lost it all again. Derick thinks he was just carrying around a bunch of crap for several days. John defends his diet with a huge scientific explanation.  John is also doing ephedrine and caffeine stacks. Very extreme? 


John talks about a guy from Tim Ferris latest episode, who shares information about a similar diet to John’s one meal a day.


Derick hits 427 active subscribers at full subscription price.  Derick is having an influx of subscribers so far. 


John asks about Mix Panel. John is leaning toward Google Analytics, andlearning more about how to use it. The EntreProgrammers talk about the better tools to uses for marketing from a programmer perspective.   


Josh talks about how he rigged up his marketing tools by hooking King Sumo to Mail Chimp, and then into Drip. Derick talks about the Marketing Strategies of Grav3yardgirl on YouTube. 


Derick is excite about the upcoming Nodvember on the 14-15th in Nashville Tennessee Derick mentions he has the perfect audience for the RabbitMQ bundle. Josh talks about “wet” appetites. Derick shares a bit about the process on writing the ‘talk’ he is going to deliver.


Josh talks about the Surface Book Pro, and he may not adopt it just yet…


John talks about how Target will not sell an iPhone without activation with a carrier. John had the same experience with Best Buy. Class Action Lawsuit anyone? Josh talks about going back to the old size iPhone, when Apple decides to go back the early standard size. 


John asks why we even need a cell phone, 95% of mobile uses it not cell phone calls. 


John had some Ads made by 99 designs for the Perfect Audience campaign. Josh gives some pointers about the images for the Perfect Audience ads. John mentions that these images are for the retargeting of the audience. 


Josh talks about the information the Facebook has about people. Facebook and ‘Big Data’ are in bed together, so they already know your mortgage and salary. Josh mentioned that Perfect Audience never got back to him about why they never approved his site. 


Josh decided to go to MicroConf. Josh wants to do a Lightening Talk, but may have missed the window. 

Thoughts for the Week

Derick - Its all about the journey, not the destination  

John - Don’t be afraid to fail your way to success

Resources  Mention in the Episode 





Nov 3, 2015

"The Dream Crusher"


Whazz up!

Josh express his frustration with Apple, OSX, and iOS. Derick mentions pissing off Apple support. Josh mentions that Apple has gone downhill since the passing of Steve Jobs. 


Derick and Josh talk about having too buy app and plugins to make things function like a Windows. Derrick apparently hate Power Shell.  


John realizes less is more, when is come to monitors. Derick talks about the need for a second monitor when he was coding. 


Derick talks about the rising subscribers to Watch Me Code. Derick is adjusting all his marketing tools, as far as emails and campaigns. Derick is not sure where the following is coming from, but they’re welcome to join Watch Me Code.


Derick shares his realization of how odd his day jobs is as far as being self employed. Pretty cool, to get paid for writing blog and recording videos or EntreProgrammers and Watch Me Code. Derick is swapping service with another developer, and mentor this person. 


Derick ask Josh to help with the discount code dilemma. John says its not okay to bring hookers over, after the discount code as expired. 


John says it not going to matter if the person or customers uses the discount code, because they’re slim to none. 


Josh suggestion putting the discount code in Drip. John ask if Scarcity Samurai takes care of this issue. Derick talks about possibly writing some code for the one time discount code, John suggestion using Scarcity Samurai instead. Derick ask the mastermind what he could possibly do to create scarcity. The mastermind help with suggestions of what Derick should do.


Derick is tired of trolls, or comments. John makes mama jokes as stupid comments. The EntreProgrammers talk about stupid comments on blogs or on YouTube channels. 


Josh is working on John’s launch.  Josh gets an endorsement from Ben Settle.  Josh talks about  the launch email sequence for John’s Simple Programmer Project. Josh shares some upcoming client work for a Gym. John suggests reading Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff.  


Josh talks about if he could have any business he wanted. Josh mention he would like to have a super huge email list and interview type job. Josh talks about working on acquiring Facebook traffic. John talks about what he would do different with what he knows now, if he were to start a new business.  The mastermind talks about how to market a product with or without as built product. The EntreProgrammers advise Josh to find a ‘worth while’ business to revive. 


John want to create a partnership to grow Simple Programmer with Josh or someone. John is hoping to have a hands off approach with Simple Programmer over some time. John advises against reckless paid acquisition.


Chuck talks about when to know to kill the project if it is not working out.  


Chuck is systemizing the conferences to his helpers can get them taken care of. Chuck talks about  the Smart TV product. Chuck is look for a list of companies who are eager to jump on the Smart TV app project.  John does not like the idea, but suggest a co founder to help. John fears that Chuck will hit a burnout stage. Chuck ask how he could find more clients.


The EntreProgrammers talk about meeting on March 30th for MicroConf. John want MicroConf to sponsor the EntreProgrammers. Josh is not sure is if he is going to make it. 

Thoughts of the Week

Derick -  I am hungry

John -  You got to be willing to die to be born again

Chuck -  Make a goal, make a plan, and make it happen  

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Scarcity Samurai

Pitch Anything

Oct 27, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 88

“Now I Got A Leaf Blower…”


And we’re live!

John comes to us live from downtown Tampa, at an Elliot Holst’s seminar. John talks about the exciting correlations between his career and Elliot’s career.


Derick mentions he purchased and Subaru Outback. After a trade-in 1200 bucks. No car payments, Awesome!


Derick shares some feedback on his Watch Me Code stuff. Derrick has 420 active subscribers. Derick is working on growing the subscribers. Josh suggest that Derick, that he should do webinars. 


Derick is now sending 4 emails a week, and curating content.


John is working with the Perfect Audience program and is very excited about the features he has setup. John is holding a design contest for the How to Market Yourself material. 


Johns is thinking about retargeting his audience to Facebook, like mentioned in the Perry Marshall book.  John is thinking about using Perfect Audience for Facebook. 


John mentions that his wife bought tickets for him to see Tony Robins. Josh ask if John will be doing a fire-walk. John talks about the pricing to see Tony Robins. Chuck mentions the break throughs people experience  might be worth the price tag.


John’s youtube channel has reached 10k subscribers. John mentions that 10k subscribers equals 200 dollars on youtube, just think what the million subscribers means in sponsorship revenue.  John is still working on the 80% fat diet. John may switch to the Ultimate Diet 2.0.  John mentions Lyle McDonald and his diet expertise. And Is that a spider behind John?


Chuck talked to a Code Group Bootcamp in South Africa over Skype. Chuck made an appearance on Cloud Radio podcast, and Read The Source podcast.


Josh talks about possibly teaching newbies or giving an introduction to coding in its simplest form. Derick mentions an article about students handwriting code on paper, without a computer. 


Josh talks about teaching patterns to those new to code. Derick talks about board games to help teach code to newbies.  Then EntreProgrammers discuss the stylistic ways of teaching and learning code. 


Chuck talks about listening to The Eventual Millionaire Podcast. Chuck shares the process of (30X), which is teaching someone 30 times to do what you do. This process should save time in the future of efficiency and production.


Josh is trying to come up with a process to post to all his social media tools. Josh may need to hire a VA to take care of this process. Josh asks about Book Keepers. Chuck talks about how he does his own books. 


Derick describes his book keeping tactics. 

Thoughts for the week

Josh - Being Ok with how work is going, rather you feel it or not.

Chuck -  Make sure you are doing the most important thing, now!

Derick - Appreciate what you have…

The EntreProgrammers anticipate news from MircoConf. and Rob Walling. 

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Perfect Audience

Ultimate Diet 2.0

Perry Marshall

Oct 20, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 87

"No Glare Coating..."


Alright we’re live! Josh has some hope for Johns will to improve his vision. John shows his collection of eye glasses. John admits the eye experiment is a pain.


Chuck makes a good point about John’s experiment and positive mindset are aiding his success. Chuck mentions Carol Dweck’s book Mindset. Also some talk about Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins. Chuck shares learning about where you are putting your money. 


EntreProgrammers talk about headphones and audio quality.  


John shares his thoughts on the Richest Man in Babylon story. 


Chuck is talking about using a standup desk, and having experienced some energy improvements.  Chuck explains the stand up desk health benefits. 


Chuck is restarting a morning routine, thanks to Hal Elrod’s book Miracle Morning. 


John feels like he is doing the opposite of Chuck routine. John talks about turning the routine into a habit over time.


Chuck has a schedule for his Remote Conferences that he is hosting every month. 

The Conferences are on these following topics:

Java Script -  January 

Freelancing -  February

Ruby - March,

iOS - April

Podcasting - May 

Get in June, Newbie - July 

Robots -  August, 

Angular - September       

Rails - October 

Dev-Ops - November

No Sequel - December  


Chuck talks about the specific details for the Newbie Conference. Josh is interested in the idea, because this resource did not exist when he was learning to code.  


Josh talks about funnels and emails for these remote conferences. Chuck is going to talk about podcasting at a conference in Salt Lake City. Chuck asks what he could possibly do to gain interest with small business owners. John suggest collecting emails. 


Josh has been tracking his writing through out the week. Josh is working on doing a thousand words per day.  John mentions enjoying Josh’s emails. Josh shares information and gaining a  new client. 


Josh talks about how he is enjoying the Discovery process to on board new clients. 


Johns talks about the effects of 0 Carbs diet. Josh stops the Steak and Eggs diet, because he was getting snappy toward people.


John mentions the features of Josh mentions the Sales Force, and the issues with CRMs. Chuck shares his complains with the CRMs he was using. 


John suggests going to Upwork or Clarity.FM and hire a professional, or book time to learn how to use Sales Force. 


John talks about how well the sales page and copy was written by Josh. 


Chuck talks about the email system he uses to coordinate is panel podcasts. John talks about the mail merge features and customizable features that help you get things done.


John is exploring the things he is excited about. John is working on getting conversion rates up. John has put out jobs on Fiverr and Upwork for his workbook project.  


John has been working with Perfect Audience and learning to use the system of retargeting. Josh ask if Perfect Audience was similar to Custom Audiences on Facebook? John talks the tracking and pixels in the emails. 


Josh is not to keen on the traffic he is attracting. Josh talks about the power of Facebook tracking or marketing strategies. Josh suggest to John and Chuck to learn to market on Facebook. 


John talks about finding sponsors and creating a media kit for the sponsorship levels. 


John mention that he is typing 55 words per minute, with correct technique. John talks about updating the EntreProgrammers Website, or changing servers. Should be running faster

Thoughts for the Week

John - Sometimes your have to slow the EFF down

Josh -  Balance Creativity and Consumption

Chuck - How you start your day matters

Resource Mentioned in this Episode 



Money Master the Game

Miracle Morning’s+book+Miracle+Morning.

Oct 14, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 86

 "Steak, Eggs, and Butter"


We’re Live!   

EntreProgrammers talk about using earbuds while driving and breaking the law. Using bluetooth headphones, and some  of the issues that arise while doing errands. 


Chucks talks about the bluetooth cassette. Here is some talk about the good ole Radio Shack. Derick talks about only using Radio Shack for Arduino parts. 


John is not sure his vision is improving, he is still experimenting with other type of reading glasses.  He mentions if there is no progress in a month he may ditch the experiment. 


John experiments with his diet and vision are a ticking time bomb, says Derick.


The EntreProgrammers talk about the Dvorak keyboard. Also, a show and tell of their keyboard preferences.  


Derick mentioned the Jeff Atwood keyboard and blog. Also some talk about the Page-up function. Function+Up Down Arrows.


John mentions the Surface book. He would have bought a Surface Book a year ago if it was out then. 


Derick mentions that El Captain OSX is finally catching up to some of the function of Microsoft.


Derick sent of his first email pitch for his Watch Me Code series. And the best of campaign, with a 32% open rate.  Derick shares his ideas with the marketing strategy with the Watch Me Code subscription. 


John thinks that this strategy is going to work for Derick and have some great conversion rates. John talks about the aggressive pitching and how the may or may not help.


The EntreProgrammers talks about the settings on Drip, and how to to read the tracking and open rates on the emails. The EntreProgrammers discuss the lead scores and which to pitch too. They mention that they may eventually get an email from Rob Walling. 


John suggest pitching to a larger group instead of a smaller group, even if there may be some unsubscribes. 


Derick mentions what he is going to do with his email pitch, based on the conversation with the mastermind.  John mentions a 2 week email sequence before the primary email list, then the pitch. John talks about the bulk import, and things to watch out for when implementing this action. 


Derick decides he is going to do this campaign in the next few weeks. 


Chuck did a Periscope everyday last week. He mentions the great feedback he has been getting with this strategy. 


Chuck'sDev Chat TV manual has turn into a book, this is has gone from a dev chat tv manual to a book about podcasting. John mentions that Chuck needs to hire someone from Upwork who knows Adobe InDesign to create the book design for Chuck.


John mentions to sell on multiple platforms. In order to maximize on it. Josh suggest focusing on writing to book first. 


Chuck mentions reading “The Alchemist” by Pualo Coelho


John thinks that to many platforms may be dicey. John talks about the define lines between the many different things Chuck is doing as far as Podcast course, developing, and how to run a business.  Josh talks about how to blog about each, rather it is personal or business. 


Derick talks about how he found a sweet spot in his work life and family life. He said that he does not feel like he needs to work more then he has too. Also, he had a realization that he has reached a career goal that he had dreamed of since high school.


John mentions that he is glad for Derick, and feels that it is worth it to work and go at life at a comfortable pace. John mentions the Attitude of Gratitude and living the dream.  


John shares his crazy week of 80% fat diet. He feels more energy everyday. John goes to McDonalds to hits his Daily Marcos.


John does a big sale and talks about the bulk email screw up, and having to do manual fixes in the emails. And after some struggles, John was able to bring in 10k. John shares some information on a blogging course. 


John has just signup for Perfect Marketing to help with the retargeting of traffic and optimization. 


John talks about DPD and having to create a new store, for the 5 dollar book. Also some talks about Gumroad and Vat Tax. 


Josh is trying a steak and eggs diet, with shots of heavy cream.   Josh mentions he is getting sick from the butter on the eggs. 


Josh is try to step up his writing to create engaging people. Josh is doing new pitches for Copy critique and Discover process package He is creating a new contact form to categorize the level of the project. Serious people only!


Josh talks about the leverage of a guess post. Josh mentions that he has to be careful who he does a guess post with. 

Thoughts of the Week

John - You’ll hate your hobby, if you are starting to get paid for it. 

Josh - Relearn how important goals are to you. 

Chuck - If you are communicating with someone, then your have the opportunity to make a difference.       

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Jeff Atwood

Surface Book

“The Alchemist” by Pualo Coelho

Perfect Marketing

Oct 6, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 85

Interesting, If Not Beneficial


Alright we’re live! John is already working on improving is vision. John says it is to soon to tell if his experiment is working. John’s mentions that his wife is doing the eye exercises as well. She may be on to something, as her last vision test was a small improvement. 


John is doing the 48 hour fasting experiment. He mentioned he is suffering some mental challenges by not eating enough. John is now experimenting with a 85% fat diet. John says its is similar to to Paleo diet. Johns explains how the Ketosis diet works.


Derick subscribers are still growing since he announced his birthday sales. He thinks the primary difference is that he is talking about Watch Me Code to his email list. Derick talks about all the different series that are available on the new series page. This page should work well on any device your using from tablets to desktop. 


Derick mentions that he is sending more email then he ever has. Derick talks about the new email sequence he is implementing. John is interested in the strategy Derick is trying out. John thinks this will filter out those who are not so interested. Derick may have to deal with un-subscribers with all these email going out. 


Derick talks about a double opt-in for his email strategy, and shares how his strategy is slightly different from Ben Settle’s . 


Derick thinks his new strategy will drive new traffic to his page. John is curious to see what will happen with Derick's new email strategy. Derick is excited that these are subscribers who are not using coupons and discount codes. 


Derick mentions doing a podcast interview with Matt Krammer. MK 015 “Using Email List for Traction.” Derick also mentions that there are no traces of SignalLeaf anymore, it is completely dead!


John asks why he couldn’t make his iPhone into to a webcam or at least connected to his computer over wifi or usb? Is there an app for this feature?


Josh mentions that Derick’s email strategy may lead to an influx of sales, then a drop off.  Derick mentions that he is two weeks ahead or his work. Derick thinks that his productive is due to killing SignalLeaf, and his son’s health is stabilizing. 


Chuck hosted the Angular Remote Conf. last week. Chuck mentions that everything went well and got a ton of great feedback. People have asked Chuck to do a monthly Remote Conference. John thinks a yearly pass that allows you to pick from four out of six for the year is a good idea. Chuck is still playing with the idea, but thinking about doing six remote conferences. 


John thinks that Chuck may have found his synergy with podcasting and remote conference. 


Chuck is talking about creating apps for the new “AppleTV” type systems. This will mean approaching media companies who want to be on this new platform. Welcome to “TV Chuck.” Josh ask Chuck if he has read “Million Dollar Consulting,” a great suggestion for this type of venture. 


Josh talks about how he was approach by a certain prospect. Josh was reluctant to take on this client. Josh talks about the process and changes he is implementing with the new client he is taking on. 


Josh gets a new iPhone 6s, and talks about the 3D touch feature. The EntreProgrammers talk about the cell phone companies systems and upgrades. Derick talks about how his service is grandfathered in on the unlimited data for 35 dollars. 


John mentions the the Google cell phone service. Hmm, that may make Android profitable finally, Derick says. 


Josh drops a few quotes from Hacker News. Josh shares some feedback about Infusion Soft consultants. Josh was not received well by the letters he mailed out. However, he has the consultants talking about the handwritten letters. Josh talks about the plan B, if this strategy does not work. 


Chuck asks Josh how to go about posting a news letters on LinkedIn. Josh talks about the importance of the subject line and how to create a engaging title. 


Josh maybe taking over certain sections on Simple Programmer. John shares his future plans with Simple Programmer.    


John talks about how he redesigned the podcast page, products pages and resources page on Simple programmer. 


John is having issuing from Reddit. Derick blocked Reddit and redirected the traffic to Google. 


The EntreProgrammers discuss the difference between the Pop-up and the Welcome Mat. 

 Thoughts for the Week

Chuck - Keep the positive mindset.

Josh - Spend the time to re-enforce the value

Derick -  Your mailing list is your life blood. 

John -  Don’t keep doing something, just because you were doing it before… 

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Ben Settle

Matt Krammer Podcact with Derick Bailey

“Million Dollar Consulting” by Alan Weiss

Sep 29, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 84

"I Could Stick My Head Up a Cow's..."


We’re Live!


Derick is sad to see go as a sponsor. Thanks to RayGun.IO for sponsoring the EntreProgrammers Podcast. 


John’s T-Pain vocal effects are not working. Technical Issues with his mic. 


Derick is also having a happy week. Derick gain 86 new subscribers to Watch Me Code, which is an overall 25% increase. Awesome!


Derick has been working on updating his website, redoing the subscription section. Derick is planning to work on a new Drip sequence for his email list. 


John suggest implementing a new offer to upgrade the new subscribers to a full year, to keep them of dropping off over time. Derick mentions he has a better hold on the marketing strategies and tools.


Derick gives an update on his son’s tests. Derick so far is getting back on track and is happy with this past week’s success. 


Josh ask if Derick is able to do a webinar to build up more clients. Josh shares his vision on the webinar idea. 


Derick may possibly pitch to John’s audience for a webinar idea. John thinks that creating a joint product with be more affective, then pitching as an affiliate.  


John share a pitch he did to is email list for Steve Young, and it was not a success for the mobile app marketing. 


Josh mentions “White Labeling,” idea. Which may be an interesting way to market digital products. John talks about another strategy of purchasing licensing to the product and selling and keeping 100% profits. 


Derick talks about how there are tons of great ideas, and still working on catching up to them. 


Josh drop 128 envelopes into the mail, which is a  sales letter to Infusionsoft consultants. This is a partial handwritten letter. This project took Josh 8 hours to complete. Josh is trying to get more copywriting clients. Josh is thinking about doing a monthly newsletter to keep his prospects in the loop. Josh is implementing a “Host Parasite” practice.  


Josh shares all the connections he is making and people he is talking too. Josh mentions he may be attending a Dan Kennedy meet up. 


Josh hired a coach Laurie, who is helping him with staying on track and to network with her audience as well.


John talks about eating one meal every two days, a 48 hour fast! John talks about science behind this, because no one has ever done this.  John then runs 6 miles after eating a meal when the fast of complete.  John continues to talk about the fasting through out the week. 


John shares that the fasting has been “hell,”  and s difficult experiment.


John talks about getting depressed during the fast. John is talking about all the “Should I do this or …” On the other hand, John talks about the depression might be because he was not eating and it may have had a mental impact. John may write a blog post called “How I Broke Myself,” about his fasting experiment.


Derick talks about the depression that occurs in some entrepreneurs, and how not eating right may cause a depression or  may kill motivation. 


John talks about the Ketogenic diet experiment done by a certain individual, which is an experiment he wants to try. Derrick mention that John turns EntreProgrammers into an episode of Get Up and Code.


John talks about the mental consequences when experimenting with these diets. Derick shares his diet changes in caffeine and specific times he eats, and how that has improved certain things in his workflow and concentration.


John talks about book “Shopcraft as Soulcraft” by  Matthew Crawford. John is interested in the rewards of creatively and the negative psychological effects of getting paid to do your passion. Sort of Kinda?


John talks about reaching the level of wealth to have complete freedom. This is somewhere between 5k-20k of passive income. Josh talks about how some people will inflate their lifestyle, and it is not realistic. John say to go “Get the FU money!”


In other news! John is learning to type. The EntreProgrammers talk about their  struggles learning to type in the past. John is spending 30 minutes a day retraining himself to type the proper way. 


John is going to get rid of the need for glasses. John talks about practice and self training to correct his own vision. Another interesting experiment he is willing to try. 


John talks about his book, “Soft Skills” is doing great on John hit #2 in the Health subject, and #3 in Computer science. 


The EntreProgrammers discuss the political options or having no options. 

Thoughts of the Week

Josh - Rather people value what your do for them, it depends on how your positioned in their mind.

Derick  - Do one thing a day. Something small.

John -  Trust the process. Your brain will automatically learn, and own the process. 

Resources Mentioned in this Episode 

Steve Young 

Mobile App Marketing

Dan Kennedy 

Shopcraft as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford

Soft Skills - audio book

Sep 22, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 83

“Penguins with Erectile Dysfunction”


We’re Live

John in no longer a nomad. John talks about t the bad review guy, still not a friend of Simple Programmer. 


John’s audio version of SoftSkills is now out. John is hitting about 100 new subscriber a month for the book links. 


Derick does 37 subscriptions for 5 dollar a month to commemorate his 37th birthday.  All subscriptions are sold-out. 


Derick once again announces his dislike for PayPal. But really enjoys the services of Strip.  


Josh talks about how Derick should create a developer how could create a plugin for the payment options. 


John mentions how Derick should rise prices. But mention how they can lock in the lower prices. 


John ask if it is possible to sneak more people in at 5 dollars a month.  Derick say he can do a discount code instead. John talks a “Name Your Price,” or some sort of “support you,” idea  or model. 


Parton account and freezing your money?


Derick is still holding up and managing to take care of his son and what business plans he has. 


John is thinking about creating a forum for about 50 dollar month. This will have premium  level people who are serious about marketing and blogs. 


Chuck give john some feedback about the communities and type of things to consider.  


Josh suggest that John go through the Copy Chief forum talk a look at what they are doing as far as prices and content.  Josh thinks this is a gook investment. John want to build a passive forum oppose to actively caring for the site. 


Josh suggest a paid google or Facebook forum or discussion group. Or a group coaching program. John think he need less interaction. 


Josh ask what would be that ideal travel duration next time John is on vacation. John  goes into minimalist mode. 


Chuck talks about possibly becoming a media broker or agent to help blogs and podcast who want sponsorship.   Chuck is thinking about high traffic sites like Simple Programmer, and when it is worth he may help lower traffic sites. Chuck is thinking about ways to integrate tracking. 


Chuck talks about the sponsorship level he has on Dev Chat.TV. Chuck can’t seem to keep his Silver Level sponsors. John suggest that whoever leaves Dev Chat. Tv as a sponsor can perhaps go over to Simple Programmer as a sponsor. 


Chuck brings in a bit of cash for the Angular Remote Conf. through an email reminder. John talks taking offers for sponsorship for Chuck. 


John mention listening to “The Martian.” John claims it to be a great book. 


Derick talks about blocking off time to practice and record episodes. John mention recording a least 4 hours a day.  Chuck talks about blocking off a day just for Rails Clips. 


Chuck talks about thing he would cut, like iFreaks and the Freelancer show, because they don’t pay for themselves. Chuck pays at least 900 dollars to produce the podcasts, and he needs it to have it bring in 3000 to pay for it’s self. 


John suggest to Chuck to pay for the Freelancers Show, Chuck needs a product to take care of the cost. 


Chuck talks about reorganizing his podcast roles. 


John mention how great Josh’s emails are written. Josh talks about creating more connections with his followers and audience. Josh is going after the Infusion Soft market.  Josh talks about a podcast he is following. Josh is talking about doing a monthly news letter to stay in front of his audience. Josh hired a coach to help him full-time to get his business running. 

Thoughts for the Week

John - Get rid of junk, even digital media.  

Chuck - People matter. 

Josh -  Get help, pay for help, it worth it.

Resources mentioned in this episode


Sep 15, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 82


Melting Snowballs!



And We’re Live!


The EntreProgrammers talk about the scary subject of having their children on the internet. John suggest no internet behind closed doors, or an intranet site. Josh says it would be a  version of the Chinese government’s version of the internet. 



John talks about a time when his parents did not know anything about the internet and checking on him when he was using it. Josh talks about the rate of change we experience compared to our parents. 



Derick mentions the self regulation and morals defined by parents when it come to teach kids about the internet. Chuck shares the reality of monitoring and teaching his children about he cautions of the internet or any privileges he provides to his kids. 



John talks about how kids should be producers of media instead of consuming. To much leisure time leads children into getting into trouble. 



Josh mentions the moonlighting and side jobs people had back in the 40s and how that has diminished greatly today. 



John talks about how kids are comfortable with technology, but don’t know how is works. They’re just consumers rather than creators. 



The EntreProgrammers talk about the complex education one needed to code and complete projects in development. Consequently, newer patterns and languages allow users a new and easier standard, and we no longer need the rooted knowledge as a starting point. 



John sends a survey for Simple Programmer, about “What is the most valuable thing Simple Programmers can do for you?” First off, more people want entrepreneurial content and knowledge on how to build a business, and Soft-skills content, and in-depth training videos. 



John will be back in the the states next show. John is also thinking about taking a retreat before getting back to work.  Chuck is thinking about taking some time off as well, similar to what Rob from “Startup for the Rest of Us” talks about  when getting taking vacation from work.



John is doing a meet up in Iceland with 2 people. This is the last meet up for the  summer long trip. 



John tries Vaultpress for security and backup. John is removing some stuff over to Google Domains.



Derick is still caring for his son and family needs, and excitingly building his next series of screencast for Watch Me Code. Derick is building a multi-purpose product that will potentially be 6 months worth of videos. 



Derick wants to do a variation of bundles. Possibly 28 videos and 4 series. John mentions Voltron from the 80s, as Derick talks about is multi-purpose video bundles. 



John puts “Yearly plans” back on the table. He thinks it will increase subscribers and revenue for Derick. 



Josh talks about subscriptions for a year over a monthly subscription.  Derick thinks part of his problem is not knowing who is watching what videos. Josh suggest integration with Drip.



Derick is selling more RabbitMQ bundles! Which made up for some of the dropout of customers.



John suggest releasing a free video per series with an advertisement for the entire series on YouTube.  Josh suggest doing guest blogging, but only with videos on YouTube. Josh thinks one video a week can double traffic. 



Derick talks about a subscriber who needed a few pointers to follow along with the training videos. Derick is starting to implement all that suggestions the EntreProgrammers are offering him.



John talks about the sustainable number of subscribers and melting snowballs! 



Derick asks Chuck, who is Aaron Frost. Chuck is helping make connections, networking, and cross training with Derick’s business.  Chuck talks about the networking tactic he has planned for Derick and Aaron.



Josh talks about Sitepoint



Chuck has not sold any tickets to Angular Remote Conf. 


Thoughts of the Week


John -  Not going backwards. 

Derick - Just stay afloat or just do that one thing!

Chuck - Take the time off!

Josh - Be careful who you alienate


 Resoures mentioned in this episode




Google Domains







Aaron Frost



Sep 8, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 81



And we’re live!


John shares that he is conversing with "the guy" that made a nasty review on Amazon. 


Derick says that good marketing, makes a good product. 


John talks about the back and forth chatter between him and the customer. 



Derick gives some feedback about John’s approach to communicate back to this particular customer. 



John is doing an interview with this customer on Simple Programmer, to ask questions and get his perspective. John believes that this could help his future marketing. 



Derick makes a great point that as intelligent as people maybe, marketing still has a subconscious  influence. 



Derick talks about the “gray area” with the automatic charging service by Lead Pages. Derick shares the refund service he provided with his SignalLeaf accounts. 



Josh has a new client starting next week. Josh shares about networking in the work he is able to contract. Looks like Josh is going to busy with steady work with a copywriter’s guild. John says Josh is apart of Oceans Eleven. 



Josh thinks he may have picked the worst time to start prospecting. Josh is going to start marketing himself to InfusionSoft clients and as a email copywriter.  Josh is going to use LinkedIn to find marketing consultants and those who use InfusionSoft. 



Josh shares his followers and view on LinkedIn. Chuck think that is a great place for Josh to  search for the InfusionSoft users. 



Josh mentions that InfusionSoft is really complicated and should be used by developers. Josh shares information about video testimonial he received. 



Josh talks about meeting with Perry Marshall. Josh mention he is going do go ahead and do the USP coaching program. Josh meets John Fancher 



John says that Josh’s association with the top copywriters is awesome, and he will eventually become one of them. 



Derick says he can’t seem to catch a break. Derick has been taking care of his son and daughter, and trying to keep up with work. Derick still doing blog post, even though he can seem to keep up with some other work. He mentions that some sales went stagnant. 



Josh share some data on some general marketing analysis. 50% of those who opt-in eventually buy with-in the next 18 months. Derrick talks about his email marketing pitch, and plan of attack. 



Josh ask if Derick is offering the RabbitMQ course to a JS users and course buyers. 



John mentions that they have never put a limit on the sales announcement approach. Josh mention that you are catering to your top 10% and you will often lose some. 



Derick talks about his @mention accounts and how he created his following. Josh uses Pocket to create a batch of mentions and attach it to Edgar. 



John talks about the trying to get traction on his panel group for Get Up and Code podcast.  Derick suggests not following a  specific schedule, but record whenever they needed to. Chuck suggest finding someone who will be a full on coordinator for Get Up and Code.  John brings up the idea to have Chuck take on the syndication of Get Up and Code, and organize the panel. 



Chuck talks about his podcast producing ideas for Get Up and Code. Chuck ask what John would like to get out of keeping the Get Up and Code podcast running. John mentions that he does not want to kill the podcast because there is a following.  




Josh talks about how Chuck may the only podcaster in this field who has the sponsorship and advertisement power. 



Chuck suggest using Basecamp as a work load tracker.  


Thoughts of the Week


John - Do not up-date your Linux server.

Josh -  “Money is in the list…  ”

Chuck -  Would you change for the better for your kids and family. 


Derick - You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect things to change.   

Sep 1, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 80


"2 Man Show"



And we’re live!


John is still in London and is headed to Iceland in a few mintues. 


The EntreProgrammers discuss the debt repayment, bankruptcy, and land ownership of several countries and states?



Chuck talks about how he got lucky not getting audited. Chuck shares information and risk involved in tax laws and running a business. 



John talks about how he is in-the-know, just as much as his CPA. Also, how he like to hire a second professional to give a second option. 



Derick shares that his CPA was referred to him by his lawyer. 



John talks about the caps on self-employment tax.



Chuck shares that early bird sales for Angular Remote Conf. is done! Chuck brought in over 10k in ticket sales. Ruby Rogues has an open spot for sponsorship. Chuck shares that he was a chair member at Toastmasters. Chuck mention that Toastmasters help with is public speaking and podcast production. 



Chuck ask if John did any more Periscopes.



Derick disclosed more information about his son’s condition. Derick shares more information about is subscribers and the RabbitMQ projects, and having to spent time taking care of his family.  



Derick and Chuck talk about how some of the content they create, is wanted free and how organizations like Plural Sight is the 8000 pound gorilla in the room. 



Chuck thinks that there is more of a need for Derick’s Watch Me Code over the Rabbit MQ. Chuck is convinced that if Derick did more focus on marketing Watch Me Code, his subscribers should go up. Derick mention that is exactly what he was doing, but he needs step-by-step guidance on what to do. 


Derick is going to talk to Mark about the subscription of his content. 



Chuck gives Derick a handful of strategies to help the  marketing of his business and finding something to get traction and a pay off. 



Chuck shares the strategy he uses to get guess on his podcast. This is a great way to find out about the general public, who are the followers, and  what the listeners are doing.  Chuck gives a  rundown of all the questions he has ask to get great content. 



Chuck is hoping to point out some road signs to help Derick. Derick is trying to find some focus and direction. Maybe re focus on old and current projects, or start something new?



Chuck makes a good point to not operate from a place of fear to get through tough decisions or a crisis. 



Derick thinks that he does not have any kind of consistent and constant message that is driving traffic to his product. 



Derick mentions that the beginner’s market changes quickly and keeping them as customers is always changing. Derick says he doesn’t want to stay with the beginner class. 



Chuck talks about how Derick might want to think about creating some sort of free content as a lead magnet, for some of his material.  Chuck thinks that Derick has a traffic problem instead of a content issue. 



Derick says he needs tracking, because Hotjar was not working for him. 



Chuck talks about how Derick could gain subscribers, first by building rapport and meeting in person. Chuck say its is not going to happen off the website, but only by in person meet and greets and relationship building. 


Thoughts for the Week


Chuck - Don’t spend to long evaluating! There are lots of power in focus. 



Derick - Make sure you take care of yourself and your family first.

Aug 25, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 79



Derick shares some Star Wars info. Watch out spoiler alert! Derick share some family matters with his mastermind group. Derick is trying to stay busy while taking care of his family’s needs. 



John reports from London! Good transportation system and very expensive living. 1 and 1/2 times to the dollar in pounds. John shares he gym experience and their automated system. 



Chuck mentions that the Official Angular JS Twitter account Tweets about Chuck’s conference. Tweeted to 70,000 followers.  The Unfollowers strategy is working for Chuck’s conference and audience building. Chuck is very excited about the positive feedback. 



Chuck ask his if his coupon form on his site. Should he move the form as to the sales page? 



Derick shares some information of PCI compliance with the sales form in Stripe and other sites. 



Chuck is talking about early bird ticket sales prices for 100 bucks and 200 bucks for regular sales times. Chuck shares his plans to get traction for the conference through LinkedIn and Reddit. Chuck mention that Rails Clip is picking up stream.



John has the guest posting stuff going, and feels his editor is good and doing things without asking. John is not to happy with his course being put in the retired bunch on Plural Sight. Considering that John has done a lot of work helping build up Plural Sight,  John has been ready for this to happen. John realizes he is playing in someone else’s sandbox. 



John mention the website. 



Josh has 33,512 new signups, maybe 2,000 for the old list for the giveaway. Josh is using Kinh Sumo and MailChimp for the giveaway contest. Josh shares information about him email giveaway tactic.   



Josh has a request for Rob at Drip. Josh talks about his email plan.



John share his meet up information and email issues. 



Josh does a trial run with a CRM. To do direct mail for his copywriting business. But Josh is still  happy with Drip. 


Josh talks about sales funnels according to Dan Kennedy.  Josh is trying to land Whales and not minnows.  Josh is doing guest blogging for the automated minnow side.  Whale side is base on networking, going to conferences, and manually  reaching out to them. 



John mentions the book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” by Chet Holmes. 



Josh is trying to find the stage he is in as a freelancer according to John Carlton. Josh says he is going to specialize in email marketing. In his research he found there are not to many email copywriter.  



Josh is working on working with the “whales” such as Dave Ramsey or Tony Robbins. At leash to niches that he could write copy for in his sleep, because he knows the market.  



Josh mention that finance and health are difficult niches to working for email marketing. 



Josh ask Chuck about and what it does. This helps the visibility for your LinkedIn profile. Chuck says to install the extension and going to LinkedIn and do a search by location and keywords. It keep track of who you visited and helps your presences on LinkedIn and connections.  



Chuck was able to make 30-40 connections on LinkedIn, and see everything else that he is doing. 



Josh ask if AutoPilot  breaks the service rules of LinkedIn. 



Josh mentions that LinkedIn is a good proxy for email. 



John’s profile has grown by a snowball effect, but he is not active on LinkedIn.



Thoughts for the week


John -  Don’t do low value things.


Josh - Get a USP for you business.  


Chuck - Get Balanced, make sure your bvdeliberate with things. 


Resources mention in this episode 



Aug 18, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 78  

Sideways Periscope…



We’re Live!


EntreProgrammers have a discussion about Periscope. Chuck seems to a have a pretty understand of Periscope features, considering he attended a session about it, during the Podcast Movement. Chuck is planning to use Periscope as a 

strategy to market Angular Remote Conf. 



Derick says he would use Periscope if there is a desktop version. John thinks it is like a live sex show, Kinda.  John complaint is that it only shoots vertical video. Maybe to avoid sharing with youtube?



Josh does not like the 24 hour life of the video content.



Derick thinks this is a great way to get feedback using this feature. Derick sys he is going to literally broadcast Watch Me Code. 



Chuck says to 24 hour life of the video, urges people to go and watch your video right away.  John says he is going to create an Inappropriate Periscope channel. The EntreProgrammers talk about how people prefer the anonymity when using these types of tools. 



Chuck mentions of Periscope has it own following beside the Twitter crowd. 



Derick mentions that there may be some possible uses for him when he is coding live. John says we do not know the norm of this product yet. 



Chuck talks about using 



Derick does a live Periscope of the EntreProgrammers recording.



Josh mentions his furnace started smoking.  Josh is trying to figure out what to do with this Explainer video client. Josh is looking at all aspects of marketing to help his client. But seems like there are somethings this client it choosing not to try. 



Derick talks about the bidding and contract jobs. The difference between the cheap penny pinchers and those who see the value in the product or service with high end prices. John talks about how people sometimes gravitate to the high end perceived value. 



Josh is officially speaking at the USP coaching program. Josh mention he is little uncomfortable speaking and being in the spotlight. This is a course for those who have a business and don’t really have a good idea of what they are about. 



John talks about how Josh is possibly the top 1 percent in his niche, and has all the knowledge to teach this class.  




Josh turn in his copy for a  client, who said “I thought I would be longer.” Johns gives a Michelangelo reference to Josh’s trying times.  Chuck says to vent on Periscope.



Chuck send an 18 point marketing plan. Josh thinks it maybe a little to long. Josh talks about his email contest signups. The EntreProgrammers talk about their giveaways, and the types of thing they used in their giveaways. 



Johns was approached by Udacity  to headup the Java  courses.  John is interested with cool stuff that are doing. 




Josh ask Chuck to do a run down of his list, and go through the points that have the highest value.  Chuck shares the promotional tactics and strategies he is thinking about using. John talks about interviewing Chuck to put on Simple Programmer and give information about Angular Conf. 



EntreProgrammers are pulling the plug on the Retreat, due to no signups. The EntreProgrammers talk about their own meet up plans.  John talks about the idea of possibly moving to San Diego…? The EntreProgrammers talk about possible doing something for their followers in the future. 



John talks about doing the Day of Challenges, to spend a day to focus to one member challenges. John talks about the hate email he got on Simple Programmers after the wide amount of guess post. 



John mentions the traffic he is getting is from google. John is is still working on getting a million page views in a month. John is working on freeing himself from the controls of his projects, except checking emails. John is interested in the amount of time each member does with email and work. 



Josh talks about answering an email in 3 sentences. 


Thoughts of the Day


Chuck -  Control your destiny or someone else will… 


John -  There are always more people coming in



Resources mentioned in this episode







Aug 11, 2015

 EntreProgrammers Episode 77

“Wash My Door Knob”



The EntreProgrammers discuss the how the world’s violence has diminished since the dark ages.



Chuck talks about his merchant account issues during the week. Chuck is now working on making a switch with these accounts. The EntreProgrammers talk about the beauty of Stripe accounts. 



John talks about how some vendors do not take credit cards in Europe. 



Josh talks about, that renewed his account without warning. At they do not give refunds. Derick is shutting down his account with LeadPages because of their poor customers service. 



Josh talks about his aunt who works at a hospital. She oversees the ignorant  staff who treat patience horribly and are unaware that the patiences could easy Tweet their bad experience. The hospital administration retaliates by attempting to turn off the internet on the floor of the patience. 



John talks about how companies need to think about their customer service, and research the people they service before they decide to follow through with bad service. Because, tweeting about bad service is imminent, and can ruin your leverage.



Chuck talks about his Podcast Movement experience. Chuck did a whole lot of eating and networking in Fort Worth TX. Derick talks about his dinner experience with Chuck. 



Chuck is working up setting up some training courses. Possibly a beta course then sell for regular price. This is Chuck plan to raise at least 10 thousand bucks.  John suggest sell the material before you create it. 


Take a look at, Chuck updated his site with all the suggestion from the EntreProgrammers. 



Derick ask Josh about some of the SumoMe features. Chuck ask is SumoMe Works with Drip. 



Chuck has tickets available for Angular Remote Comf. 



John talks about a course with and interesting upgrade approach by Amy Hoy



Derick figures out his SumoMe issue. 



John publish a guess post on Simple Programmer. The EntreProgrammers talks about how to embed code from Gist.  John mentions he should have a least 5 post per week on Simple Programmer. John talks about his new Get Up and Code panel podcast discussion plans. Chuck gives pointers about the process. 



Chuck talks about the guidelines for his panel podcasts. John ask if he could use Chuck’s guidelines. Derick talks about a fan who run Suggest a Guess.  John gives run down of his plan to free himself from have to watch some of his project. 



John talks about start a new project. Josh suggest moving a forum to Facebook. 



Josh mentions how he uses Copy Chief. This is his suggestion to John. This is John next project for recurring revenue. 



Derick talks about Lead Page getting backing to him about his recent Tweet. Derick mentions the Sumo Me integration with Drip. John gives a lot of hype to Thrive. Derick mentions the monthly subscription SumoMe is offering of more advance features.



Josh has 21,000 signups for his giveaway contest.  Josh is really not sure how he was able to get a huge number of signups. Josh shares information about his email strategy for his contest. 




Josh talks about some of his workflow issues with Edgar. Derick thinks John is no using Edgar to his advantage using the RSS feed instead of a blog. John may be have some traction issuse with the way he is using Edgar.



John explains where his traffic is coming from for the podcast. But still puzzled about how he is getting so many subscribers. Derick is shock that John has as many subscribers as he does, with how his setup is working. 


Thoughts of the Day


John - Think about where you were. 


Derick - Re-Focus…


Josh -  Take the time to research, or your homework


Chuck - Life is like riding a bike, in order to keep your balance, is to keep going forward


Resources mention in this episode



Sumo Me


Copy Chief

Aug 5, 2015

“EntreProgrammers Path of Destruction”




All right we’re live!


John joins us from Amsterdam. 


The EntreProgrammers talk about their path of destruction, wherever they go. 



The EntreProgrammers talk about the signups of the retreat. No takers, yet?



Some talk about Drip’s prepayment for the entire year. Here is some interesting talk about the subscription strategy.



The EntreProgrammers talk about the relevance of A&B testing in their industry, and A&B testing within Drip. 



Josh talks about his client who is running advertisement from Facebook to a landing page. Josh think this is something worth testing. 




The EntreProgrammers talk about the marketing stats and A&B testing with Drip. Josh talks about the different feature he likes to use. John mentions some of his testing strategy. 



Josh talks about the difference A&B testing does with different or variant copy. 



Josh talks about Ryan Dice’s strategy for marketing and funnel building. Josh talks about keeping marketing strategies simple. 



Josh talks about building an audience with webinars.



John talks about a ripening period of an audience before they buy. John talk about the world’s best car salesman story.   



John suggests that it may a year before Derick get more traffic. 



Josh says to start simple. Josh explains his frustrations with some of his client’s marketing strategy. 



John talk about what he would do in starting up an online  teaching business. John would come up with a 3 year plan, and eat ramen noodles, live in Thailand.  Build a couple of products to sell. Josh cautions against freeloaders who subscribe to free content.  Josh think that it may be difficult to build a huge number of dedicated audience.



John thinks that having a 3 year program and building an audience of 1000 true fans, will equal success. 



Derick said he needs 1000 true fans. Derick has done most of this for 3 years and building an audience, and done tons of work. Derick thinks that John is dead wrong with the 3 year plan idea.  Derick finds it difficult to follow John’s 3 years plan and seriously cut expenses. He thinks it may be unrealistic for the majority of people out there. 




John thinks that Youtube content could beneficial for business as apart of your regular business. 

Derick ask if it was a mistake to have Watch Me Code as a separate website. Derick talks about his blogging days when he was working at Los Techies. 



Josh think there may be a problem with those who are condition to expect free content. Selling to them may cause a revolt.



John thinks that you can be successful if your consistent producing content for 3 years. Derick says you have to be actively fighting  on the road on success, because people will active try to put you down. 



John makes a good point that these things are achievable if you are willing to make a serious commitment. The EntreProgrammers talk about their experience in the early days with live efficiently. 



Derick says he only want to talk about the reality that he lives under and not the theoretical circumstances. 



Johns mentions that sometimes be dealt the bad hand in life maybe the best thing. Because it will be your driving factor to success. Meanwhile, Josh suggests somethings that Derick needs to do to up the audience numbers, and possible guess blogging. 



John suggests that Derick should be the niche - RabbitMQ guy. Derick is going to appear on .NetRocks!



EntreProgrammers Podcast has been running for nearly 2 years.  Derick is trying to find something to help him grow. Derick feels burnt out. 



Derick has issues with the Watch Me Code account for the subscribers. John think that Derick needs to build more content marketing. 



Josh suggest that Derick go to ReddIt, Sumo, and find out what people are talking about. 



Derick wants to fill a specific gap, with RabbitMQ and JS. Derick says he would fill the messaging and  architecture. Derick thinks he could get traffic for the area. 



Josh suggest Derick do a pilot. 



Josh think that different markets respond to differently to personalities. Derrick shares his plan for RabbitMQ. Derick says he does not know how acquire information and research what people are talking about. Josh again suggest to go to Hacker New and Reddit. 


3:04 - The team gives advice to Derick


Thoughts for the Week


John -  The only thing that is guaranteed is failure


Derick  - Find your focus.  Remember success is built upon a massive amount of failure


Josh - Start simple and only add complexity when you see simplicity


Resources mentioned 






Hacker News


Buzz Sumo

Jul 28, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 75


 3:05 We’re Live!


John is coming to us from Belgium.

Chuck sporting a pretty cool Mic Flag. 



Josh shares that he is having a little bit of a tough time with his client. Josh shares his challenges with his marketing strategies, cost of clicks and conversion rate issues. “Eat’n Crow” 

Josh is going to scratch his July invoice and pretend in never happened. Also, Josh is going to try to take control of the SumoMe stuff for his client.  John and the team tell Josh can’t not be responsible failed marketing attempts of his clients business if things are not going well.  



Derick gives examples of his own marketing efforts that are not guaranteed. So Josh should not scratch his invoice for the month. The EntreProgrammers tell Josh there is not way for him to know the market ahead of time, so the risk is in the hands of his employer. 



Josh may drop this current client, but still want a referral for this client. Derick suggests to do the minimum and exist this job with this client. Chuck says to reevaluate his situation and maybe reorganize. 



Josh relayed information that AdWords was not going to work after sometime. But, Josh continued with this project, until he knew it was not going to work. John tells Josh to ask himself if he is willing to invest in this project, if so it is worth working on the project. Josh is looking into another client who is not willing to pay Josh’s fees. 



Josh is talking about testimonials he has received from big names, and wondering if he should use those testimonials for future business.   Josh share more about a new client, who is not delivering needed material to get the project rolling. 



John and Josh agree that this is a great learning experience. The Josh will have a better idea on the kinds of projects he could take on. Josh mentions he may want to find someone who experienced what he is going through to get some coaching. 



John suggests that Josh should picking one or the other jobs, as far as doing copywriting.   



Josh maybe thinking about leaving or doing copywriting along with starting another entrepreneurial project. Josh wants to build authority in his industry and wants to fill his time with things he can do until things pickup. 



Josh is talking about writing copy for an amazon seller for 500 dollars, 3 paragraphs. Even in all the tough circumstances, Josh is optimistic and has the right attitude.



Chuck shares a visual of “Essentialism.”



EntreProgrammers Retreat! We’re dead serious now! We will take your money! 



The EntreProgrammers share their plans for the retreat. 



John sold the crap out of his sale! Without trying…



Josh talks about the new tracking links in Drip.  Chuck ask a question about Drip features. 

The EntreProgrammers discuss that features of Drip. 



John asks how things are going with the Libsyn features. Derick talks about how some people want to buy SignalLeaf. But he says it is not willing to sell, because he thinks it is junk. 



Derick is still trying to figure out how to sell his RabbitMQ package. Derick shares some stats and marketing information on RabbitMQ ads.  Derick is running out of avenues to advertise the RabbitMQ package. 



Derick is think about using AdWords for RabbitMQ marketing. Josh gives some feedback about the conversion rates, click rates, etc. 



John asks if anyone know someone who is making money off of AdWords selling a digital product?



Chuck confirms that signup for Rails is hard to find.   Chuck explains the madness of the signup issues of Rails Clips. But, he is getting great feedback about the videos. Chuck is talking to some sponsorship prospects. Chuck share in little bit about the Web Security podcast. Chuck is working on the recommendations the team gave him.



Meet with Chuck, 6pm at Coopers BBQ, Fort Worth TX  

Jul 22, 2015

EntreProgrammers 74


Ponds, Fish and Social Media 



And We’re Live!

Derick is back from California with a little beach tan. Derrick shares his family Disneyland experience, had a great vacation. 



John has found the catch to the T-Mobile unlimited data, only 256k in Europe. Traveling tip:  John suggest buying a Sim Card  for unlimited data and usage.  John finds  the biggest wireless network in Europe, called Three. 



The EntreProgrammers talk about the fascinating accents of cultures and people around the world. John talks about the first impressions and people who have heavy accents. Derrick shares his thoughts of stereo types of those who have accents. 



The EntreProgrammers discuss the natural reactions and responses people have been programmed with, when we encounter different cultures. We often make judgements  base on dress, accents and loud opinions. 



Derick call his team for advice on the RabbitMQ patterns email course. Derick needs help on the marketing strategy side of things with the email sequences. Derick is seeing customers opting in, but no real sales yet. Derrick is hoping this maybe because it is still a little to soon for sales. Josh thinks he maybe a bit early still. 



Josh thinks that Derick should talk to the 10 or 15 people who have opened all the emails that  Derick has sent out. Johns thinks that 250 dollars is very cheap for the benefit this package provides, so sales should look better. 



Josh is shares suggestion to Derick. To sell as the package as business training material. 

Derick has a 10.5% click thought rate and a small sample. The team decides that Derick may really have to ask his customers a few questions and get some feedback to help his sales. Derick talks about creating a funnel in a few more places beside Twitter. 



John is going to help Derick get some leverage by having Derick do a guest post on Simple Programmer. 



John and Josh have different views on the Twitter traffic. John suggests the book Google ads over Twitter.  Josh thinks what could help is the targeting with in the channels Derick chooses to use. Josh mentions that advertising on social media like Facebook, is that you have to constantly watch and change the ads up to make an impact.



John makes the analogy of ponds and fishing to social media. John suggests that different lures are equal to the different kinds of Ads. The ponds themselves are the different social media  behaviors.  



John finally gets to share a quote he found. 



Chuck shares that he launched Rail Clips, and has one pay subscriber. Chuck also, has put in place some advertising plans. Chuck mentions a small issue with the subscription signup.  Chuck has plans with an episode in the bag for the project.  Derick finds it difficult to signup on Chuck’s page for Rails Clips. Derick suggests some tweaks that Chuck should do to his Rail Clip page.   



Josh asks if Chuck made any moves on the consulting project. It is still very early and Chuck has not gotten any responses. The EntreProgrammers talk about what Chuck has to do with his consulting project. Chuck is thinking about doing  an on site training, 500 bucks a seat. 



John mentions that Chuck’s podcasting experience is possibly the biggest by any developer.  Chuck mentioned he has a new podcast that he is apart of, that is going to make a debut soon. Chuck bringing in sponsorship is probably the biggest source for income.  Chuck is talking about adding more podcast shows to get sponsorship income. 



John takes notice of the different niches that each member is growing into. 



John got his royalty statement for SoftSkills. John thinks it will be a 5K a quarter income. John did a meet-up with 11 people in Dublin, and signed a few copies of SoftSkills.  John mentions the heavy drinking he encountered at the meet-up.



EntreProgrammers Retreat 12-16th of October!  Josh will send out email. Chuck is looking into finding a venue or resort. 



Chuck is going to the Podcast Movement. 


Thoughts of the Week


John - Be a gentlemen of lady


Derick  -  That moment between action and response, choose a good one


Chuck  - Rather you think you can or can’t, you’re right


Josh - Nothing! 


Jul 14, 2015

EntreProgrammers Episode 73

“You Get What You Are…”



All right we’re live!


Derick is out soaking up some sun in Cali.



Josh is trying to figure out how make time and do something with the family, twice a month. The rest of the mastermind talk about similar issues trying to make time for family. 



Chuck makes a good point that his hobby is his job. So it seems like he is working all the time.



John says that as an entrepreneur, work and life are the same thing. “Once you take the blue pill you never go back.”



Chuck says “just being present and being there is enough” It does not take to much time to be with the family and make an impression. 



As entrepreneurs, Chuck and John agree that their work and business schedules allow them to make time for their families.



John recommends reading “As a Man Thinketh by James Allen,” similar to Think and Grow Rich and law of attraction.  The EntreProgrammers discuss the principles found in books of the 1930s, and some of the great thought leaders of the time.  Also how we have to rediscover these principles to become successful as an entrepreneur, marketer, developer, etc.



Josh mention that just because you’re doing the hardest thing, doesn’t necessarily means it is the most efficient way to get to where you want to go. 



John is working with Elisa from Craft Your Content, who is publishing John’s blogs. John made some connections to get with Glenn Allsopp from, to help John to get on the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas.  John Is scheduled to record a podcast on October 27, 2015. John mentions he still has to move his podcast from SignalLeaf soon… John mentions that the Simple Programmers Podcast is getting 4000 downloads per week, at 3 episodes per week. 



John learns to drive on the wrong side of the road, and learns to read a European gas gauge.



Josh says he may ignore his email because he is getting way to many. John like to use SaneMail, thanks to Chuck. John got 3,121 to his personal account and sent 334 email to 221 people.



Josh takes on a new client, who sells on Amazon. Josh finds out about the dark world of selling on Amazon. Josh is trying to spend time writing after this week of being unproductive. Josh is trying to figure out what to do with his Ad Words project, but has not gotten any conversions yet. 



Josh shares details about his project with marketing for a client who operates a Explainer Video company. Josh talks about creating free reports, getting opt-ins, and conversions.  



John got Josh thinking about real estate investing. Josh shares his interest in possibly doing investing in the future and how to go about it.  John suggests real estate over investing in stocks or 401K. John shares what Josh should do if he wants to get started in real estate today. 



Josh ask John what he pays they real estate managers. Johns mentions paying 8-10 percent of the rent. John gives some steps of what to do before offers and acquires real estate manager personnel 



John says that in the long term a bad investment has slowly turned, and he is glad he had invested. Short term investments unless your lucky, are not going to get you a good return on investment. 

Josh is thinking about switching the CPA or tax guy. 



Chuck is asking about landing pages for his testing project. John ask what is the main pain that he is fixing for customer.   



Josh suggest that Chuck needs to be specific to what his project is about, in order to set up an offer.  John suggests a complete guide to test in Rails. Chuck covers different kinds of testing scenarios that he is thinking about doing. Josh thinks that Chuck may need more time to get this project done.


Thoughts for the Week


John - You get what you are


Josh - Being productive is better than procrastinating 


Chuck - Simplify


Resources Mentioned in this episode



Book - “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen


Glen Allsopp












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